Pizza! And Cheese Sticks!

Man, I love that Daring Bakers pizza dough. It’s super easy to make, pliable, and really thin. The only minor down side is that it takes a few hours in the fridge (like 8). I usually halve the recipe, and it still makes a lot for two people. But I’m a piggy and tend to eat myself sick on it. That’s how good it is – hey, can’t waste good dough, right?

Here are two of my three dough balls from half of the recipe on Rosa’s page (boy is that a mouthful [thatswhatshesaid]) after resting in the fridge overnight. But they are not ready now, either. No. They must sit out at room temp for about two hours.


Don’t worry. I covered them so they wouldn’t get chilly.

And then I rolled it out and made ‘zza! Actually, I’ve been using more of a pushing motion with the dough. You don’t know how many years I rolled a crust onto the edge of a pie and wound up with poofy looking monstrosities.

I like to toss them on my ghetto-ass broken pizza stone (it’s like a craggly semi-circle now) in a 450-550 F oven. Nice and toasty, and done in under 10 minutes.

I’d say the best part of making your own pizzas is toppings! And I don’t have to use sauce! I don’t mind sauce, but I love, love, love white pizza. So good. I like to rub the surface of the pie with olive oil before topping it. That way the crusty ends stay a little moist without getting too crunchy. Even my crust-hatin’ husbear likes the crust on these homemade pies.

And then I had one more dough ball left, so I made four mozzarella sticks. Some broke and spurted cheese onto the pizza stone, but I just scraped it off when they were done and put it on top. Crunchy cheese!

I totally ate myself sick on this. I think Albany John may have had, like, half a pie. And yet, I still want more. Haha! Pizza!

If I had a bunch of pizza stones, I’d try to make a full-sized pie. Right now it’s not possible, but I wonder if you could trick your family into believing you had pizza delivered, or something like that. And not in a Digiorno way, but in a good way. Like Paesan’s.

btw, I’m sure my sister will deny it, but she used to love Digiorno pizza when we lived in Texas, especially the sauce stuffed crust, which my Bro & I thought were especially gross. Then we’d doctor it up adding extra cheese. And sadly, when I lived in Texas, Digiorno pizza was pretty much some of the best pizza you could get.

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