This is Me. Giving Thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving Eve, boys and girls. While I sadly no longer live within walking distance to Tess Collins and don’t feel like playing the taxi lottery tonight, there are a bunch of things I am thankful for:

  • Not having any life-threatening food allergies
  • Some fairly eccentric and equally rad family members
  • So many new restaurants in the area that I have trouble checking them all out
  • That I was able to visit Bro, Margarita, and Baby Dubs this year on an airplane before all of this groping and scanning nonsense went in place (Although the highlight of that trip was making Albany John a Chick-Fil-A convert)
  • Free stuff (especially the food kind)
  • Glitter-coated flats
  • Chicken wings at Ale House, Bombers, and The Ruck
  • That awesome Hello Kitty sleeve I got tattooed on in October (gotcha, Dad!)
  • Random trips to NYC (especially the taco truck in Woodside)
  • Pinnacle whipped cream vodka (damn you, Phairhead! That stuff is like crack!)
  • Cookies!
  • Farmers
  • Waffle fries
  • Episodes of No Reservations on Netflix
  • Themed Thanksgivings
  • All Over Albany
  • Smoked meats
  • Lightly cooked veggies


Are you tired of seeing The Outback Steakhouse, Olive Garden, Friday’s, and Ichiban as the winners of the Times Union’s annual Best Of?

Then check it, The Profussor‘s got his own running ballot going to help skew the Times Union’s Best Of 2010 Poll.

Daniel wrote an extensively exhaustive list of picks for the Best Of questions. Copy, paste, put them in. I agree with a good amount of what he wrote, and think that for the greater good of having a Best Of that doesn’t include Subway for best sanwiches, even if you don’t completely agree, slap those puppies in there. Please, don’t let Wings Over Albany win again.

Le Weekend. It Roxored.

Raves of the weekend:

1) Kismet Art Gallery’s showings for Troy Night Out were funky and awesome, as usual, and they had shrimp scampi pesto shrimp – yum! They always have great food. And cheap drinks.

2) The Menands Farmers Market (The Capital District Farmers Market). I saw on Jennifer Gish’s blog that there would be a corn festival. With free corn! So I woke up early and after taking forever and a day to get ready, I headed out and got a free ear of corn. And there were squeeze bottles of butter! It was a great little breakfast.

I think I might like this market more than the Troy Farmers Market. It seemed a little more down to earth, and a lot of really local people were there, like farmers from Colonie and Loudonville. I snagged a cabbage for $2 a head at one table, and a basket of non-pretty yellow squash for $1. The squash was easily 3 pounds, so it was quite a steal. Sure, they weren’t as fresh as their more expensive squashy counterparts, but I’ll eat them this week, so freshness is not an issue for me. I also saw a stand with whoopie pies for $1, so I grabbed Albany John one since I remember he liked them. I thought it was terrific, and I have to go again this Saturday in order to try the Red Velvet whoopie pie. I think they were made by the Amish, or some other group of people who wear straw hats and such. They were really nice, I probably should have talked them up a bit more about their baked goods.

3) Cheap corn at the Troy Farmers Market. I didn’t buy any at the Menands market for some reason since I kept hoping I’d get a better deal than $3 for half a dozen ears of corn. And I did! I found some wildly sweet and buttery tasting corn for $2 for 5. Nice!

4) I found the veggie cart in downtown Albany, and got a yellow watermelon for $3.50! And it’s really tasty.

5) The Pickle Party at CDFI. The Capital District Federation puts on a fruit/food party once a year. I’ve never been to them and looked forward to it – there were people making pickle costumes, pickle dolls, and tons of pickles.

6) I ate the BEST SAUCE EVER. I will further post on this, it was that good. The creator has promised me my own bottle shortly.

7) Although I don’t love beer, I have found that I really enjoy Genesee Cream Ale in a bottle.

8) Waking up and impulsively heading over with a friend to At The Warehouse to look around and buy more wonderful Center Square honey. This is the heroin of honeys. It’s silky smooth, with a wonderfully rounded and sweet flavor. The Autumn honey tastes so incredibly buttery, I go into convulsions if my honey stash is in short supply.

9) Lark Tavern. I was thinking perhaps Bros Tacos, but wasn’t sure if they were open, but then remembered LARK TAVERN. My friend was all in as another Lark Tavern lover. I ordered the burger special. It was basically a reuben burger with Russian dressing, sauerkraut and cheese. And it came out perfectly rare and tasted nice and beefy. At $9.95, it was a good deal for what you got (it also came with fries). It’s now battling for Best Burger in Albany in my ranking system. My friend got fish and shrimp – and woah baby. They were fresh, not frozen – battered in a delicious cornmeal coating. I ate the shrimp tails – yum. Such good food. And they’ve redone the ladies bathroom! Now it’s much less cramped and has steel and mirrors all over. It’s awesome.

10) Corn nuts. Oh my goodness. I love the corn nuts from the bulk section at Hannaford. And since they’re in bulk, I can get a small amount every time I want some. I don’t know if I’ve ever eaten these before, but they’re awesome – like the semi-popped kernels of popcorn at the bottom of the bowl.

11) Tomatoes from the garden. They’re finally ripening! They’ve been teasing me, remaining green all season, but a few of our pear tomatoes (yellow. Yum!) have started to ripen, and I found a big fat yellow tomato that was aaaalmost ripe, and it should be ripe tonight and oh my gosh I just realized that we have a ripe avocado, and I need to combine them in my belly tonight.