How I Spent My Lark Fest

I started Lark Fest off with a beef shawarma wrap from Aashiana. $5.99, and all of their meat is halal! It was super tasty, so much so that Albany John and Slick ate about ¾ of it. Next time I’m getting two.

The meat was moist and well spiced. There was a lot of beef too, which I really enjoyed. Everything was covered in a yogurt sauce that blended everything together and wrapped in nan. Besides the meat there was lettuce, tomato, and bell peppers. I picked the bell peppers out and Albany John and I fed piping hot bits of bell peppers to Ellsbells after she exclaimed “I’ll eat them!” as I was throwing them out.

I was sad that I couldn’t do the buffet, since the new buffet set up looks gorgeous! Saleem did a bang up job on making it!

Aashiana was definitely a tasty way to start my Lark Festing.

Margarita, Ellsbells and I then wandered around Lark Street while Slick and Albany John stayed near the Washington Ave stage.

I ended up wanting more food, and ran into some friends along the way down who had lots of tasty looking food. My artsy designer friend had a plate from Wolff’s and he let me have a bite. That settled it for me – time to run to the ATM and get some cash monies!

As we were coming back from the bank, Ellsbells, Margarita and I caught what looked like the end of a Puerto Rican celebration! We took a picture for Benny, who was walking over and periodically calling Margarita to find out where we were. Oddly enough, he found Albany John and Slick and we all met up we us girls finally meandered over.

I also got a slice from Soho for $2. It was definitely festival pizza. The sauce and cheese were like normal, but the slices were smaller and the crust was puffier and they didn’t reheat the slice (I went in the store). Not as good as they usually are, but it sated my hunger on the cheap.

And then there was le Moby. That end of the street was pretty jam packed with people. It was hard to work into the crowd, and even harder to try and walk around it. Yowza! But Moby and his group played very well, and I highly enjoyed it. I just kept trying to stay away from the sewer that smelled not-so-fresh. I’d completely forgotten about Matt & Kim playing on the Madison Ave stage, but I doubt I would have been able to walk over there – there were just so many people on Lark Street this Saturday!

I’m glad the weather was good. The chillier years don’t have as good of a crowd turnout, and while it might have been crammed full of people, I’ll totally take that over rain and streets that are too empty.

Oh man, I just realized Margarita and I forgot to get matching henna tattoos!

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  1. phairhead – oh man, I hope you wouldn't mind sharing him 😉 He's such a cutie!

    lili – He had a lot of people with him.. I have no idea who they were, but they all also rocked.

    Grace – oh, girlie, we have GOT to go together!

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