Happy wedding my beautiful hippie chick and rocket scientist!

I was lucky enough to be invited to my pals’ wedding. Which was on a boat. ON. A. BOAT. It was epic and awesome.

Mazel tov was happily shouted at sunset after breaking some glass. Much folksy dancing occurt. Happy smiles abounded. Many glasses of grog were consumed.

Appetizers, yaaaay! Plus passed apps. I may or may not have eaten half of the wheel of baked brie.

Meatacular and vegtastic dinner.
And then the bride and groom walked around to folks and were like “Soooo, you should start using the glasses on the table. Go get some grog. In the big mugs.” You’ve got it!
Desserts were awesome. Peanut butter mousse in a chocolate cup, cake pop, and pistachio pudding layers. So tasty!

And all I’m gonna say is that the groom and officiant had an awesome ending to the wedding. I’M ON A BOAT!

Phairhead Gets Married

Congrats to my blogging sistren Phairhead, who got hitched to her main squeeze, SexyBeast!

She was generous enough to invite Albany John and me to their nuptials.
At The Stockade Inn in Schenectady. Nice location, and even a non-Schenectadite like myself could easily find the location.

It was a fun ceremony – short and sweet, with awesome colors and decor. The Stockade is a multi-use facility, which meant for a very short commute to the reception 😉

Pretty flowers! Awesome appetizers, too! I loved the table set-up, so you could mingle with other people (Alb John & I are minglers), and how it passed the (deliciously open) bar.
Phair, I forget what you called these things, but they were like M&Ms, only a bit larger and flatter and tasted like mint! Albany John opened his chair-shaped box as soon as we sat down and was like “OH. OH. These are GOOD.” He made sure I remembered to bring our boxes home when we left. I think the man’s got a new addiction.

Oh, and her mom made ALL of the desserts. And they were awesome.

Prime ribbity rib for dinner! Alas, I was bested by this sizable hunk of beef, but not for lack of trying.

Oh, and P was awesome at sat us at a table with some other local bloggers, haha! I was so happy to be included in P’s special day – I never thought that when I first met her I’d one day be at her wedding! I’m so amazed at how having a little blog can make such great friendships that allow me to meet such wonderful people.

Congrats you two, many wishes for a long and happy life together!

Another One Joins the Fam

Welcome to the family, Maka! The woman I call my “sister” is now officially my sister. Maka and my bro-in-law CVS were married this past weekend in an awesome ceremony.

They’ve got a good sense of humor, no?

We went to Catherine’s in Goshen, NY for a rehearsal dinner Mama & Papa Amherst threw on Friday night. (Dear waitress, thanks for putting up with one of the fussier groomsmen). Shitty pics on my part, but tasty food. Coconut shrimp. I ate an entire platter of them myself. SO THEY WOULDN’T GO TO WASTE!

Albany John and I sat with Maka’s friends from Miami, an awesome couple with an equal eye for food. I liked them. I cannot match their espresso love, but I can admire it from a distance.


Maka’s hair looking awesome. Girlie time: She’s got enviable hair. It holds a curl like nothing else. And very voluminous. Beautiful bride, from the hair alone. Hands down gorgeous from the face side.
“What’s up with the deodorant in the picture?” Albany John asked.

I don’t think you can see my face in this picture. If you can, sorry for turning your face to stone. I took a semi-cocktailified faux artsy pic of the pretty dress Maka picked out for us bridesmaids (Or, as Albany John kept reminding me “Honey, you’re the MATRON of honor. Not a maid. MATRON”), which evidently made the camera look like a stick of deodorant.

Nommy cake, pretty flowers! Oh yeah, the ceremony was nice too. Even though I’m married in to the groom’s side, I sat on the bride’s side because of the whole matron of honor thing. Rather ironic considering I have very little honor. Any way, one of her uncles was behind me for the whole ceremony who was a laugh a minute. Maka wanted a sage burning, and her uncle was like “Yeah, yeah Rev, breathe it in, it’s great!” Maybe you had to be there. But it was funny.

