BurgerFi Latham – Sneak Peek

BurgerFi Storefront Latham NY

BurgerFi opens tomorrow at 11 am on 860 New Loudon Rd (Rt 9), Latham, NY. I was invited to a menu preview this afternoon. Overall I think it’s a good new addition – they’re a chain that sources from Meyer Ranch, which provides antibiotic-free beef that was never given additional hormones, grass raised and grain finished (best of both worlds, IMO), and none of the beef is ever frozen. I think this is a great direction for a chain to head, and one I see other chains embracing as well. Ethics aside (which is a weird phrase), the food is competitively priced and enjoyable.

BurgerFi Latham interiorThe interior is set up casually – order at the counter, pay, grab a table and wait for your food. They also have beer and wine, and it looked like some MMA style fights were on the TV when we were there. It’s easy for me to imagine biking over for a burger, beer, and a match if they wind up broadcasting fights.

There were some other local members of the media at the tasting. BTW, it’s really a thing of beauty to see Angelo Mazzone and Bill Lia walk over and talk to Steve Barnes, who curates the Tablehopping blog for the Times Union. If you want coverage, his blog certainly has the most readership/exposure. Also, he’s a nice guy with good taste, and someone pretty much anyone would want to talk to. Any way, social peeping aside, let’s get down to the food!

BurgerFi Cry Fry

Up first was the Cry Fry ($5.47) – a combination of their fries and onion rings. This is a regular order. You definitely want to share this with 1-2 other people. The onion rings are massive and massively delicious! Theyre beer battered in Coors Light. The breading is very light and crisp, giving way to large rounds of onion underneath. The fries are fried in peanut oil, and get the perfect balance of fluffy/poofy/creamy interior and crisp exterior.

BurgerFi Urban Style Fries 2

Up next were the Urban Style Fries, and I believe (hope) that these were the large portions. Because dear god, they were massive. There are two servings pictured above, and 3 people could barely put a dent in one of them. Urban style fries  are their regular hand-cut french fries with parmesan cheese, herbs, and garlic aioli. I’m not normally a mayo/aioli fan, but these were delicious. Just the right amount of garlicky creaminess atop the fries (they weren’t swimming in it), and a nice sprinkling of parmesan that stuck to the fries.

BurgerFi Urban Style Fries

Seriously massive, right? But also seriously good.
BurgerFi CheeseburgerAnd then it was time to try the burgers! First up was the BurgerFi Cheeseburger, which is two patties, american cheese, lettuce, tomato, and BurgerFi sauce. This reminded me of a ShackBurger. Actually, when you first walk in, you’ll probably notice some similar vibes from Shake Shack and BurgerFi.

The meat was good – the patties are just under 4 oz (pre-cooked weight), and cooked all the way through. They maintain a good amount of moisture and flavor while being cooked all the way through. Texture-wise, the grind is a pleasant medium or small/medium (depending on how you look at it).

BurgerFi Breakfast All Day Burger

The Breakfast All Day burger is one patty, American cheese, hickory bacon, maple syrup, a fried egg, hashbrown patty, grilled onions, and ketchup. I love that runny egg. It’s really nice to see a chain restaurant not cooking an egg yolk all the way through before it goes on a burger so you get that golden goodness all over the burger.

This wasn’t my favorite type of burger, but if you’re a bacon-on-everything person you’ll like it. For some reason I just prefer my breakfast as breakfast and not on other stuff. Oh, and the maple syrup wasn’t too cloying. Very subtle.
BurgerFi The Twenty-Eight BurgerThe Twenty-Eight is the burger you want to order if you can only try one thing. Oh my gosh, so good. And I’m glad they saved this for last. It packs a mighty whollop of umami in the very best way. The burgers on the Twenty-Eight are from brisket dry aged for 28 days. The patties have a little more funk, just the right amount of blue cheese in between the burgers, and the pickles are add a great crunchiness.
BurgerFi VegeFi BurgerWe also tried the VegeFi Burger. It’s made of quinoa, lentils, and veggies, and topped with cheddar cheese, tomato, and BurgerFi sauce with a lettuce “bun”. The whole patty is fried, so it pretty much tastes like a big pakora/lentil fritter. The lettuce are squares of iceberg lettuce.

