Germania Hall

Last night Albany John and I were looking for something low-key, but out of the house to do. We went over to Germania Hall for their Friday Night Dinner. Germania Hall is a cozy community association centered on German heritage. It’s like going to your German grandmother’s house for dinner (the service is so sweet & caring!). They have some rotating specials on different weeks. This week was Meatloaf & Sauerbraten.

You get the soup & salad bar with your meals. Nothing to write home about, but the soup was Manhattan Clam Chowder, with a lot of clams. Not too shabby.
Soup! Salad! Salty! But tasty.
Albany John got the sauerbraten. Fork-tender piece of beef, that tasted like apple cider vinegar was its main marinade. It was a little on the sweet-&-sour side for me, but Albany John loves apple cider vinegar, so he was really happy with this.
I went for meatloaf & potato pancakes. You can choose between either potato pancakes or mashed potatoes for your carb. Crispy pan-fried potato pancakes were nice. Bigger than my fist, and not oily or gummy.

Meatloaf was pretty decent. Good meaty flavor overall. And how can you say no to gravy? Meatloaf is one of those foods that is generally foreign to me – I didn’t grow up eating it, and I’ve probably only had it a handful of times in my life. I definitely find it an interesting dish.

Oh yeah, it also comes with a veg, and we both chose brussels sprouts. Kinda cooked all the way through and mushy, but hey, I’m not gonna turn down a veggie.
Twenty five bucks & two puddings and some coffee later, we were outta there. They take MasterCard & Visa in addition to cash. Can’t beat that for a three-course meal.

The rice pudding tasted homemade. Vanilla was on the instant/gloppy side of things, but just made me think more of grandma-style home cooking (kinda like the filling my English Nana would use for a pie). Was this a culinary evening to rival any others? No, but sometimes it’s nice to go out for some food made simply & with love. I’ve got a soft spot for cultural community centers because they help preserve customs (and meals!) of yore.

There’s also a breakfast buffet going this Sunday from 9-12. $7 for adults, something like $4 for kids.