P.S. Maka – Aunt Cali and I totally tried a wee finger of icing before you served it. Quality Analysis, I assure you. And it passed. Yes, I have the control of a 2 year old.

Lemony vanilla-y cake.

I also found a plate of dessert on each table. Which I totally commandeered for myself. Plate of tasty desserts, HELLO!

You know you’re in a fun wedding when the bride’s father chides at you for going to bed (aka bitching out) at 2 am. What can I say, I am a sleeper.

Also, the next morning I had a breakfast of bacon, sausage, 2 poached eggs, perfect hash browns, and another plate of bacon & sausage. And OMG, I love Hilton hotels. It’s going to make it REALLY hard to stay in Motel 8s from here on out. Then then Albany John and I drove the bride, groom, and a groomsman down to Queens. OMG, craptacular traffic! But it was so fun to spend more time with them! And show one of the groomsmen NYC traffic. And NY driving (hey, I didn’t hit anyone or give anyone whiplash). I also learned that I need to limit myself to one 5-hour energy drink per day, otherwise I will have a 3 day energy drink hangover. Oof. I am not good with stimulants.

Congrats CVS & Maka! And now I have a whole other set of inlaws^2! Yay for inlaw-inlaws!

I am not dead yet.

This weekend Albany John and I went to a friend’s wedding down in Bedford, NY. It was a really great ceremony and I wish we could have stayed through the ceremony, but I had some terrible stomach thing, and when I say terrible I am not exaggerating.

But this was a friend we hadn’t seen in years, and another friend we haven’t seen in years was also there, so it was worth trooping through. I also really, really, really hate bailing out of something very important like this at the last minute when I’ve RSVP’ed months in advance. I would have had to have been in the E.R. to have missed this wedding.

But Albany John was super sweet and drove me over to my Dad’s after the very lovely ceremony, since it was only about an hour away from the reception and not about three hours like Albany was. I still feel bad about the wasted money spent on our presence at the reception, in addition to missing it entirely, but I was far enough away from people during the ceremony, but didn’t want anyone to catch what I had if it was contagious. I spent the afternoon/night alternately passing out and sweating while watching TV and denying most liquids. Imagine the WORST hangover you’ve ever had, and then not wanting to consume anything because you don’t want it coming back out of anywhere. Gross, sorry, but it was even worse to experience. I am so not used to stomach pain and headaches, and that was pretty much all this was, with doses of fever and chills tossed in for good measure. Oh, and being vertical was a challenge, too.

So while I was passed out Albany John ran into town to Chumley’s BBQ (56 North Main, Florida, NY) and got The Festival, which was actually $10.99 and not $6.99 because my dad had an old menu. Don’t ask me why Albany John took a picture of the old menu. Albany John thought $10.99 was a little on the pricey end for the platter, but said that the pulled pork was pretty good, and that the brisket was very good until it cooled off. He also said that one of the BBQ sauces was really awesome, too. I don’t know – like I said, I was kind of passed out and all “OMG, don’t give me food”-y so I have no idea. Maybe he’ll do a guest post for you guys.

And now since I can stomach the look of food, I will post some stuff I wasn’t able to get up last week. Just a disgusting little update from yours truly.


OCNY Wedding

Sistah woke me up with a phone call on Saturday morning.

“Yo, when are you getting here?”

“Why the fuck are you calling me this early?”

“What are you talking about? When are you leaving?”

“Oh, shit. Sorry. I thought it was a half hour earlier than it was. Never mind. I’m getting ready. I’ll be there by like 1:30.”

And there began my graceful trek to my homeland down state for my girlfriend’s wedding reception. Thank god for Sistah calling me and waking my ass up. It figures the one time I’d oversleep would be on the same day I had to be down state for a reception. I’m sure drinks the night before at Ryan’s Wake did nothing to help (man, on another note, I hadn’t been out to a bar in a WHILE before that).

The bride and groom were married in a small ceremony just about a month ago. I went down for the bachelorette party, and man, this is the way to do a wedding. Seriously, if anyone wants me to be there for their hen night and reception, I’m totally down.

