Price Chopper Market Bistro


I was invited to check out Price Chopper’s newest endeavor – the Market Bistro in the Latham Price Chopper. It’s been close to a decade since I’ve set foot into a Price Chopper, but I suppose a combination of age, time, and curiosity got the best of me, so I went.

So the Market Bistro is interesting. Fast casual dining/take out in a grocery store, kind of like a mall food court, but with somewhat better food and a centralized check out, so you can grab food from a few different kiosks and pay in one central location.


The checkout register is located in the center of the Market Bistro underneath this tree sculpture, which I found to be rather aesthetically appealing.

Right, so here are some quick thoughts and impressions from the stalls we sampled. Other awesome local bloggers have posted their own opinions, check it out to make your own:


This was from the Giving-Chiptole-and-Moe’s-a-Run-For-Their-Money stall. Buffalo chicken quesadilla. On the oily/greasy side for me, and the chicken flavor was pretty mild. I’ll probably stick with Chipotle for my tex-mex needs.


Chicken stall has smoked meats and fried chicken. We didn’t try any of the fried chicken, but we did try some smoked meat.


Ribs and brisket. Brisket is smoked ~12 hours, ribs smoked ~3-4 hours. Good amount of smoke on it. They said they brought in Tennessee hickory for a more authentic smoked flavor. Brisket was fine. The rib was pretty damn good, I’ve gotta give them that. Flavorful rub, good texture, nice penetration of smoke.

A full rack of ribs will set you back $18.99, so a little less than you’d pay in a restaurant, and I can’t really think of any place in Latham where you can walk in and out with a hot rack of ribs within 5 minutes. So that is pretty cool. It would be even better if this was with locally raised meat, but I realize that would likely not be logistically possible.


Burgers & dogs. Burgers are cooked to 165 F. The Golubs were very proud of their buns, and it’s pretty awesome to see the head of a corporation beaming while talking about a product. They were proud of engineering a bun that they felt enhanced the flavor of the burgers they were serving. I tried some of the buns, and my first thought was “I wonder what kind of dough conditioners they use?”. It was very pleasantly soft, and had a bit of a Wonder-Bread aftertaste. Not really my jam, but I assume this is fairly popular with kids.


Fish Fry counter, which they designed to evoke that “seaside” feeling. Pick your seaside – Jersey Shore, Cape Cod, Maine. Beachy seafood was the vibe they were going for.


We tried their lobster roll, which uses the claws and tail of 2-1lb hard shell lobsters. They plan on using hard shell lobsers when they have them in store, but otherwise bringing the parts in. These are very generously sized. This is half of a sample sized roll. The mayo was on the (blessedly) light side, and overall I found this to be pretty enjoyable.


The sushi stall is an independent operator in the Market Bistro, meaning it is not run or by Price Chopper employees and the fish is all brought in by the operating company. You can skip this stall, and I kind of wish Price Chopper had because it seems like it brings down their Market Bistro brand. But we are American consumers and evidently we demand sushi in all grocery stores.


It’s not that it’s especially bad, but it’s also not especially good. It’s generic supermarket sushi with overly vinegared, chilled rice and bland fish. The flavor really paled in comparison to Price Chopper’s lobster roll.


Then it was back to the cheese counter! Hello cheese. Tasty stuff. There’s also a beer counter. All of the staff we encountered really seemed to be enjoying their jobs.


Fresh pasta available by the pound. This is an especially neat concept. I wouldn’t mind giving this a whirl in the future.


Ben & Bill’s is now also in Latham. I know many folks who really like this deli, and many of the other attendees were also excited at this counter.




Pizza counter. They have their usual Price Chopper hot pizza, but also have a thinner NY-style crust.


These were a lighter alternative to the original Price Chopper pies. Very crackery-thin crust.


We finished off at Scoops & Smiles, the ice cream shop.


Hot Fudge Sundaes and the “World’s Best” Strawberry milkshake, which uses fresh strawberries.