BurgerFi Chicago Style Wagyu Beef Hot DogChicago Style Wagyu Beef The hot dog itself has a nice little snap/pull to the case and a good beefy flavor. This is a little different than your typical Chicago style hot dog – the pickle and tomatoes are in slices instead of wedges, which makes for a different kind of chew/bite.
BurgerFi Red Velvet ConcreteDessert! We tried the Chocolate Shake (not pictured) which had a lot of dark chocolate flavor and wasn’t a complete sugar bomb. A very grown up shake.
We also tried Red Velvet Concretes, which are very thick vanilla custards with layers of red velvet cake. You’ll want to split your concrete with at least 1-2 other people. They are incredibly delicious and rich. The vanilla custard is really good. Lots of rich egg yolk flavor and vanilla. Frozen custard is more popular in the south – it’s nice to have a place nearby to grab some.

Overall, I think it’s a good addition to the fast food options in the area. It’s family friendly, cares more about animal welfare than other mainstream chains (change has to start somewhere), and has a tasty product. Hopefully the quality I tried today holds up to the test of time.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go patronize another Lia-owned business and put some of this food to use!

Friday Night Cookouts at The Cheese Traveler

The Cheese Traveler to Host Friday Night Cookouts

Where: The Cheese Traveler, 540, Delaware Ave, Albany

When: May 30th, and subsequent Friday evenings

Cost: Priced according to menu between $4-$10

The Cheese Traveler, a cheese shop which opened in Albany in September 2012 and was recently named Best New Specialty Food Shop in Hudson Valley Magazine, will host Friday Night Cookouts over the summer beginning May 30th.

The menu will rotate every few weeks and feature locally raised meat, seafood, and seasonal vegetables. The Cheese Traveler sells organic beef and pork from Tilldale Farm, Fish from Fin, and developed many relationships with great producers when they sold their cheeses at farmers markets over the last three years.

We want to consistently host events in the neighborhood to bring people together. We couldn’t think of a better way to enjoy summer than with the grill. It gives us an opportunity to feature Tilldale Farm and other small producers of local meats, some of the great products we sell, and Ryan Skrabalak, our chef, whose talent we believe is one of the gems of our shop.” said proprietor Eric Paul.

***Squee! I’m so excited for this! I love being able to grab a casual burger in the Del So and just hang out. I’m not much of a burger-making gal myself, but I will totally swing by when someone else is making them.– Albany Jane***



It’s nice to find a restaurant in Saratoga that keeps their prices sane during track season (i.e. the racing of the horsies). While I didn’t make it up to the track this year, I went up to catch the Philadelphia Orchestra at SPAC one night. It was late evening after the show was over, and the group I went with was looking for a snack/meal. Druthers was our first thought, and it was nice to see that they kept their prices Saratoga-reasonable during track season (i.e. they didn’t change them to jack them up during the busy season).

Albany John went with a sampler of beers ($14) and I went with a light pint.


Thai chicken wings for me ($11). They weren’t crispy, but the skin was a pleasantly succulent-soft without being soggy and flaccid. What was initially a bummer wound up being really pleasant for a crispy-skin lover like myself. The peanut flavor was on the mild side, and there was just a little kick of heat. It was served with homemade quick kimchee, which had red bell peppers in it (ruining an otherwise pleasant side slaw coz you guys know I dislike bell peppers).


Albany John got a Druthers burger ($13) with greens on the side. Ordered rare, and received rare. So beefy and juicy. I had to exercise what little self control I have to not eat my good husbear’s burger, too.


Our friend got the Mac & Cheese ($13), which I’ve seen other people order before, but never had anyone at my table order. It looks big, but once you get it in front of you… woah. It’s gigantic. And comfortingly cheesy, too. Stretchy, creamy cheese with crunchy crumbs on top.

Leisurely dinner for two during Saratoga’s high season with drinks in the $50 range? Not too shabby.