The reception was super casual, and held in a local fire house. I was expecting a moderately casual affair, but her family is full-blooded Italian and there was a spread of food and drinks the likes of which made me want to flip cartwheels.

Oooh, tasty salad and tortellini in creamy ham sauce.

Dear. Goodness. Two trays of everything. And everything was AMAZING. I was expecting your usual deli spread of so-so sauced and cheesed foods for a party and was happily surprised with what tasted like home cooking.

DO YOU SEE THE SIZE OF THAT SANDWICH???? It was huge. Ham, sweet cappicola, prosciutto, hot cappy, greenery. Oh my gosh, that was the sandwich of my dreams. Albany John had trouble eating his in whole bite, but said I looked like a snake eating prey. Mouth, make room. Sandwich comin’ at ya!

And that fava bean salad? Ohhh, that fava bean salad.

Best of all was the cheesy slurry of sauce. I thought it was eggplant parm, but no… eggplant rollatini. I am in need of eggplant rollatini now. Like, in a bad way. Ricotta, sauce, eggplant, mozzarella. Yes, sign me right the F up.

Oh, dudes, and there were meatballs that were super soft and fluffy. Totally awesome balls of meat. Not too heavy or anything, but still meaty.

Her grandfather MADE THIS CAKE. Like, just the night before, he made the cake. Are you kidding me? He used to work in a bakery, but still – how much love was this? Poppy made the cake for his granddaughter’s wedding? Better than anything you can buy.

Her family was a trip. They totally lived up to the huge Italian family stereotype. She wasn’t kidding. Before she was like “Yeah, this is going to be like 90% my family. I have a ton.” Her hubby is in the military, so he had a handful of friends and his mom come, and the rest were pretty much her family.
Her mom was in frantic Mother of the Bride mode, making sure everything was perfect. And then after her mom would organize and straighten food that was already perfect, her grandparents would walk past and do another straightening.

They also had matching beer coozies. Super cute.

Cake cutting time! I was really looking forward to this one. They had a cute and short speech. The groom initially thanked everyone for joining them in their “captivity”. Haha, whoops, he meant “join in their festivities”.

They smashed cake in their faces. Girlie looked like a smurf when he was done. Haha. Don’t think you can out cake-smush a guy in the military!

Needless to say, grandpa’s wedding cake was awesome. Tender and moist at the same time, and the pastry custard fillings were also a smash.

Wedding in Northampton, MA

This weekend Albany John and I hit the road over to Northampton, MA and Amherst for his friend’s wedding! This is his best friend since elementary school, so he was very happy to be able to see him get married. Mama and Papa Amherst also went! (see, told ya they’ve been friends for a while!)

I’ve hung out with them both too, and they are a great couple. They even helped me celebrate one of my birthdays in Northampton, even! The bride introduced me to B-52s, which, OMG, were delicious. They are very nice people, and it was great to see them join families.

For dinner we started off with fruit salad. I couldn’t get a decent picture of it, but trust me that it looked really cute in its little bowl/cup thing. There was also a cheese platter before dinner, from which I ate about half a pound of spicy jack cheese and crackers.

Then came salads and bread. I got a whole-wheat roll, which was a little too sweet, so I slathered it with butter and salt. The mixed green salad had plenty of onions, and Albany John and Mama Amherst gave me theirs. Yummy! Albany John was teasing me because I may or may not have been slurping the onion bits up like noodles.

For dinner Albany John and I both went with the prime rib. I was originally thinking, “Ok, it’s prime rib at a wedding. It will probably be overcooked/well-done and on the thin side, but it will be very nice to have a steak.”

Well, we were certainly surprised when these fat, thick, and juicy steaks came out! They were cooked medium all the way through – I thought they might be medium rare, but Albany John says medium since they were evenly one shade of pink and not redder/cooler in the centers. Either way though, these were super tasty and tender.

You can also see a teapot full of au jus. Definitely odd presentation for me, but it kept it warm for a long time.

