Happy Easter

Allo beauties!
Hope your weekend was a good one! Here’s a quick rundown of what I’ve been up to this past week or so.
Start out cutting, cooling and icing cookies. I’ve always thought sugar cookies were a pain in the ass, and these just reinforced that. Cute looking, but they don’t really taste like much to be worth all the effort.

Hard boiled eggs, dyed funky colors. Make it like tea soaked eggs, only with colored water, not tea. IE: crack the shell all over after it cools off from boiling, then let sit 24 hours in colored water (I used mugs).

Decorate the 2nd batch of iced cookies with more icing. Much better, but what isn’t good with gobs of icing?

Lots of cookies. So many. I am definitely a drop cookie kind of gal. Reaffirmed.

Hey, time to slice the eggs.

The yolks needed a lot more mayo than I would have thought. Kind of dried out soaking overnight or something. No mustard this time – the bright orange color is from paprika.

Purple eggy weggs.

Friday I got to try out Beirut in Troy (old Al Baraki, new ownership) with friends. I haven’t gone out to eat in a long time – this was a nice, cheap treat. Owners are super-friendly, and kept the food hot and replenished quickly.

The fish stew was awesome (top left) – tangy, almost cheesey. And the rice tasted like a cross with orzo. Yum. Went really well with the fish.

Green beans were meltingly good. I was afraid they’d be brassy mush, but they were delish!
If I am not known as The Falafel Girl, I will be surprised. I tucked away 6 of them. And let me tell ya – not such good idea if you plan to, oh, I don’t know… move. Plus all of the other foods.
One quirk about them though is they don’t seem to offer tap water, just drinks from the case.

Went downstate for the weekend. Made copious cheesecake: this one was coconut and key lime. Also made a vanilla bean one. And shortbread for the crust.

Easy recipe:
Coconut Key-Lime (Pina Colada-y):
3 8 oz bricks of cream cheese
1.25-1.5 C sugar
4 eggs
1 can cream of coconut (or solids from 2 cans coconut milk) (guess which one I ran out of?)
1/4 c key lime juice
Vanilla Bean:
3 8 oz bricks cream cheese
1.25 C sugar
3 eggs
1/4 C sour cream
1 T double strength vanilla extract (or 2 T reg vanilla)
1/2 vanilla bean, scraped out
Mix them all in the order of ingredients given. Pour them atop your choice of pre-preped cheesecake bottom and bake @ 300-325 F for 60-90 minutes.
Make sure to use a waterbath, although cakes will both crack and brown after friends have pimped out your cheesecake making skeelz to everyone else who will consume it. While semi-ugly, they will still taste amazing, so it’s a 50-50 win.

4 thoughts on “Happy Easter”

  1. AL Baraki is no more? The new place looks awesome. hmmmmmmm falafal 😀know what you mean about sugar cookie cut outs. light and sweet but not much flavour

  2. phairhead – they’re still on Lark in Albany, but no more in Troy. But they’ve still got essentially the same menu.LK – Sweet! Thanks! (I found the eggs photo grazing on Serious Eats, I think)

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