What do you do when you’re in Saratoga Springs, NY for a late-ish dinner after the opening of Badger’s Hookah Bar just a few blocks away? You hope Danika at Garnish Marketing says “I’m going to go to Druthers for a drink in a little bit. You in?” Yes. Yes yes yessity yes.

Albany John had a blast taking pics of the Druthers table at the Saratoga Wine, Food, and Fall Ferrari Festival this past September. They were happy, fun, and lively – great energy, and I meant to head around to Druthers to try their fare in-store.

A chill in the air made Albany John crave Chili Con Carne ($8), which lists habanero among its beefy ingredients, but isn’t anything overpowering, or even all that hot. Albany John was a big fan of this chili – very little fat/grease on top, and lots of deep, beefy flavor.

He also got a pint of Fist of Karma Brown Ale ($6), which he thought to be miles above Newcastle (which is one of my favorite beers lately). I dunno. I still prefer Newcastle. This was a bit hoppier & tarter.

Pasta fagioli ($6) for another friend. Vegan, even.

A rare Given My Druthers Burger ($12) for me. Cute Druthers brand on the bread bun.  I got greens on the side (you could also get fries), which were pretty heavily dressed. I’d ask for them naked next time.

Happiness is a bloody rare burger. This was pretty hefty, yet unsurprisingly I managed to finish it all. I didn’t really taste the pickled green onion or pickled shallot that the menu lists, but the chuck, short rib, and smoked pork belly. I’m glad I’ve found restaurant in the area that makes a rare burger rare and not medium-rare or medium.

Danika & her Mr. got the flight of beers on tap, which was $14 for 7 4-oz flights. The waitress was a peach & wrote out all of the beers on tap, too.

The Brown Bag

I love late night dining. The Brown Bag is a lovely new late night addition to downtown Troy. Open 7 days a week from 9 pm – 6 am, it’s a great spot for some cheap eats in the wee morning hours.

$4 for a cheeseburger with meatyflavor and coarse grind. Can’t beat a hand formed patty, even if it was just the teensiest bit dry. Pickles were great, adding just the right amount of salinity.

One of the kids behind the line might wanna change his gloves though – he was touching raw burgers, then pretty much everything else in the kitchen. From burger buns to the fryer handles. But the buns went on the grill, theoretically enough to kill any potential pathogens from raw ground beef.

The guys working there were way personable, though. I think Albany John and I may have been the only two customers who were still able to drive a car, and they handled their rowdiness well.

And guess what? They also take credit cards! Awesome!

Shake Shack @ Saratoga

All hail the great Meyer Empire! I went to the Saratoga Race Track with Cute~Ella, Sue, GenWar, and the rest of the Cute~Ella crew. Oh, plus I dragged R & M. My mind was on burgers made of cow meat.

I think last year was the first time I was ever at the track, not being much of a horse-racing fan in general. However, I am a fan of hyped-up burgers from NYC. Well, it’s easier to get there than Shake Shack in Central Park.

I don’t mind a “day at the track”. It’s $3 per person to enter, free parking, and you can bring in your own coolers and seats. You don’t even have to go look a the horse track. It’s basically like going picnic-ing with tons of people to gawk at. And you can dress up. Win-win in my book.

Also a win-win – two double Shack Burgers ($9 each) and a Track Shake ($5.75). The shake looks small, but it’s very custard-y and rich. It’s a lot to suck down.

The burgers were so good. Glad I got doubles instead of singles. Albany John thought his was fine, and even I had trouble finishing mine off. They’re deliciously salty and beefy flavored. A bit pinky rare in the center, yet firm of exterior.


Heads up – they show up on your credit card as “UnionStreetSportsandENT” and not something easier to recognize.

Albany John liked it, but his stomach felt a little funky later on. I guess he’s going to have to be on the Jack Sprat diet. I’ll troop through it for him somehow.

Cute hat I made a Cute~Ella’s the night before tracking. She so fancy!