As we left, I couldn’t help but grab another snap of the tree sculpture at the center of the bistro. There is something fairly calming about it, lending to a relaxed feeling. It felt both cozy and open at the same time. Despite the large space and seating it wasn’t cacophonous or hectic. They definitely managed to design this to feel relaxing and welcoming, which is a pretty impressive engineering feat given all of the metal materials in the area.

“Magnificent” was a word that was used a lot on the tour, and that is what Price Chopper is striving to have their customers thinking when they leave the Market Bistro. Props for aiming high, guys. They said they welcomed customer feedback and one of the things they felt that distinguished the Market Bistro was their dedicated detail to small aspects of production, like cold plates for salads (kept chilled), and finely shredded lettuce they shredded in-store because they thought the textural difference made a better product.

I haven’t been a Chopper Shopper for almost a decade now, but this tour may have just turned me back in to one. The Latham store will be a “trial” store where they test out new ideas before implementing them (or not) in other Price Chopper stores. I wasn’t able to check out the rest of the store before I had to leave, but I will likely return for a bit of local grocery store tourism.

Coming Up: Saratoga Wine + Food Festival 2013

Wine Glasses by Tom Stock

The 2013 Saratoga Wine & Food Festival is in the near future – September 6th – 8th at SPAC.

One of the events you really want to check out is the Grand Tasting on Saturday, September 7th. It’s an entire afternoon of food and wines to sample (and usually a few liquors in there, too). Here’s what last year’s festival was like.

This year, Mo Rocca will be one of the main celebrity attractions. Fish & Game‘s Zak Pelaccio will also be there and giving a demo on butchering a whole heritage pig. Kevin Zraly will also be returning for a wine tasting seminar (I wasn’t sure what to expect from this last year, but he made it entertaining, fun, and educational, all while torrential rain storms were pouring and the tents were shaking from the wind).

Here are some highlights from SPAC’s press release:

GRAND TASTING & CONCOURS D’ELEGANCE | Saturday, Sept 7 – The centerpiece of the festival, the Grand Tasting takes place under large, elegant tents on SPAC’s lawn, and features hundreds of fine international wines, delicacies prepared by the region’s top chefs, wine seminars and extensive silent and live auctions of luxuries featuring opportunities to bid on rare wines, couture fashion, exotic travel, original artwork and more. The festival partners again with The Saratoga Automobile Museum to present a show of luxury collector cars at Saturday’s Grand Tasting including invited classes of Shelby Cobras, Alfa Romeo, Porsche, Lancia, Maserati, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Fiat-Abarth and more judged by Pebble Beach marquee auto specialists.


  • Learning to Cook with Mo Rocca & Mamma Theresa from DZ Restaurants: Inspired by Mo Rocca’s hit Cooking Channel show, “My Grandmother’s Ravioli,” this session pairs the celebrity host with DZ Restaurant’s beloved Mamma Theresa, as she shows him how to make select family recipes and traditional Italian specialties.
  • Heritage Pig Butcher Demo Led by Chef Zak Pelaccio:  Chef Zak Pelaccio of the Hudson Valley’s hottest new restaurant, Fish & Game, demonstrates the finer points of butchering a heritage pig and innovatively utilizing the various cuts of meat.
  • Zak Pelaccio Chef’s Demo: Chef Zak Pelaccio prepares creative dishes using heritage pork and locally sourced produce from the Capital Region and Hudson Valley.
  • Big Green Egg Grill Games sponsored by the Times Union: TU food writer Steve Barnes judges the final round of competition among Capital Region amateur chefs who will each be given a basket of ingredients and asked to create a unique recipe using Big Green Egg Grills.

THE CONNOISSEUR TENT – Master Wine Connoisseur Kevin Zraly hosts this one-of-a-kind culinary and wine adventure for aficionados at Saturday’s Grand Tasting. This separate tasting experience will feature artisan food, wine and spirits including tastings of rare wines from Kevin Zraly’s private wine cellar. This event will be offered in a luxurious, lounge-style space and feature music from a jazz trio.

