Gulf Shrimp

My dad brought some gulf shrimp he got at Stew Leonard’s when he came up for Christmas. I didn’t get to eat them until recently. Two pounds of gulf shrimp were sitting in my freezer, and I didn’t eat them. They were so good. Fresh and sweet. So sweet and fresh. So much fresh shrimp flavor. I liked them best boiled, peel, dip in a little butter maybe, consume. They pop a little and taste very minimally processed.

I also tried making some low-fat-ish coconut shrimp. More out of laziness and not wanting to fry them than trying to save calories. They were okay. Used whipped egg white as the coating, and dipped them in some dried coconut. Meh. Needed more fat, heheh.

Just reinforces the idea that I should stick with the tried and true method – a short boil or steam to shrimp heaven. Yum. Thanks, Dad.

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