I was semi-regretting the half pound of cheese I’d eaten at the beginning of the reception, but managed to consume all of my steak! For Albany-Jane-Is-Impressive reasons, I will gauge these steaks at around 2 lbs. They were definitely over one pound.
As Albany John said: ” I love this steak with every artery it is clogging in my heart”

Done! I know, I left a fatty soldier behind. I was foolishly enjoying all of the lean pieces of the meat (Albany John looked at me weird when I called it lean, so I will just say “the pieces of meat without large visible amounts of fat on it and invisible fatty delicious marbling”). And the fatty outer cap. Yum.

Here is their pretty wedding cake. I like the simplicity of it, and all of the pretty flowers.

Here’s some cake! Mama Amherst and I split the slices – she got a red velvet and I got a white/raspberry jam cake slice. They both tasted nice and cakey.


I have finally eaten all of the leftover chicken that I forgot to put out for my wedding earlier this month.

Phew. I am one full blogger.

The last bag of chicken skewers was eaten with kimchi.

I think I am officially a kimchi addict now. I went to Kim’s on Central Ave and bought their 2 lb container last week, and I’ve eaten all of it. In exactly one week. Oh baby, yeah. But it’s $4.99, and $11.99 for the big whole head of kimchi. I absolutely abhor the kimchi from the Asian Food Market on Colvin(pleh pleh), but this… oh baby, is pickled, spicy heaven.

Now for another question:

Who’s got a good kimchi recipe? I absolutely love the briney tingle of the anchovies and dried shrimp in Kim’s kimchi, but if you’ve got another good recipe, do let me know.

What’s that? You want another picture of the kimchi? Oh, I do indulge you, but ok, here:

Gohyang Korean Restaurant

Albany John stopped off in between our Albany –> Boston trips to see his parents in Western Mass. This is another pic for my San Antonio buddy, but I don’t think he reads this blog – any way, here’s some leaf peeping goodness up top.

Leaf peeping aside, there’s one place in Hadley, MA that has a restaurant that I love. Gohyang Korean Restaurant (111 Russell St, Hadley, MA 01035).

We came in later in the afternoon (and just missed their tempting lunch specials! Darn it!) with big appetites. I will starve myself to pig out at Gohyang.
We got the seafood pancake. Haemul Pajeon – I think this was around $8/9, but well worth it. This would have been much easier to split between four people than just Albany John and myself, but somehow we soldiered on and managed to eat it all.

They also brought out little bowl/plates to eat with. Mine had something… in it. It looked like just a spec of something, and the waitress/woman who is always there and may be an owner was so super cute and blew lightly in it. Normally I’d freak out and ask for another plate, but she was just so, so, so cute about it. That and I saw her washing her hands fanatically before, and oh, if you’re cute about something I just can’t freak out about anything.

The haemul pajeon reminded me of chinese scallion pancakes. It was basically the same dough, with scallions and seafood bits in it (very tiny and easy to eat!) cooked to a crisp in a pan. It was a little doughier/softer in the insides than chinese pancakes, but only marginally. Every piece had some seafood in it, and there was also a side of dipping sauce (soy, rice wine vinegar, pinch of sesame oil).

For my main course I ordered the nakiji bokkeum, a dish of stir-fried baby octopus and veggies. It came out sizzling furiously on this platter.

I had to wait a few minutes for my dish to stop sizzling, which was hard since my impulse control is very poor.

Albany John ordered a cauldron of firey pain. Hee hee, kidding – it’s actually kimchi jigae, which is a kimchi stew with porky bits and tofu in it as well. He actually at a majority of it. I tried a bit, and I thought the flavoring was wonderful – a spicy, porky broth, lots of kimchi, bite sized plops of soft tofu (they absorbed flavor wonderfully) and teensy crumbles of ground pork.

While my baby octopi sizzled, I ate some of the banchan spread that came along with the meal. The banchan is what partially dictates what I order (it looks like maybe only some of the meals come with it? But I’ve been before with people who didn’t order banchan, and they were fine with everyone gobbling them up). After it stopped sizzling, I thought it was OK, a bit too chewy and maybe a bit heavy on the fish sauce. I’d try something else next time, but I hardly ever get octopus, so it was a worthy choice. But heck, the banchan are so good, anything that comes with banchan is well worth ordering.