The Dark Dinner

Last week I was invited as a guest of the Wishing Well Restaurant in Saratoga Springs along with some of their other close friends to try a new dining concept – The Dark Dinner. Guests gathered ’round for beverages (including a great Cava + St Germain) and passed nibbles before donning blindfolds and eating entirely in the dark. Executive Chef Patrick Longton created a fun menu for adventurous guests to enjoy.

The music for the evening was also curated by Burners UK frontman Jay Yager (you can check it out here on itunes).
Pork belly wrapped kimchi was a great little snack to enjoy pre-blindfolding.
And the ceviche was also a stand out dish. Fresh, great textures. It was almost as good as their luxe & buttery pate. Oh man, was that ever good. I think I had about three of them before realizing I still had a multi-course menu ahead of me.

After this, the waiters led each diner into the sectioned off dining room. It was lit with a few candles, but you had to wear your mask in. It was definitely an exercise in trust to put your hand in someone’s arm and have them guide you around a room. The staff doing so were very patient, though (and didn’t mind my occasional peeking from under the mask en route to the chair).

Bob Lee, the owner of the Wishing Well, and his staff made sure each and every guest was comfortable and addressed everyone by name.

Cheese filled puff pastry breadsticks were a fun starter in the dark. Inside the cups were mustard.
Nomtacular first course – Lobster, corn, & basil risotto on the left, and crispy lobster tempura on the right. It’s really interesting to be without your vision when trying a dish. I thought the tempura was shrimp, and the risotto was something with scallops in it. I might have to rethink my stance on risotto, because I finished all of this.

There were drink pairings with each dish. If you think trying to identify food without vision is tough, try identifying drinks!

A 2010 Tramin Chardonnay was served with the risotto, and Ichishima Silk Deluxe Junmai was served with the tempura. I’m normally not a sake person, but the Ichishima was quite smooth, sweet, and creamy.
The second dish was chicken galantine and linguine with pesto. The chicken was moist, and I found myself enjoying the red pepper flavor (which I usually really dislike). I thought the tomato was more of a grape, though!
Drink pairings were Cap de Faugeres 2004 & Bastianich Friuliano 2010
Lamb slider! One of the biggest “complaints” people had was that there was only one slider on their plate. Seriously, that good. Meaty and lamby – this was a comforting treat. I don’t think my slider had the decorative rosemary sprig. Either that, or I am really not paying attention to what I eat when meat is present. It was so good, I’ve decided that I need to make the trek back to Saratoga Springs with Albany John to try out some dishes at the Wishing Well in the near future.
An Ique Malbec was served as a wine pairing with the slider – robust and big!
Israelei couscous was a cold side dish with this, which was a bit clumpy, but tart and a nice foil to the lamb burger.
Blue Heron Pale Ale was the accompanying beverage with the salad. When everyone was trying it, we all knew it was beer, but what kind? Even the beer enthusiasts were having trouble trying to find the *exact* beer it was. If you can’t tell, these dinners are quite open to conversation with your table mates. You can also blissfully opt out of conversations if you’re the introverted type, because no one can see you or attempt to chat you up. But really, I’d suggest chatting – it’s fun trying to guess what exactly is going in your mouth.

Palate refresher! Peach bellini sorbet, which we weren’t allowed to eat until… Zardetto Proseco di Conegliano was poured atop. I loved this – not only was it a nice change of pace, but when you leaned in you could hear the bubbles fizzing with the sorbet.
The main was a mini beef tenderloin with a cheese potato croquette, and baby spinach timbale. A timbale! That would explain the light flavor & texture! This one was a real stumper – it was custardy soft, so I was thinking it was a mini crust-less quiche, or something eggy. I wasn’t imagining something so green!
The beef wellington was quite savory, thanks to the generous amount of Hudson Valley Foie Gras. I thought it was boar tempura! Haha. Boy was I off on that one!
And that potato croquette? Oh man, so good – very full of deliciously funky cheese.
I was totally digging the 2008 Hall Cabernet that was paired with this dish. It wasn’t so bold, and I thought it was similar to a lot of the gentle qualities that tempranillos have.
Dessert! These were four different kinds of truffles – chocolate & hazelnut, bacon & brown sugar, white chocolate & peanut butter, and POPROCKS!