Oh, and heads up – if you go, it’ll probably be elbows to asses people. Don’t really expect any personal space, but otherwise you’re good. As long as everyone’s friendly you’ll be fine. Also, their bathrooms are really quick and clean.

Dining Out for Life @ New World

Yesterday I joined the AOA Crew at Ric Orlando’s New World Bistro Bar to support Dining Out for Life. Basically, 25% of the bill went to the AIDS Council of NENY. Sweet, eating out and helping out. I’ve been meaning to go here for ages, and Albany John wants to bring his brother (a big fan of the show Chopped, and the same show Ric won) here to try some of their inventive dishes.

We got the beef tongue and octopus toastada ($10) to share as an app. Get it. Ohhh, get it! So beefy and good. Albany John describes beef tongue when it’s cooked this well as akin to a really hearty beef stew. Ric – can I call you Ric? I’m gonna call you Ric. Any way, Ric, this dish really showcased your skills.
There was a good amount of beef tongue, and little minced bits of octopus throughout. It added some umami goodness, so if you’re squicky about seafood/octopus, this might be a good dish for you to try. Personally, I would be fine if this dish were just a hunk of cow tongue and an arm of uncut octopus (so good were the flavors), but bet that might put some people off.

Our waiter also mentioned this was one of his favorite dishes here, if not his favorite dish entirely. He was so freaking right. If you guys haven’t gotten the hint, try this. SO good.

Albany John’s a beer guy, so we got a flight of beers to sample. I just donated blood that day, so I figured I’d take it somewhat easy on the booze since one of the Red Cross guys told me if I went out for cocktails I’d be “One cheap date,”. I’m a cheap date to being with, and while I was partially interested in testing out just how little liquor I’d need in me to catch a buzz, it seemed like it had the potential to go from funny to “We need an IV and some fluids” pretty quickly.

Right, so. We went with the flight of beer samples ($5.25). From left to right:
Brooklyn, New World Bistro Bar Double IPA made by Chatham Brewery, Ommegang Rare Vos, and Victory Stout.
Albany John thought this was a great value, and a fun way to compare some solid brews. He loves his Rare Vos, so that was the winner for him here, but the others were still fairly enjoyable.
We’re not big IPA people, but it was cool to try their house beer. It turns out they want to get it labeled for them since it’s made for them, but they have to go through federal licensing of some sort in order to get it, so for now they just call it their house beer. I thought it tasted a lot like the Rare Vos (which made Albany John gasp and be all like “What?! NO! They are not at all alike!”) since it was on the bitter/floral spectrum. Whatevs. But I really liked that Victory stout. Really smooth, yet thin – easy to drink in warmer weather. Not dense and heavy like other stouts that drink like a meal. Plus lots of sweet caramel notes. More please.

Then on to entrees! Albany John got the Portuguese Tavern Style Pork and Clams ($24 for full portion), which seemed to be popular with our end of the table. What a full portion it was! It came in an impressively sized bowl and had a lot of clammy and porky goodness within. Albany John LOVED this dish. So good. I thought the fingerling fries were fried carrot rounds, heh. Kinda sweet.

Not spicy, either, although they dropped a bottle of Sriracha. Albany John thought about Napalming The Jungle, but it was so good that he didn’t need any other seasonings.

Mid convo with the rest of our table, a bus boy ninja came by and took his dish. He still had some food left, and he was all… “Um. What? What just happened and where did my dish go?”. We saw the bus boy and as we were going to be like “Dude! Hey! Can we get that back, please and thanks?” We saw him bussing the rest of the table and plop another dish on top of it. Ew. How do we know that wasn’t dirty? It’s a plate at the end of dinner. It’s probably dirty. When you’re bussing things, you don’t pile other peoples dishes on top of other people’s unfinished food. Well, you also should check with people when taking their food. Ironically, the bus boy asked me if I was done with my plate when it was basically just crumbs left.