On the far left are shredded daikon and carrots, the dipping sauce for the pancake. On top on the right (l-r) are pickled soya beans, pickled daikon (maaaaybe. or just cabbage). The bottom right has lightly pickled cucumbers, potatoes in magical brown stuff, and kimchi.

Gohyang’s banchan always rocks me. The kimchi drove me to buy a large jar of the stuff at Kim’s in Albany, and I’ve gone through over a pound of it in under a week. Everything tastes just amazing and has such a good firey kick to it. We especially loved the potatoes, though. Does anyone know what they are called? We mentioned to one person refilling how everything was great, and we really loved the potatoes, and she brought out extra potatoes upon refilling the banchan. Yay! Potatoey happiness!

Now if you’ll excuse me, there’s a jar of kimchi still in my fridge that I need to scarf.


We weren’t really planning on a honeymoon. We didn’t have a lot of time to travel, but we skipped off to Boston, MA on a lark. We were thinking of going to Montreal, but, well, Montreal is kind of our default vacation choice. And darn it, we wanted to try some place new.

Albany John and I did the touristy things. He’d been there before, I’d never been. We went to Quincy Market and such. It was ok, nothing really called to me, but it’s one of those touristy things to do, so we did it.
We also went to the Aquarium! That thing rocked! It’s $19.95 per adult (less for kiddies) and they stamp your hand so you can come in and out as you please.

We went on a weekday, so it will probably be much busier on weekends, but woah mama – it was kid central there. Screaming babies and kids running around everywhere. Maybe it was a class field trip? Then again, I wasn’t much better “oohing” and “aahing” at just about everything, heh heh.

When you first walk in, you see the penguins. EVERYWHERE. PENGUINS. I think they said they had something like 4 types of penguins there. They were cute.

We saw tons of other things, and walked up to the top of the big tank (it’s really tall – 3 levels circle around it!) and saw one of their turtles. This is one of the smaller turtles.

This is the big turtle. Myrtle the turtle is at least 75 years old, but possibly older because that’s as far back as their paperwork said. That’s a turtle I wouldn’t want to mess with.

Afterwards, we strolled around a bit, and decided to grab some food. Albany John had heard through the Internet grapevine that someone he knew in Middle/High School was in Boston for school, and part of the school deal was also opening your own business, so he and other students opened a bar.
Or I could be completely wrong, but basically, Albany John kind of knew this guy from way back when, and we thought it would be really neat to go check it out.

The bar is called The Savant Project, and it’s located more in the college area of Boston than the touristy area we were in, so we decided to grab a cab from the aquarium over. Thank god we did. It wasn’t terribly far, but if we’d tried to walk it, it would have taken us a while.

The bar’s got a very nice lounge/tapas vibe going on, and we decided to sit at the bar. The bartender was super friendly right from the get-go and informed us that unfortunately, Albany John’s classmate of yore was not in that day. Not a biggie for us, and man, I hope she didn’t think we were trying to name drop – it was just so exciting to be there on our honeymoon!

We then ordered some drinks while we looked over the menu (we got there when they were having their ½ off tapas specials!). Albany John got a Red Head($6), which was Framboise with Pilsner Urquell. It tasted like a raspberry lemonade – SO good.

I got one of their infused liquors. It’s been a few days, so let me try and remember what it was. The infused liquors are specials, so they’re not on the website. It was Jim Beam with roasted pears and…some kind of flower? Something else, definitely. It was $8 on the rocks, and as I was drinking it, I thought it was a really strong drink. And then Albany John and our bartender pointed out that it was only liquor. Whoops. I am such a ditz some times. Regardless, it was excellent! Smooth, well balanced flavors that lingered just long enough. Our bartender, Lynette, gave a great pour as well – over ice so it could melt a bit and mingle with the liquor (not up to the very top of the glass). That’s why I didn’t think it was just liquor – I could actually drink it! Normally I prefer my liquors mixed. (actually, looking on their online menu, this might be a Bourbon Bomber with roasted pears, cherries and Jim Beam in it)

We ordered some food after a few sips. We got 2 orders of cold tapas and 2 orders of hot tapas. Albany John stopped me from ordering after that because I basically wanted the entire tapas menu (since I think that appetizers and tapas are the best ever – so many tastes!).

