Soup Swap 2010

The lovely Renée of Almost Foodies hosted her 4th Annual Soup Swap! So many soup swappers showed up to her place – it was awesome. So much hubbub and movement in one space! Her kitchen is also the most awesome shade of blue.
This was my second year participating and after last year’s ho-hum entry of miso soup, I wanted to try something a little more challenging, so I tried chicken gumbo. I made way more than 6 quarts, and I loved it, so I was happy with putting this soup into the swap.

After everyone stacked up their soups – all TWENTY SIX of them! Renée wrote all of the soups up. Yum! She also cooked up these cracktacular cheese cookies. I ate at least a dozen of these tasty buggers, and near the end there was some zesty jalapeno jam that went wonderfully with them. Tasty, ja!
Here’s the all of the soup mid-swap. Some are gone, but still plenty left. Yummers! With 26 swappers I could not wait for my turn. Everything sounded soooo good.

Here’s Renée telling us to get the hell out of her damn house. Haha, we all sure had a blast! I think you can feel all the happy energy here. Renée is so bubbly, it’s easy to perk up around her.

Thank you for another great soup swap, Renée! You rock!

Once I had my sack of soups, I hightailed it back home to finish up the no-knead bread I was working on before the swap. The crusty outside and soft inside were perfect for soup.

Albany John and I both made soups this year – my aforementioned chicken gumbo, and Albany John made a smokey black bean soup. He even smoked his own onions in that smoker my sister gave us!
This also meant we had 12 quarts of soup. YAAAAY! Soup, soup, soup!

Albany John jumped on this lamb stew. He is all about anything lamb.

Meanwhile, the first soup I picked at the swap was Sébastien cress & potato soup. He actually made 2 soups, and I had to jump on some awesome-looking French soup.
It was also nice to meet Sébastien after seeing so many cool pictures posted on All Over Albany. He took some cool soup swap pics too!

Also bringing the camera goodness was Bennett! He was also really neat to meet.

Can you say yum? Because I sure did! This was so tasty. The potato part was very silky, and the cress added a nice and light vegetal flavor. This was a great starter soup since it was so light and refreshing, but warm and satisfying at the same time.

I’ve been craving corn lately, and someone folks made corn chowder! I picked the lighter sounding one and OMG!! This might be my favorite soup so far! It is milky rich and thick, but not too creamy; the niblets of corn are sweet and pop in my mouth; overall the flavor tastes so fresh and so true to corn.

I’ve been doing my best to not completely house this quart, and am pleased to say that there is still a little bit left.

And the last soup we’ve been working on this weekend has been a sausage and veggie soup, made by someone else who had not made soup before. She did a great job! It tastes great and vegetable-y, accented nicely by the sausage. I love it when the veggies in a soup are soft but not mush. Yum indeed.

Now the hard part will be seeing how long I can make this soup last. So far it’s better than last year, I think because we have 12 quarts of soup and not 6. Pretty sure we housed all 6 quarts by the end of the week last year. This year I put some in the freezer, too. We’ll see how long they last.

8 thoughts on “Soup Swap 2010”

  1. i grabbed the wrong corn chowder! sigh. thanks for coming over and bringing the goods. what a fun day! and those cheese wafers, wow! they are so easy to make, it's unreal.

    we have albany john's soup in the freezer, and are psyched to eat it later in the week.

    i can't wait to tell my co-worker that you enjoyed her sausage/vegetable soup. i am so proud of her and sebastian for rolling up never having made soup before!

    go soup swap!

  2. sounds like a phenomenal event and nothing is more soothing when you down then a hot mug or bowl of soup…..I may need to make me some this weekend, but given all the ideas mentioned it may be hard to narrow down what to make…

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