I was in love with pretty much all of them. The Bottex Bugey Cerdon “La Cueille” was a wine like a hug, and a great way to end a fun meal.

Beverage pairing remnants. Each pairing was a treat, and really complemented the dishes they were paired with. I am definitely going to try some more sakes after this event, and am thinking some blindfolded drink tastings might be a thing in my future.

This was the first Dark Dinner evening, and I certainly hope it won’t be their last.

Photos kindly provided courtesy of the Wishing Well & Toque Consulting.

Veev Acai drink sampling at Ruby Tuesday

Somehow Daniel B. and I were invited to try VeeV acai vodka through a promotional company. At Ruby Tuesday. I was kind of like “Eh, really? Ruby Tuesday?” But Daniel was all in for it, so I was super rude and didn’t mention I was going to be there and just glommed on with him for the tasting. So I guess Ruby Tuesday is featuring some cocktails with VeeV acai liquor in it. I’m all for trying new things.

Their cocktails run from about $5-7. Not too bad, considering that many of them are hand made and muddled at the bar. My last impression of the ‘Tues was of a crappy burger joint. This current impression was more like a nicer Red Robin.

But any way, what did we drink? Well, Daniel is much better with details and names and such. Although I think our fun bartender was Heidi.

But we had (Clockwise from top):

Skinny Pink Acai Lemonade ($5) – eh, okay. Pretty boring in terms of flavor, and the diet lemonade has a bit of a fakey aftertaste and syrupy/cloying texture. But, it’s under 150 calories. So you can drink on the low-cal.

Acai Mojito – FAVORITE of the night. This is actually a drink that might bring me back in to a Ruby Tuesday. When I was drinking it I was like “Woah. This is good. Wait. And I’m drinking this in a Ruby Tuesday? What?” I believe it usually goes for $6, which is a really fair price for all the muddling work that goes into it, plus the spearmint. Daniel B and I were there on one incredibly sweltering night, and this was the perfect drink for such summer temperatures. The Profussor also found this to be his standout drink, and we were both surprised we actually agreed on something.

Superfruit Cooler – (VeeV Acai Spirit, Absolut Berri Acai Vodka, Elderflower Liqueur, fresh cucmber, organic agave nectar) this was my second favorite, and if it weren’t so hot, probably would have been my first favorite. The St Germain (elderflower liqueur) made it a bit on the sweeter side. Although after thinking for a moment, it kind of resembled a watermelon jolly rancher. Good stuff though, although it wouldn’t hurt to cut this with some club soda and extra lime in a taller glass.

Watermelon Martini – (VeeV, Grey Goose, fresh watermelon, cranberry juice, watermelon concentrate) $7. Freshly muddled, it was pretty refreshing, although would have been even more so with some fresh lime in it. Not bad, and I kind of want some of the watermelon concentrate for my own bar (sugar, watermelon, a few preservatives, yum).

Overall, I thought VeeV was fine as a new flavored liquor, much like pomegranate was a few years ago. It was a fairly mild and innocuously flavored spirit, and had more of a bitter/bland/sweet profile that worked best with tart/sour flavors.