On the left is the Scallop Ceviche on Crostini ($4.50) and on the right is the Chicken Fresh Roll with kim chee, and tamarind chili sauce ($4.25).

I’ve never had ceviche, and if this is what ceviche is supposed to taste like, sign me right up! The scallops had great texture – like very well flavored sashimi, texture-wise. And the mango salsa atop them was also excellent – small bits, and not at all watery.
The Chicken Fresh Roll was wrapped in rice paper and gave it a nice chewy texture. Overall, a great combo of flavors and heat but cut gigantically. It was really hard to eat the pieces since they filled up your entire mouth and were chewy from the rice paper. My cheeks were puffed out like a chipmunk trying to eat them, but it was also kind of fun.

We waited a while in between cold and hot tapas dishes, but not a problem, because that means we could order more drinks!

I was torn between getting another infused liquor (they had about 4 or so of them to try, and all of them sounded amazing), or a Lychee Gimlet ($8.50). I went with the Lychee Gimlet.Good, good, good. The lychee wasn’t overpowering, and this was quite a refreshing drink. Albany John also approved, and he is not normally a fan of lychee.

Albany John perused through the drink menu again and noticed a Pisco Sour ($8.50). When his brother was globetrotting, he once brought back a bottle of Pisco, and both brothers highly enjoy it. Albany John loved this drink, plain and simple.

Lynette was an impeccable bartender – she chatted with us, was engaging, and let us sniff some of the cool additives (like basil or rosemary essences to add by the dropper to some of their drinks to add just a hint of something else) behind the bar while also doing all her side work. She also washed her hands a ton, something I absolutely loved. All in all, she was awesome and made our experience at The Savant Project absolutely stellar.

On the left are Tuna sliders ($5) with jalapeno, sesame and yucca chip. Truffled Parmesan Polenta Logs with Parmesan aioli ($4.25) are on the right.
I think the sliders had the yucca chip glued on with some parmesan aioli as well. I thought the aioli was a bit bright, but it did taste parmesan-y. We didn’t eat much of it, though, because we’re not huge mayo/aioli fans to begin with. If you are, I think you’d probably like it.

Do you see how freakin’ cute the six polenta logs are? They’re stacked like a little log cabin!!! Cuteness aside, they were also my absolute favorite dish of the four we ordered. They were amazingly crisp on the outside, soft and creamy on the inside, and had just an outstanding flavor of truffle and parmesan going on. I think I ate more than Albany John did of this dish. SO good. I would order two or three of these plates on my next visit.

The Tuna Sliders were also tasty and well spiced. They weren’t overcooked or fishy tasting. They were meaty, moist, and had a great kick to them. The jalapeno got the better of me after half a slider (I know, I KNOW, I am such a wuss) and Albany John had to eat the rest. But I’m not complaining about the heat (just me being a spice wuss) – it was perfect the way it was and I’d order them again.

Again, note – these food prices are half off, so if you go when the special isn’t in place, you’ll pay double for them. It’s a little steep to me, so I highly advise going around 2-6, when it is in place. (Although I’d order those polenta logs even if there wasn’t a half-off deal going on)

So Boston was great. We even saw a 7-11 with Andre champagne (classy) for… $13.99!(it goes for around $5 here)
I’d really like to go back and check out more of Boston again. It was surprisingly close to Albany, and much cleaner than NYC (at least the places we visited). Also less packed than NYC, too. And the seafood. OH, the seafood. I am kicking myself now for not ordering a lobster roll or something, but, ah, that’s for the next trip, eh?

