Kuma Ani – AYCE

20151005_193834[1]AYCE (All You Can Eat) is an interesting concept. Pay one price, eat as much as you want. We’ve got a few sushi restaurants in the area with caveats that you eat what you don’t pay for, which is nice from a waste mitigation perspective. One of my friends has a theory that you should check out AYCE restaurants in the Albany area when they open and are serving the best/highest quality fish until they realize that people in the Capitol Region will settle for less. Which is kind of disheartening, but an interesting theory that isn’t exactly outlandish.

I recently went to Kuma Ani with 3 other people, and we went for the $20.99 all you can eat dinner option. They’re still fairly new and haven’t been open a year yet. LorreBob over at Albany Dish has a review of their AYCE and non-all you can eat options, and Susie Davidson Powell has a great write-up over at the Times Union of their meal options, too. The AYCE menu is a little smaller than other places in the area (no sashimi), but it’s also a few bucks cheaper than other places, too.

We arrived to a restaurant at about 20-30% capacity. A few tables, but overall fairly quiet on a weeknight. It took us about 2 hours to get two orders, with priority given to non-AYCE dinner options. We waited about 30 minutes from when we placed our 2nd order to when we received it.

We got a little bit of everything for nigiri – roe in the background, octopus, mackerel, eel, white tuna, yellowtail, salmon, and tuna. Nice presentation, but the salmon, mackerel, and probably the tuna should not have been served – They tasted fine initially but finished with a very funky flavor at the end, especially the mackerel, which had a strong note of ammonia in its finish. Not at all like a pungently briny mackerel should be. This was unpleasantly disappointing. The eel was good, but it’s cooked fish. White tuna was also fine.


Most of the specialty rolls were very rich affairs with kani/imitation crab salads, fried, and heavy on mayonnaise or rich eel sauces. We got every specialty roll we ordered, but a few of the normal maki rolls were skipped with each order.

The cooked/non-sushi appetizer options are small portions, except for the imitation crab salad, which is comically large when compared to every other portion size. It’s like a meal-sized salad of fake crab salad! I don’t like imitation crab so this dish didn’t really work for me, but the others in our party enjoyed it. One dish was the grilled squid, which were small pieces of squid with a heavy coating of old pepper – pass on that one. Also pass on the sashimi salad, which are end pieces of fish and not very pleasant tasting.

Overall it seems like Kuma Ani is ready to give you a challenge for your AYCE experience. Overall I found the experience a bit drawn out (who wants to have a 2.5 hour dinner on a weeknight?), and the food was really hit-or-miss, with more misses than hits to go back for AYCE. The regular dinner menu gets great reviews, so if I go back it’ll be to order off of the regular menu.

Sushi from Sake

P1040734 P1040736


Sake is pretty close to us for sushi in Latham (it’s right off of 87 exit 7). It’s one of those hibachi & sushi type places, but Albany John and I have gotten sushi from there a few times and it’s been solidly satisfying if a bit on the pricier side.

I got a Naruto roll (left). It’s salmon, avocado, and salmon roe wrapped in cucumber instead of sushi rice and nori. It’s tasty, but I’m not sure it’s really worth the $11 price tag.

The salmon and tuna rolls on the right were $5 each, and the eel + avocado roll is $7.

Overall, it was about $30 for 4 sushi rolls. . The more I type it out I think it was fine, but I guess it’s more of the convenience factor.

Sushi Tei


The New Year is almost here and I’m ready for it. 2013 had a few ups, a whole lotta downs, and well, let’s just get on with it, right? But with all the downs, I firmly believe we must continue to believe in the power of positivity, and striving to better our own selves.

It was nice to be able to grab some Sushi Tei when I was out in Guilderland this month. One last fix before the year is out. Two roll lunch special ($8.50) for me with salmon + avocado as one roll, and spicy tuna as the other. Plus two orders of ika. I am loving salmon roe lately. The pop of the briny little bubbles. So satisfying and pungent.


Albany John went with a 3-roll special ($11.50). Salmon, Eel + Avocado, and Yellowtail + Scallion. Both of the specials also come with a can of soda if you want it. I personally just pass on the soda.

But that sushi is something else.

Yoshi Sushi


Went to Yoshi Sushi for dinner one night. Latham. Sushi. One of my girlfriends likes it, so figured we’d try it out. It’d been a while since I’d been there last.