W & F^3 Fest Part 3

Back into the tent that I thought was just wine (it wasn’t – there’s food in the back. YEAH!) and I took a picture of one table and noticed the chef behind it smiling at the camera (first person to smile at the camera). And it was none other than Chef Tanner!
He and his wife were pimping some flavored salts and beverages. Good stuff. Salt flakes, can’t go wrong with that!
Okay, and I went back to Marche and chef Brian Molino gave me a bunch of octopus when I asked for just octopus and no rice. YAAAYYY! So good, even after being there for a few hours.
Vermont Cheeses. I tried two of them on the very left.
I was getting cheese from Vermont Cheese’s table, but saw Suckling Pork and asked for some of that from a nearby table. Moist and yummy, served on a polenta crisp.
Cold pressed, organic olive oil. Completely raw, never heat treated. How neat. It tasted pretty smoky, which I thought was interesting. They were also selling some bottles. There were a few tables that also had items for sale and not just sampling.

There were a ton of cheeses. Here’s some more Grana Padano.
Hey, Jon. Lydia says hi.

Actually, I didn’t get much closer than this. I’m never really sure if you can only go up and say hi if you’ve bought the book, or what. I felt kind of like I was looking at an animal in the zoo since so many people were peeping at Lydia, and she was just there behind the table. I bet celebrities get that a lot.

I wish I’d gone up to say something. I love watching her on PBS every Saturday, and whenever else it is on on PBS. Her food looks tasty, not too easy, and full of love.

That about wraps it up here my darlings. I’ll be back tomorrow for brunch. See you then!

W & F^3 Fest Part 2

Sorry for the radio silence, guys! I lost Wi-Fi connection for about an hour. But it’s back and so am I! My first stop was inside the Grand Tasting Tent. This tent was primarily wine. Man, if you want bang for your buck for ticket prices, you’ll get it here.
I walked into the adjacent tent and tried the Shrimp and Butterbean Salad from Hattie’s. The shrimp was not overcooked, but overall it was just okay. I wouldn’t hit it again. There was some bacon and squash in there, but the flavors muddled together.
Potato Chowder/Soup from the Irish Times. Not a fan. Flavor was a little weak, and the texture was thin.
Hello! This was the first thing that made me go “Oh. Oh yeah!”. It’s a grilled octopus over risotto from Marche. I’m not a risotto fan in general, but the octopus was perfect. Charred and smoky, and perfectly tender. Might go back for seconds 😉
And some vino. I tried a Trapiche wine – malbec. Oh man, guess what? I like malbec, or at least this one. Tons of berry flavors up front, sweet/smooth finish. Definitely something I will seek out in the future.
And a Riesling from Georg Muller was also quite tasty.
Pretty bottles are everywhere!
Okay, if you can’t figure it out, I LOVED this Riesling. So sweet, but without being cloying. It was everything I love about rieslings. Not a hint of bitterness in the finish. I was sad to have to pour this wine out.
Next to the table of tasty Riesling was Chocolate Springs from Lenox, MA. This was a cognac and something truffle. I just mostly tasted chocolate, but they were lovely little button sizes, not huge and monstrous like most truffles are.
Okay, my next favorite wine was this Ice Wine (Far right, blue bottle) from Casa Larga. SO sweet and wonderful. It’s a great Ice Wine. They said they won best ice wine in the country. They are from the Finger Lakes, and… oh, this was also hard to pour out to try the Riesling. I wasn’t as big of a fan of the Riesling because it was dry, but at least it wasn’t that hard to pour out that way.
The Prime table (677 and Prime @ Saratoga National) was pretty mobbed, in that there was always a line there. But for good reason.
Surf & Turf Roll (Lobster, Filet Mignon, & Cream Cheese), Pecan Crusted Trout W/Blackberry Lavender Beurre Rouge, Duck Salad and Cucumber Canape.

DO NOT miss the duck and cuke canape. So moist, ducky, with a lovely light crunch from the cucumber disc.

The Surf & Turf roll was a bit too large, and the rice a bit too mushy. Good flavor overall, but it was hard to discern lobster or filet mig.

The trout was well cooked, but I couldn’t taste much in the beurre sauce. Ah well.

