A Weird Food A Week

I’m going to try and eat one vegetable or fruit I’ve never had before each week.

I’m also lucky enough to have a personal chef (husbear Albany John) who can make just about anything taste great.

So last week I tried Oyster Mushrooms. I have only tried them once before, but never at home. Albany John sautéed them with some butter and salt. They had much more chew than regular button mushrooms, and tons more earthy flavor. Lovely. I look forward to eating these again. I don’t think they taste all that oyster-y, but definitely a hint or two there. Which is good for me. I’m not a big fan of oysters.

Kohlrabi. It’s a shitty picture – I was hungry and losing light. I was also unsure about this one, but Albany John explained that it tasted like the best part of broccoli – the stalks. IT DOES!
I might be the only one who thinks this, but I love the crunchy stalks of broccoli way better than the florets. The florets get too mushy for me. Albany John stir-fried some kohlrabi with zucchini and garlic scapes – I ate over half of the really big plate! So good.

The only down side is kohlrabi isn’t going to make me a popular lady… does anyone else get a little pooty from this veggie? I guess that’s where it gains some of its cabbage-like comparisons from.
Oh yeah, I got both of these at the Asian Supermarket on Central Ave. I think the oyster mushrooms were on sale.