They wound up giving us soups and salads for free. Maybe because it was the end of the night? Miso soup leaned more toward the red miso type than the sweet yellow miso, but still light overall.


I’m just not super crazy about sushi from Yoshi. It was fine, but not super flavorful.

I got a salmon skin roll with salmon on top and a caviar roll. The salmon skin wasn’t crispy inside despite being cooked/toasted, and the salmon on top didn’t have a noticeable salmon flavor, mainly texture. The rice wasn’t very sticky and the rolls had a hard time staying together.

Overall, it’s fine to scratch a sushi itch and I’ll go here with friends, but I will likely not go back here for sushi on my own.

Serivce was very nice, friendly and accommodating. Which is kind of what kills me – it’s hard to get good service in the area sometimes. Service is incredibly important – poor service and great food can drive away customers. But great service won’t pull customers when flavor falls flat.

Sushi Tei

DSCF5321 Went out to Sushi Tei in Guilderland with Albany John and a friend one chilly evening. Albany John was craving sushi & suggested Sushi X, but I was not feeling a buffet, so I suggested the more relaxed and cozy Sushi Tei.

DSCF5320 Some rolls – a philly, a spicy tuna, a salmon skin, and a regular tuna roll. Yum. DSCF5319 And SOoOOUUuuuPPP, delicious soup! I love the soups at Sushi Tei – so flavorful, rich, clean, and simple all at once. I got tempura soba ($12.50). Albany John got a few rolls and a mini udon ($5.50) in the background. DSCF5318 We also got a few apps – Tako yaki above ($6.50). It’s dough balls baked, filled with octopus, and topped with bonito flakes. I’m not sure if I’m a huge fan of bonito flakes on their own (or perhaps only in very small quantities), which is kind of odd because I normally love all things intensely fishy. But overall I enjoyed the salty/savory octopus balls. Heh. Octopus balls.

DSCF5315I forget what this was called, but it was so good! They were cucumber & mango wrapped in raw salmon and in a sweet/tart soy sauce. I didn’t think I’d like them, what with the mango (coz I don’t really like to combine fruit + savory things) but it was younger mango so it was firm and wasn’t too sweet. The only problem I had with it is that there were only 4 to split between the three of us. I could have eaten about a dozen of these on my own!

I love the service at Sushi Tei – it’s like going over to your best friend’s house. Everyone is casual, nice, and serves at a relaxed pace.

Our total was something like $46 before tip.


Sushi X Night

Went to Sushi X with a bunch of my incredibly good looking and funny friends. Namely JoJo, Ray, and their new bundle of cute; Sebastien; Daniel B.; and a bunch of other enjoyable people of all walks of life.

Dinner is $19.99 per person M-Th (before tax and tip), and for a group of 6 or more, they tack on 18% for you. It was just a hair over $25 per person for the buffet itself. Thursdays are also ladies nights, where they have $2 girlie drinks.

I really enjoy this place for groups. They only take reservations within a few days of your date/time (max 1 week) and don’t really seem to care about taking them to begin with (not the “You MUST have a reservation or we won’t seat you” BS). And they also will split checks individually in large groups no problem. Wow! Some restaurants in the area refuse to split checks, or add a fee to do so. There’s plenty of seating at tables throughout the restaurant.

Apps and sushi for $25 per person? If you eat sushi like I do, this is a steal.
ROCK SHRIMP! Our table got three of these, and I’m pretty sure I ate 95% of each order. So crisp on the outside and perfectly cooked on the inside.
Round two of sushi! I was so excited about the first round that I must have forgotten to take a picture. Sashimi is even included! How awesome is that? Now, it’s not Nobu freshness or quality, but it’s good for what it is.

Thanks all for coming out! We will have to do Sushi X 2: Electric Boogaloo very soon.

Fam in NYC, oh and food, too.

Just took a whirlwind trip to NYC. Aunt Cali & one of my fave cousins were in town! So we drove down (on the Taconic, like hell I’m paying $12 on the GW plus the 87 tolls to get in to NYC!) one night, and spent it with Maka and CVS, my awesome bro & sis. Ordering sushi, natch.

$1 sushi & sashimi slices makes me a happy girl.
$6.50 Naruto roll. Cucumber outside, avocado & tuna inside. Tasty and refreshing!