There was also a Shrimp and Kielbasa chowder that had a great broth with flavors of meat and seafood. But the meats in the soup didn’t have much of a flavor. Overall, I’d just go for a cup of this broth given the chance.

So far, this has been my favorite food table.

And then the Wi-Fi signal went dead, otherwise you’d have read this like 30 min earlier.

Instead, Iwent to the 2-3 session on Italian Cheeses presented by Grana Padano. They started a few minutes late, and there wasn’t much of a group when I first got there.
They also snuck us some wines to try with the cheeses, even though they hadn’t originally planned on it. This was a prosecco. I wasn’t crazy about it since it was dry, but a lot of other folks liked it.
Two folks sat next to me after coming in late, ate everything on the plates as soon as they got them, and pretty much left shortly after… dude.
They also served a rosato (rose), which was sweeter than the prosecco, but still on the dry side. Not too bad.

I stuck it out for about 45 minutes before leaving. We’d only covered 2 things on our plate, the proscuitto (which was really tasty) and the Grana Padano (also stellar. If you like Gruyère Reserve, you’ll love this Grana Padano) and I was getting antsy. The speaker just kept rehashing his trip to Italy when presenting. He was bringing up good points about things, but for something that was supposed to end at 3 pm things were going slow. If this were a longer seminar it would have been great, but as-is, it was a little too long for something that would cover 5 cheeses, ya know?

Okay, off to try more food and wine. FOR YOU.

SPAC Food & Wine and Ferrari Festival Liveblogging

Hello Doll Faces! I’m here at SPAC covering their Wine & Food and Fall Ferrari Festival (I’m shortening this to W & F^3 Fest). I am still getting my bearings, but check out this eye candy!

I’ll be live blogging this event, focusing mainly on the food, some wine, and hello Ferraris!

The entrance is at the Hall of Springs. There’s parking nearby for free (kudos for free event parking. I hate it when you pay for a ticket and then have to pay parking on top of it. I didn’t have to pay anything to attend, but, you know… if I did, it would have been annoying). So kudos for free parking. If you didn’t buy tickets ahead of time, you can buy them at the gate.

I got to use the Press Check-In, and then walked in through the gates. They give you a wristband, and in you go.
To get some free stuff!
Neato free wine glass. Simple engraving, no annoying sponsors or brand images. Just a wine glass with the name of the event. Solid.
You can buy tasting plates. Presumably to make your tasting easier.
You also get a free baggie with a schedule of events, the September/October issue of Imbibe magazine, and a booklet on The Foods of Italy by the Italian Trade Commission (one of the major sponsors of this event).
And of course, Ferraris. Hot sexy carness all in one area. Rawr.

Okay, now I’m off to do some samplings! Let me know if you want me to check anything in particular out here in the comments, or on Twitter.

SPAC Wine & Food Fest

Have you heard about the Food & Wine (and Ferrari) Festival going on at SPAC this weekend? Have you ever been?

It is shaping up to look like I will be attending courtesty of SPAC to check out the weekend.

And they have LIVE BLOGGING, which means I will get to post the events as I attend them. I’m super excited, since I have yet to have the chance to blog any event live, and I am really looking forward to all of the tastings and nightlife events I’ve seen in their schedule.

AoA 2 Year Party!

Let there be cupcakes! A big HAPPY FREAKING BIRTHDAY to All Over Albany, who is now two years old. In internet years, we’re talking at least tweens. But I bet they’re reading at a college level.

Mary and Greg do a great job running Albany’s best news source. You can find out about all of the newest goings on in the area in the blink of an eye. And they’re always adding more cool features because they are chained to their computers work so hard.

Greg’s gorgeous wife Chris made the cupcakes above with the help of a friend. Chris, I need that recipe. Seriously moist, but still incredibly light. They were AWESOME and everyone loved them.

Here was a table of snacky things. The party was held at the Midtown Tap & Tea Room on New Scotland Ave. I have no idea what the things on the left were (maybe literal egg rolls?), but they were awesome. Like a thin, omelet outside and shrimp, ground pork, and veggie filling with a peanut sauce. FREAKING GOOD.

