Happy Birthday to Phairhead!

Phairhead graciously invited Albany John and me to Wolff’s to celebrate her birthday!

Up front and center is the most important thing – the birthday girl! There’s knockwurst in the back, a box full of cupcake goodness, and you can also kind of see the three liter boot just behind her head.

Unfortunately, I had to jet before Ms. P got past the calf. She had a good pace going with the boot. I hope you finished all of it missy!

Oh, and I was a total touch-hole and didn’t bring any birthday gift, and I got a cupcake! I don’t know if that’s a good idea for the future – it’s akin to feeding a stray cat. Just wait, P – now I’m going to be knocking on the back door of your new house at all hours of the night mewling for cupcakes.

In the front are chocolate chip and in the back are carrot cake. I went for the carrot cake and mowed the hell out of it. Mmm, delicious – the cream cheese frosting was just perfect, and I squinted and said “Don’t you even think about it,” when Albany John was going for the very last nibble. It was more a “mmppphh mmooo eeemmeenn ffffinnng mmrrmmow dddiiid” since my cheeks were full of tasty cupcake, but he saw my eyes squint into slits and said “What? Uh, I was just going to feed you the last bit. Sheesh.”

Look, I get really greedy when I eat something tasty, kay?

Her and Sexy Beast are awesome people! I can’t wait to hang out with them again. She mentioned pasta, gruyere, and brie. Oh hell yeah! We are gonna get along juuuuust fine 😉

Xs and Os and puppy dog toes my delicious plops of icing!

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Phairhead!”

  1. thanks, lovey!!! that really put the cream cheese icing on the carrot cake that is my birthday. sadly, i did not finish the boot
    : ( sexybeast may never forgive me for what i did to his truck. you don't even want to know!

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