Appletini’s Cafe, The Good Leaf, & Matt’s Fish Fry

Right after the wedding, I got a bit of a cold. Annoying, since we still had friends over that I hadn’t seen in year(s). We went out to Appletini’s Cafe (1118 Central Ave, Albany, NY 12205) for lunch before dropping them off at the airport because we figured it would be fairly fast, and was on the way.
After all that meat, plus my cold, I ordered a house salad. I thought it was a little skimpy, considering this was the ‘large’ salad, but the tomatoes were bright and tasted fresh. I also wasn’t a fan of the half a box of croutons on my salad either – that is a whole lot of croutons and crumbs, as if someone in the kitchen poured a little too much out. Eh, but it did what I needed when I was sick – provided some kind of crunchy non-meaty greenery.

I also got a French Onion Soup bowl ($4.99, I think). It too was pretty good, but as it got colder it became less tasty. Then again, French Onion Soup is always best piping hot (which it was).

One of our friends got the beef stew in bread bowl special (something around $5-6.99, I think) and a basket of sweet potato fries (in the background). There were a ton of sweet potato fries, and if there’s one thing Appletini’s does well, it’s sweet potato fries. They’re airy, light, crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside, and not the least bit greasy.My buddy from San Antonio, TX ordered the philly cheese steak with sweet potato fries. He couldn’t even finish it! So he brought it with him on the plane. He really liked it.

Albany John ordered the Tuna Steak sandwich. He really likes these. It’s an actual piece of tuna, cooked to your order, and they actually do cook it how you want it. They’ve always come out exactly the type of doneness ordered. He also ordered some veggies in place of fries, which cost extra, but he too was craving some greenery.
See? It’s all pink and tender in the center. I think this was a teriyaki glaze, too.

Our waitress was ok, but not that great. We’d had a bit of a mix up with one of our drink orders(no biggie), and she’d said to keep it, not to worry about it, but it showed up on our bill. After that she was OK and kept our water glasses refilled, but seemed more than a smidge annoyed with our table. We asked about taking the drink in question off on our bill, and she said unconvincingly “Oh, yea, I meant to do that”. She did, but wow, talk about seeming like a huge inconvenience, you know?
Once we came home, oh, we still had tons more cake. I know it’s an ugly-ass photo, but you try schelping cake in a car stuffed with other things from the venue.
Albany John had to be near Lark Street another day after our wedding. I, still being a bit sniffly, went over to the Good Leaf and ordered a cup of tea (tropical, I believe) and wrote out Thank You notes. That cup of tea certainly helped me feel a bit more human, and the calming setting of the Good Leaf appeased my head-cold.

On another day, we (ok, I) decided on seafood from Matt’s Fish Fry in Cohoes, NY (574 Saratoga St, Cohoes, NY 12047). I can never remember when they’re open, so call before you head over – 518-237-1786.
I’ve never had fried oysters. They had them as a meal, and I asked if we could just get an order of them. We could and did, and it was $2 less. Well worth it for me, since I really didn’t want any side dishes. They oysters were ok. They were around $7-8 for the order, but I wasn’t terribly blown away. I think part of it is their breading. It isn’t really crunchy, but softer and finer. I prefer something to crunch down on. I’ve had their clam strips and they tasted eerily similar to those frozen, boxed clam strips you pop into your toaster oven (not that I’ve done that many times in a fit of clam strip cravingosity).
From these experiences, I’d say to forgo the fried offerings at Matt’s Fish Fry.

But do get their steamers. Matt’s Fish Fry has steamer clams they advertise for $4.95 per dozen. I can never get the buggers to open at the same time, and these cost just a hair less than the grocery store does for raw steamers, so it’s a great buy for me. And see? We even got a little lemon wedge and some melted butter (or perhaps margarine). They were cooked perfectly and many of them were huge. Get the steamers. Heck, get two or three dozen.
I also got a lobster, which was about $13-14 for just the lobster. Again, a meal with 2 sides would be $2 more.

Lord, I forget how much I love steamed lobster. This lobbie was perfect – sweet, just a bit salty, soft shell, and best of all – a FEMALE! I think the female lobsters are the best – they have that sweet, delicious red roe inside of them. This lobster was so good even the green stuff (tomalley) tasted ok. Normally that stuff tastes like death warmed over. But oh, lord, everything was so, so good. It’s hard not to make the trip over to Matt’s on a daily basis.