I got there a little on the later side…

But just in time for Mary’s time honored standing-on-a-chair-AoA-rocks speech. Go Mary – two years in a row, now it’s a tradition!

I like how friendly everyone is at these AOA celebrations. I think the thing is, we’re all just a bunch of dorks from the internet (I mean that in a good way, promise), so it’s not like anyone’s got a super huge ego or anthing. Unless you’re the former Lt. Governor of NY, of course. Other than that, the usual fabulous cast of characters you’d expect to be present at such a fete were there and also in jovial spirits.

Poor R & M got there way late because of all of the crappy plow jobs on the highway up here. Can we give R an award for most miles travelled? Cause girlie came all the way up from down state for this!

Cupcake close up. For real, these were great. Light, fluffy, moist crumb (how do you do it?!) and not one browned edge. The icing was also deliciously buttery. Yum!

Sadly, Ellsbells wasn’t there, but Ed pointed out the Battle Star Galactica lookin’ vase:

Chipotle – Free Burrito Day!

One of the most glorious days is upon us! Free Burrito Day at the new Clifton Park Chipotle!

I got to go yesterday because I’m awesome. Okay, and because Katherine N. Smith was super awesome and invited me to go to the neighborhood pre-opening. Thanks to Katherine!
I almost didn’t make it to this, because I had a prior dinner engagement celebrating my awesomeness, but I made it home a little early, around 7 pm.

Albany John was like “Free Chipotle tomorrow night, right? Free burrito day in Clifton Park. Right?”

I mentioned that I had gotten invited to check out this neighborhood run and he promptly chucked me into the car. “Go.” I buckled my seatbelt; don’t worry.

Now what I should have done was PRINT OUT DIRECTIONS since I saw 22 Clifton County Road, Clifton Park, NY and something about “Crossing” and it looked like it was in The Crossings at Clifton Park.


Albany John and I drove around for about 20 minutes bickering about where it could be and why I didn’t print out directions, when he decided to call the master. Err, The Profussor.

The gracious Profussor returned our frantic call tout suite and directed us to the right location. WE LOVE YOU, DANIEL!!! He totally saved the night!

Here it is, right on the corner. Underneath the gigantic Clifton Park Center. You can see small Chipotle signs on the sides. The Clifton Park Center sign is really bright. You’ll see a JC Penny in the background (to the left and behind).

Check that awesome sign of AWESOMENESS. Free Burritos today (January 28, 2010) from 11 am – 8 pm.

And now you know what it looks like so you won’t get lost and frantically call your friends 10 minutes to close going “CHIPOTLE!? WHERE IS CHIPOTLE?! PLEEEEEAASSEEE!”

Albany John got a carnitas burrito, and I got a chicken burrito (the one on the left). And we got chips + guac. Their guac is awesome. My little cup had TONS of jalapenos in it. Caliente!

Albany John’s burrito was so full that the person rolling it up had to take her plastic glove off to get a better grip on the tin foil. FATRRITO!

At 10 minutes to close, the folks behind the counter looked tired as hell. No doubt, it was a long day. Hopefully they’ll hold up okay 2 days in a row. Today is really the onslaught of free burrito lovers.


I had 2nd dinner a little later, around 10 pm. I was kind of full from 1st dinner at 6 pm, so I didn’t get hungry again until then. My chicken burrito was delicious. Albany John also gave me some munches of his carnitas burrito. He tore into that mass of burrito as soon as we got home. I think he got just about everything you could on that burrito. Guac, sour cream, THE WORKS. That was a fat burrito.

I am going back again tonight. I’m going to see if I can get TWO salsas. I love Freepotle!

And don’t be a complete mo’. If you’re not familiar with Clifton Park, BRING DIRECTIONS. Or be a complete ditz, call a friend, and then permanently remember how to get there out of sheer embarassment.