Mediterranean Pasta

Baking bread in this weather is BRUTAL! I set up a tapestry over the open doorway in my kitchen so the heat doesn’t get everywhere in my apartment, but the kitchen turns into one hell of a sweatbox.

This is just a loaf of bread from dough that’s been sitting in my fridge for a while. Figured I should actually get around to making a loaf. I keep flooding out the gas pilot light when I put a cup of water in to steam the outside of the bread (so it gets that pretty sheen), so lately I’ve been opening the door to… warm soggy bread and a slightly warm oven. But this cooked up just fine after I re-lit the light. I’ve just gotta stop turning the damn light out.

Right, so. CSA this week brought some more zucchinis. I have been highly into biking this week, meaning I’ve biked exactly twice and feel like a super fit and healthy mofo. I mean, it’s not like I’m gonna be talking shop with my pal who’s doing the 100 miles of pain bike rides and marathons in Central Park this year, but you know… I felt like maybe I could keep up with my Dad on his 13 mile bike rides. Maybe.

I wanted some pasta, but nothing heavy and creamy (especially with this heat… doesn’t really make me crave rich and heavy cream sauces).

I got some Greek and Mediterranean books from the library and felt inspired to cook some vegetable and olive oil pasta.

Just cooked some onions and zukes in olive oil with dried oregano, GarlicGarlic! seasoning, lots of salt, and 2.5 handfuls of chopped capers.

Glugged in a little extra olive oil at the end and chiffonaded some basil (also from CSA) to make it a little more saucy and plopped the nearly-cooked-through pasta in to finish it up. Yummy. Also, I added a fairly generous amount of pecorino romano.

Albany John was out and about in Albany with friends from out of town for the night, and Ellsbells didn’t have any plans, so she came over and we slathered our naked bodies in pasta and veggies while building life size model of Ryan Seacrest out of Discover Card application mail.

I’m kidding. She always wears pants. Girl’s a never-nude.

Albany John went to Aashiana for dinner. Said Saleem, the owner, says hi to me (awwww, he is SOOOO sweet) and that he finished the tray/food bar project he was working on, complete with hand made sneeze guard! Oh, I can’t wait until I scrap up a little more cash and go see it!

I also got a belated birthday gift from my girlie in Waco, TX! She sent me this rad Hello Kitty black wallet! I just got it in the mail. I am so rocking this puppy during the Official Unofficial Troy Night Out After Party tonight at Daisy Bakers!

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