Albany John got a roll with hamachi, sake, and toro. Plus some cuke and tobiko. Tasty, too! I wanted to meet up with YehYeh, but I had a cold and I didn’t want to get him sick, too. I feel so badly being in the area and not seeing him, though, or even telling him I’m there.

Mmm, more sushi rolls.
Spicy tuna, white tuna, and a specialty roll of some sort. I think we ordered about $70 between the four of us, $35-40 of which was me. Hey, I like sushi. Albany John was like “Hey, make sure you take it easy honey, this is usually where you hit the wall,”

And then I ate all of my food, and started eating his sushi. To be fair, I have been extraordinarily hungry lately.

The next morning we woke up and went to the Barking Dog on the UES. I even found parking on the street after trying to pay for parking twice, and no attendants being around. Yaaay, lucky! I consider it my reward for driving through 5 miles of Queens Blvd and catching every. single. light. on the way there.

Started off with some beverages. To quote my awesome DC cousin (who was also up for the event), “Boozy cousins brunch!”. Yaaay!

Rare burger for me! More like medium, though. Premade patty, too. But there was some pink, so I was happy enough. And it actually tasted quite beefy. So that was nice. Coleslaw was gross, though. Prices were totally awesome for the UES. I always get a kick out of dining in the UES of Manhattan because all of the meats are super low fat. Those UESers love their low fat meat on buttered carbs, heh.

Albany John got a waffle, fruit. Nom. Yes.

I don’t ever think I’ll spend enough time in the city.

Sushi X

Have you been to Sushi X Lounge yet? I was talking with a girlfriend I hadn’t seen in years, and she mentioned that she was going to Sushi X in Latham with some friends one night and that I should join them. HECK YES!

It’s where a Chinese buffet used to be (710 New Loudon Rd, Latham, NY), and they too have an All You Can Eat theme. However, you can also order items ala carte, if you’d so desire. For weekends it’s $21.99 per person, and $19.99 on weekdays for the AYCE option. It looks like they are part of a small chain in the northeast, with three other locations in New England.

We got to sit in the VIP area (behind a few strings of lights), and it did foster a bit of privacy. There are also a bunch of tables, and a sushi bar as well. They’ve got a ton of electric lights all over the place, giving it a lounge-y kind of feel. I liked it. Didn’t feel like you were in some cheapie buffet, you know?
There is also a purely bar area up front. A buffet with booze! I don’t see that very often. They were running a buy-one-get-one special for cocktails that night ($9 each), but I had my eyes on the prize: sushi. Maybe I’ll try some drinks next time.

They have a fairly large menu to choose from. Some hot and cold appetizers as well as sushi rolls. You can just order sushi, but if you also order appetizers, it comes out quicker than the sushi, so you’re not starving waiting for them to roll your fish. I was glad I was with a fairly large group, ’cause we pretty much ordered one of everything.

Service was also surprisingly on-point. Mostly staffed/run by Asian peeps, I think a lot were Chinese. Yet all of the dishes were Japanese, and all executed quite well. Better than I thought a sushi buffet would be. It’s all made-to-order. For some reason, I was thinking sushi buffet = so-so fish, and some crappy half-assed-cooked regular dishes. I’ve never been happier to be wrong.

Personally, I liked that you got small plates of appetizers. Meant we could try more. Above are some cream cheese wontons, chicken tempura (good for kiddos), and rock shrimp. You can skip the cheese wontons (unless you’re prego or something and REALLY craving them), but deffo get the rock shrimp. It’s coated in a slightly spicy sauce, but the breading is crunchy and the shrimp aren’t overcooked. We got two orders!
Shrimp tempura and beef ribs (kalbi kind of cut). Tempura were okay, I’d skip the beef ribs next time. Not that they were bad. Nothing was bad, just so many more high ticket and tastier items to order instead.
Spicy yellowtail app. I didn’t even try this – the coins of jalapenos atop the raw yellowfish served as my “Albany Jane don’t eat this or you will ruin the rest of your dinner” warning. But the heat hounds in our group really liked this.

Tuna tartare, and seaweed salad. Woah, I was so surprised by this plating! Yes, I’m sure it’s a resto technique to make you think you’re getting a lot, but it was quite a lot of tuna (even if it had some panko mixed in – GF friends, don’t order this), and the presentation was better than many restaurants I’ve ordered ala carte from.

I ate this by myself – so good! Order, like, 5 of these!

