CDFI Potluck

Ok, so I’m blaming Albany John for the craptacular “spread” we brought to the CDFI potluck this past Friday. He’s usually so good at remembering these things, and told me early in the afternoon about it. So we had no time to make anything. I have some pot stickers I made in the freezer, but they had lap chong in them, and the majority of people who potluck at the CDFI are vegetarian or vegan, so not too many of them would get eaten.

Instead, we brought sangria and buffalo wing flavored pretzel bits. OH THE HUMANITY!!!! If we couldn’t wow them with our cooking skills, we could at least get them drunk enough to think the buffalo wing pretzel bits were awesome. HAHA – FAIL!

But luckily, other people were much more creative and thoughtful than us.

There was a donation by Aashiana – a sliced beef over yellow rice dish with a yogurt sauce. Excellent – I ate way more than my fair share.

The red headed stepchild of the potluck – sangria. You can see the buffalo pretzels trying to hide in shame behind it. Tisk, tisk.

Sweet potato soup – although I didn’t know it was soup and just ladled it over my yellow rice like a gravy. It was so tasty! You can get me to eat anything if you call it gravy.

Sweet potato salad – mmm! I normally don’t like celery at all, but this magical combination of ingredients yielded a very tasty result.

Sprouted lentil salad – it was so light and refreshing for the nice weather we’ve been having.

Key Lime Pie!!! This tasted amazingly fresh and creamy. And it was vegan! A big thanks to a certain local performance artist. I have to get her recipe. Seriously. It was kind of warm, had just the right amount of tartness to it… oh you had to have been there – it was so totally good. I actually flexed some self control and limited myself to one slice. This baby was gone pretty shortly after!

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