Pizza Mare

Got some fried calamari from Pizza Mare (1839 Central Ave, Albany, NY 12205). This was a large for $7.99.

Portion-wise, it was huge. The small is $6.99. I wonder what the size difference is.

Flavor-wise, the calamari were cooked well. No rubbery squid pieces, but the flour was still a bit raw tasting and I think it could have used a just a little more time in the fryer to cook more and to crisp up the breading.

The bottom half of calamari was oily (but still crispy), which made it a little hard to eat. It was probably for the best, otherwise I would have eaten the entire container. There was only a thin sheet of paper lining the box, so that didn’t really do anything to absorb leftover grease. I ended up re-heating leftovers in a pan in the oven and they gave off tons of grease, but tasted really good.

There were tentacles and rings, which I liked, and I also enjoyed the marinara sauce.
The two little slices of lemon might seem skimpy, but they were more than enough for me.
The pieces themselves were tinier than I’m used to in calamari. Just a little, but just enough for me to notice. I am thinking that’s why there were so many of them for $7.99. Good price and amazing serving size, the only trade off is that the pieces are a bit smaller (and easier to eat, haha) than you might expect.

I’d order this again. Smaller pieces of squid don’t bother me if it means I get a lot them that are well fried! I’d just tuck a bunch of napkins underneath to absorb some oil, or only eat the not-too-greasy top pieces and re-heat them at home to pull out more oil.

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