Grilled squid. The tentacles even got a nice crispy char to it. Mmmm!
Seared tuna – this was at least 2 orders. I just liked the effort they put into the presentation! So much on the menu for $21.99 per person!

More apps – some shu mai and dumplings, more rock shrimp and beef ribs.
AND a BOATLOAD OF SUSHI!! BOAT OF MY DREAMS! This friend is one of the ones who turned me into a bit of a sushi addict. We’d never had the boat, so we were so excited to have it!

And guess what? THe sushi was actually REALLY good. Like, way better than some restaurants in the area, good.

There were even some soy paper rolls (the green and pink covered ones above) and you could request your own kind of rolls. But their specialty rolls were cutely named, and well portioned. Not too heavy on the rice or skimpy on the raw fish. Spider rolls (soft shell crab!), salmon sashimi, and nigiri sushi galore!

DIY Sushi

I made some half-assed sushi for dinner last night. Brown rice sushi – even prepared the rice with vinegar and mirin. But the seaweed was being kind of a bitch and not sticking, so after being in the kitchen for a while, I was like “Oh, F this,” and just plated everything for DIY sushi (or conversely, chirashi bowls).

The half-ass rolls look kind of like weird hot dogs. I picked up some trout from the store and cut it into sushi roll cuts and lightly seared the outside just to take off any potential fishiness. Tastiness.
Some slivers of cucumber, too. And tobiko. And toasted black sesame seeds.

I am kind of digging brown short grain rice. It’s got a nice nuttiness and chewiness to it. More interesting than white rice, and not as dry, either.

Oh, and the stuff in the center was a salty veggie and soy bean skin dish. I loved it when I had it at Ala Shanghai and wanted to recreate it since they make their salted veggies in-house and it tastes so fresh. I found a recipe on Food Mayhem for Soy Beans, Snow Cabbage, & Tofu Ribbons that looked like a perfect match. Except I didn’t have edamame. And my bean curd sheets were more like shattered bits. It still came out pretty well, though. Definitely hit the craving for a deeply vegetal and comforting dish. Give it a try – very easy and very rewarding.

New Year’s Eve in Rego Park

The roads to all good things start with sushi. And my recent trip to the city started off with about forty bucks of sushi goodness from Sushi Tei. Well, I mean, if you’re taking the bus, you need a little something to sustain yourself, right? At any rate, it was sushi for two with the hubs coming along, too.

I’m on a scallop and salmon kick. There were two pieces of scallop sushi, two salmon sushi, a salmon roll, a spicy scallop roll (Sushi Tei makes the best spicy anything roll), and gunkan makis with tobiko and salmon roe. Yummy.

Layer two had a white tuna & avocado roll, salmon & avocado roll, and an eel & cucumber roll. So yum. Wish I’d ordered a tad more, ’cause I was just a wee bit hungry after we ate all of this. My sushi tummy is pretty endless. And there was a guy with fried chicken on the bus that smelled SO good, too!

We ate just before the bus took off – a good idea on Albany John’s part. We were pretty wedged in those little seats, and the combination of Albany roads + open container of soy sauce would have seen us painted in soy sauce. This picture looks roomier than it was.

I think taking the bus is so interesting, because you get to see so many different kinds of people. People afraid of other people, people who have no sense of time, people travelling with their kids… greyhound it ain’t.

Any way, we got in EARLY. Did I mention we were travelling on New Year’s Eve? I was paranoid the traffic from Times Square would jam us in the Lincoln tunnel forevah, but we got from Albany to Midtown in about 2-2.5 hours. Crazy stuff.

We quickly hopped a subway to Maka & CVS’s new pad in Rego Park, Queens. And were greeted with thin slices of meat. Yummy.

And omfg, smoked BBQ chicken wings! CVS is one hell of a bro-in-law. I gnawed on these well past midnight and watching the ball drop on TV. Far away from the tourists. I think that’s gotta be a New York thing – absolutely no desire to do things tourists do, like visit sites, or do the New Year’s eve thing. I’m not a fan of crowds.

The next morning CVS made eggs and such. Goodness. One of his friends from Chicago was also in and was jonesing for a New York bagel. You know how it goes – even the so-so ones are amazing when you’ve got nothing back home.
I forget where we got these from already, but it was a bagel shop on Queens Blvd and they hit the spot. A darkly toasted sesame seed bagel with lox cream cheese spread. Yum. Albany John and I split this one. So filled with cream cheese! And lox!

