Spinach & Sausage Ravioli

Whenever I hear “Handmade pasta dough” I get these visions of lovingly made noodles, using only the finest ingredients in the dish it makes. I recently made ravioli dough by hand, and used some seriously budget filling ingredients. Turned out pretty tasty. My budget filling ingredients? Canned spinach and a tube of pork “sausage”.

Here are some uncooked shaped ravioli. I tried using the ravioli maker on the pasta roller, but there was a bit of a learning curve to it and it was late and I was hungry, so I made them by hand with bigger blops of filling.

So yeah. It was late. I made the pasta dough. Kneaded it and let it sit, then ran over to Aldi to shop for a few groceries because the pantry was getting a little sparse. Also tossed some cans of tomatoes on top of some onions and garlic and let that simmer for a while.

Wandered around Aldi getting this and that, looking for ravioli filling ingredients. Wanted to do spinach, but they didn’t have any frozen or fresh. So I went with the can. It was $0.55, and was going to be mixed with some other stuff, so why not give it a try? I’d never had canned spinach before, and… it was okay, but I’d still go for frozen in a pinch.
Also picked up some “sausage” in a tube for $0.99 because it was that point in the night where my brain goes completely dead and is like “Yeah. That sounds good. Meat in a tube. That’ll go really well with ravioli.”
I mixed them both with some garlic and ricotta. BTW, Aldi’s got some pretty good ricotta for the price. $1.69 for 15 oz, I think. I like it over other grocery store brands, and way better than Sorrento (too sweet). Polly-O is still my fave of the mass made ricotta, though.

Anywayzzz, it worked out pretty well as a late night, last minute filling. I also lazied out after making a few dozen ravioli and just sliced up the remaining dough into noodles. Man, I’m like an idiot zombie when I get hungry late at night. “Mmm… food sound gooooood. Want foooooOOooood.”

Oh yeah, and I just used regular AP flour for ravioli dough. No semolina required. They were nice and tender. For the Ravioli Dough I did:
2 C AP Flour
dash of salt
3 Eggs, whole
1/8 C olive oil
Water to bind

It’s a really easy dough to make. Combine everything EXCEPT the water. Then if you need a little extra water to hold everything together, toss in a tablespoon or so and knead until it comes together. It’s not a perfect science, but it’s forgiving and then you let it sit there for 30 or so minutes.

Roll ’em out to your desired thickness, and boil away.

Sauce, ravioli, noodles. Works for me! Next time I want to try a bit of ricotta and crab meat for the filling. The sausage was fine, but overall unnecessary. Eh, that’s what I get for being a zombie shopper! Whatever.

I think I’d also like to give mushroom fillings a try, and maybe some cheese-less fillings, too. I can’t really do the sweet-savory thing like squashes like some of my awesome tweeple suggested (a personal flaw that is surely keeping me from enjoying some tasty dishes).

Do you think a zombie would be a vegetarian if they didn’t eat brains but ate pork sausage? Zombetarian?

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