Beef Chuck Roast

I got Albany John sick. I spent most of the months from late fall through early spring in various states of sickness because my immune system sucks, so I’ve kind of gotten used to it. But Albany John comes from hearty stock, so when he gets sick, he gets SICK.

Funny thing about Albany John – he doesn’t really like making roasts. He thinks they are unhealthy, and just too much meat for our small household to have. I usually cook roasts, but from now on I am demanding he make roasts, because this chuck roast he made was AWESOME. He picked it up from Roma, and he happily related that the butcher had to go back and custom-cut the roast from their side of beef for his order.

We just went back this morning to Roma, and the butcher remembered him and we told him how delicious the roast he cut us was. It was under $4 per pound for a chuck roast. Nom. So fall-apart tender and beefy. Chuck is one of my fave beef cuts.

We refrigerated the stew overnight. This morning Albany John was out exercising (the roast made him feel that much better – geesh!). I woke up at the crack of Noon and made myself some hash with leftover baked potatoes cooked in the fat I skimmed off of the roast. Waste not want not. Nom. I also tossed in some carrots and shreds of chuck near the end of potato crisping.

And a sunny side egg to boot. A brekkie Nana might have gotten down with.

Albany Jane does Pot Roast

It started getting a bit chilly over the weekend, and I had a craving I haven’t had in… well, ever.

Pot Roast

I never crave pot roast. I ate it on a weekly basis (plus leftovers for then next few days) in high school, and I just haven’t ever really wanted to eat it again. To clarify, this pot roast of my younger years was mainly meat, a few potatoes, carrots, and on occasion, diced daikon as well. Yes, Daikon. Not roasted, no nothing, just peeled and diced in there. These daikon pot roasts were the most scarring, palate-wise. I mean, can you imagine thinking you’re getting a spoonful of broth and potato, and then… BAM – daikon hits your tastebuds with a vengeance? It is not pleasant. So pot roast and I have a shaky history.

However, for some reason, I’ve been wanting a nice brothy, beefy, fork tender pot roast with tons of veggies.
I went over to Cardona’s Market and got a top round roast ($3.69/lb at the moment) that was just under two pounds. They didn’t have any top round roast out and the butcher brought out a huge slab of beef and actually cut it out! It was so cool to watch, especially since I usually just point to something already in the display case and ask for that. They are so sweet! My roast cost about $11.50. It’s not the cheapest roast in the world, but the prices are fair, plus I think the meats at Cardona’s Market have so much more flavor than regular grocery store meats. I grabbed a bottle of olive oil and some stuffed olives (which are sooo salty and pungent – mmm) and checked out.

When I got home I sat around and tried to analytically decide how to attack this pot roast. (My sweet, sweet boo Albany John normally cooks, while I stick to baking carby things) I mean, do I just chuck it in the crock pot? Do I sear the sides? Does searing a pot roast make the meat tough? *Brain Overload* Then, I realized it’s a POT ROAST. You cook the sucker for half of an eternity, so searing isn’t going to hurt it.

I put a pan on the stove, and revved the burner on to high. About 10 minutes later I had some serious sear going on. Yay flavors! While the meat was searing, I cut some onions into chunky wedges and diced up potatoes and a few carrots. All of these veggies are from our Community Shared Agriculture with Fox Creek Farms, btw. And I was really glad to have a big pot to throw a lot of the week’s bounty into before receiving next week’s bounty, if you get my drift.

Once the searing was finished, I put the pot roast into the crock pot, threw in the veggies and a few cloves of garlic, and then added in about ¾ c of apple cider vinegar to use as an acid to further break down those beefy tendons and whatnot in the roast. I put in half a carton of chicken stock then filled the rest up with water.

The next day, Albany John was circling the crock pot like a hawk. It was like a meaty man potpourri wafting through our house. We tucked into it around dinnertime. It wasn’t too shabby!

I think I may have used a bit too much cider, but I liked the tangy flavor it added, too. It kept the broth light, which I like. I think next time I will just use water and not use any stock at all. The potatoes were soft, but not falling apart. The onions…oh, the onions were almost fork tender. The carrots were soft. The garlic was melt in your mouth soft. I am adding at least a head or two of cloves the next time I make this, not just three or four. The beef fell apart when you touched it.
Over all, this was great, especially since I used a crock pot. I will definitely make this again, only with less beef, as I really love the broth… Maybe just some bones and a pound or two of beef. I will also double up on the veggies. There just weren’t enough! We ate this for about 4 days straight for lunch and dinner. And this is from the girl who hates leftovers.

Sort of Recipe:
Beef for pot roast
3 onions
4 cloves garlic
2 carrots
5 potatoes

Sear all sides beef in a pan on the stove.
Cut up veggies while searing beef.
Stick them all in the crock pot.
Pour water/stock into pan to remove all the flavorful crusty bits stuck to the pan.
Pour that into the crock pot.
Fill up to the top with water.
Set crock pot to high for 2-3 hours, then put on low. Realize after 2 hours that you forgot to put any seasonings in it, and in a nod to your English heritage, just chuck in some salt and pepper.
Eat in about 15-20 hours, or once all the veggies are cooked through and tender.