Like my ideal cupcake ratio, this had my ideal cream cheese ratio – lots. Or about 1/4 of the thickness of the overall bagel. Yummmm.

Then since we were out and about, we walked over to the strip area of Rego Park/Forest Hills. Again, I forget where this was exactly since I was happy to trail along like a puppy dog. There was this Mexican place that made amazing drinks, they told me. I was in.

Unfortch, we got there a bit early, so we went to the bar next door before the good place opened up. It was some kind of tavern, and had a bit of a dark and dreary vibe.

We ordered a round of drinks. Drafts were a steal at $6 per pint (eyeroll). And I got my first ever pint of cider with ice in it. WITH ICE IN IT. I couldn’t get my head around that one, and our waitress was acting pretty hungover and put out by our orders. We ordered in two waves, and while there were only five of us, I think it did her a favor because she was hauling our drinks over and thunking them on the tables in threes (someone got a water, too). If she wasn’t hungover as hell, she was doing a pretty damn good impression. God, I hope she was, seeing as how it was New Year’s Day and all.

Thankfully I was surrounded by men willing to step up to the plate and slug down my shitty drink. It kept tasting saltier the more I drank it. Blech. The bartenders pouring also kept over pouring to get foam out. That’s gotta be an industry peeve of mine – pouring too much head in a beer and then having to pour it out and refill. Maybe it’s some kind of showy flare, but to me it’s just waste. You can still get a good head on a beer without overpouring. And then there’s the sticky glasses covered in beer residue. Okay, stepping down from the soapbox.

Thankfully we left after our first round and… HOORAY:

The good place was open! 5 Burro Cafe (7205 Austin Street, Queens, NY). It was a small front, but had lots of decoration.

And a thatched “roof” above their bar! There were only about 10 seats at the bar, and thankfully we got in when they opened and took about half of them.

You guys, it was like a Mexican Tiki Bar!! Thatched roof, drinks with kitchy names – I was in heaven!

Maka told me I HAD to get the frozen margaritas. I got a swirly colored berry flavored one. Yum. She got a lime or peach. I had to mix mine for a while to get the flavors to blend. They came out of smoothie machines, and I think they already had tequila in the ice. Pre-liquored slushies. I need a machine for my house.

These pints of happiness were $8, and packed a bit of a kick to them. Much more worth spending money on than that crappy $6 cider at the other place.

The signs also had stuff on them about a free toy, which the bartender explained some governing board in NYC ruled they could no longer give away. Sadness. Nanny state sadness. If I choke on a toy in my drink, it’s my own damned drunk fault if I already know there’s a toy in it. (I’m guessing the toys were the cute little drink rimmers).
Phew, all mixed up! And they gave us some free salt-less chips. Also some mandate by a governing authority in NY. Really? What happened to the time honored tradition of free salty foods at a bar to get your thirst up? The salsa was good though – mild, but lots of fresh onion and cilantro.

We meandered back home after that round and played some games. I was doing pretty well at getting rid of my cards until one point:

And this was a lighter hand. Le sigh.

We had CVS slaving away in the kitchen while we four played a foul-named drinking card game.

Steaks, twice-baked potatoes, and perfectly steamed broccoli. Yum. Wow, I thought this was a clear picture at the time. I guess that’s what playing drinking games with wine’ll do.

The next morning was a leisurely breakfast involving egg whites, plenty o’bacon, and Gael Greene’s Insatiable. I definitely hit up that bacon.

The book’s been a fun read (maybe a spoiler ahead. idk), a Christmas present from Mama Amherst. I love the meals Gael Greene’s eaten, and her stories are outrageous. The only hard time I have is that I don’t really feel sorry for her when she gets a divorce from her husband and she gets depressed – I mean, she’s been cheating on him for a while. And I mean cheating HARD. But other than that, we’re all human and other than that I frigging want her life. Trips to France to eat all over courtesy of Moet & Chandon? Why yes please.

We finished up lunch in Rego Park with sushi delivery. I think it might have been from a place called Mado, but I’m not really sure. It was delivery, and not too bad at all! And holy crap was it freaking cheap. I guess NYC sushi gets more turnover than Albany sushi. Albany John got a godzilla roll (left), and a salmon & cuke roll.

CVS got some soup and rolls – yellow tail & scallion on the left, and a naruto roll on the right. It’s just tuna & avocado wrapped in thinly peeled cucumber. I liked it. It tasted almost pious.
The avocado in the top piece just slipped out during travel. It was lodged between the pieces below.

I felt like getting something super cheap, so I got the chicken katsu for like $6.45. It came with a soda & california roll and one of those iceberg side salads. Good stuff for seven bucks. I was full when I was done with it, that’s for sure.

I’ve got to figure out how to make ginger dressing. I could slather all of my food in it.
Shortly afterward, we headed out to Manhattan Chinatown to get our bus out. But I wanted a stop at Penzey’s first, so we popped off at Grand Central.

Yay, market. But wait… is that a sign?

OH GOD DAMNIT! What a waste of $4.50. Yeah, I should have called ahead ’cause it was a holiday weekend, but I checked the hours on Penzey’s site before leaving. No mention of holiday hours. Just a little asterisk that the Grand Central location had a limited stock. Le sigh.
I don’t know about you, but if I’m about to drop a load of money on spices, part of me enjoys the tactile experience of smelling them, picking the bags out, and carrying them home. There’s just something so aseptic about buying food online sometimes.

But any way, I’d have to pout later because we needed to get to our bus.

In a stroke of genious, I’d left the “E.” out of Broadway when I looked up the right subway stop to take, and wound up somewhere near Brooklyn. Not my finest moment. I ended up calling Maka & CVS and tried to get them to tell me how to get back. It seemed like a hassle, so I was a lazy New Yorker and called a cab. It ended up being about as much as taking the subway – like $7. Okay, a little more, but we were there in about five minutes.

AAbus, Double Happiness, the Chinese bus. Whatever you want to call it. They weren’t quite on their game Sunday night. The bus we were going to take was cancelled due to traffic out, and they didn’t mention it until after the bus was supposed to be there. There were SO many people there, too. So many. And you know how much I love crowds.

Since we had a couple of hours to kill, we walked around Chinatown for a bit. Would have been better to get stuck on a different night of the week. Sunday = earlier close times for some businesses.

Chinatowns always seem to operate on a cash-only basis. I know there are some places that take cards, but usually cash is easier even if they do take cards. I couldn’t find my ATM, and Albany John and I had about $10 between us.

Luckily we found Hong Kong Station, a cheap customize-it-yourself noodle shop. They were open until 10 PM and almost empty when we got there. It was a nice break from all of the hustle and bustle. I was also ecstatic to take off my increasingly hefty luggage.

I got a green tea smoothie ($3.75). It was creamier than I thought it would be. Next time I’d get a tea or something. Still, worth the price – it was big and rather refreshing with a good amount of green tea flavor.
Albany John got a “side” of noodles with pork and cabbage. I am now afraid of the size of a normal bowl of soup, because that was huge! The broth had a rich flavor. I’d get it again – nice amount of meat and pickle-y cabbage. Especially for the price. So much food! Hooray, Chinatown!
It seemed like a pretty hip little store, too. I can see the Hong Kong comparison. Cheap, a little flashy, open late-ish. A good place to stop off if you don’t want to go home, but just want a little something else that’s non-alcoholic.

We made our bus home. It was packed. One screaming kid, other well-behaved ones, and the guy behind me got drunk on the bus. I’m all for drinking in public, but dude could not hold his liquor. I’m pretty sure he was drinking cheap brandy out of a flask or something, because I got a good whiff of it every few seconds when he exhaled. I felt bad for the kid that had to sit next to him. Guy went from drunk and content to wasted and gone somewhere around exit 20.
I am all for drinking. Especially when you’re not driving and being responsible. And really, what better way to try and pass three hours on a crowded bus? I’m with the guy in that respect. But for the love of god, have some kind of a tolerance. He was grabbing at Albany John’s seat, and then dude hit the next level mumbling to himself about “Some ho! This ho’s not talkin to me!” and then wrapping his arms around the back of my seat. Oh no. Oh hell no, you did not just grab the back of my seat. He got angry squinty eyes and a few inoffensive words from me. I’d like to think that was the moment he realized that sober me was ready to go off on drunk him at any moment, but in all reality I think it was just that he realized where he was.

Albany John was asleep for most of the ride, so I only had my mango mochi to keep me company. I got it at a store by the bus stop before the first bus we were gonna catch was cancelled. I think it was called Lucky Bloop. Hee hee. I want all my bloops to be lucky. They were only $0.80 and rather sizeable. Not a bad bus snack back home.