Okay, so seems like not the best moment at our first time dining in this restaurant, right? Ric, you have some awesome staff, because our waiter was very attentive and handled things well. We found him and explained about the over eager bus boy. He said that he was wrapping it up, but after expressing some concern that we saw the busboy putting other people’s dishes on it, he had them remake what was taken. Perfect response. We weren’t looking for a remake on the entire meal, but we also didn’t want to eat food that may have had dirty dishes on it either.

The remake! A few clams and some pork. Very well handled, NWBB. Service that will certainly guarantee my return and recommendation of your restaurant.

I’ve been dying to try their burger ($13). I love burgers. I think a good burger needs very little accoutrements, so I just ordered mine rare. Happy beef. Burger. Yay! I got the veggie of the day, some fairly well prepared summer squash. I could have done with a few more bits, but I’ve been on a real veggie kick this year, so maybe it’s just me.

Sadly, the burger was the low note of the meal. The bun was pretty heavy (tasted like a potato roll) and over-buttered/oiled. Greasy. Can you see the crack on the northern part of the burger? There was also a crack on the other side of the burger too. What’s up with that?

It was cooked rare in the center, but progressively more toward the edges, some parts being well done. Maybe I should start ordering burgers black and blue.

This wasn’t a terrible burger. It just wasn’t a $13 burger. My first impression after taking a bite was “Bready. All I taste is bread.” The bun was somehow overwhelming.

I’m not too sure if the beef was even seasoned. It didn’t have much flavor. I’m used to happier beef having this deep, rich, wonderful beefy flavor. This was pretty light – I had to really does it up with salt to bring out some beefiness. The texture wasn’t my favorite either – a bit too small/fine of a grind, which made the more cooked edges of the burger taste kind of grainy/mealy. It was a fairly dry burger, but that greasy bun was distracting.

I found out the best way to eat it was to take a bite, but only eat the top bun (less greasy) and salt heavily. Fine, but I wouldn’t order it again. Next time I’ll get another tonge and octo tostada, or have a few other apps. Mmm.

Dessert was a shot of Nutella mousse ($4). It’s in their dessert tapas section. Pretty good stuff. Nice way to end the meal. Creamy but not heavy. Kind of on the small side for $4, but still quite enjoyable.

One of my seat mates had a less-than-stellar lemon curd shot. The flavor was great, but it had this freaky grainy texture. I really couldn’t figure out what it was. It was more chalky, so it wasn’t like it was unincorporated sugar. Really odd. This person mentioned that perhaps attention to detail was a little off at this meal. Perhaps.

Overall though, great time dining out, an excellent service experience, and I look forward to returning and trying more of the menu.


I miss the Lark Tavern.

Cheap drinks, stellar bar food, and service was always quick and friendly no matter how crowded it was. Once you’ve got Your Place it’s hard to find another one. I know Tess & crew have moved downtown to Pearl Street, but it’s such a different location, and still not quite the Lark Tavern I knew and loved.

Met up with my college pal and his fiance. We figured we’d do drinks, but also some food. Somewhere in Albany. Not Pearl Street. Not Mahar’s. Not in a wine mood, or a beer mood. Cheap would be nice, too. That’s a pretty difficult list to fulfill, as it would turn out. We wound up at Junior’s (1094 Madison Ave, Albany, NY 12208). Same strip as Mahar’s.

Drinks came out in tall glasses or cocktail glasses. $7 for call, $6 for well drinks. Not too shabby, but I would have preferred a smaller drink (bravely, I soldiered on with my bigger drink, though).

Service was great – our waitress was really friendly and nice. More like someone taking care of guests in her home than a waitress at a bar/restaurant in Albany.

I flipped my shit when I saw ‘waffle fries’ on the menu. I got the House Burger ($9.99) which had pickles, onions, swiss, bacon, mushrooms… a bunch of stuff on it that I can’t really remember now, but it was pretty decent and crazy and subbed the waffle fries for the regular fries.

Albany John got a cuban sandwich, I think? $7.99 or $8.99 for a gigantic loaf of a sandwich. Fine, but nothing mindblowing. Pulled pork, some pickles, maybe some bacon. The regular fries were good, too. Crunchy.

Most of the food, from appetizers to entrees, ranges from $8-12. It’s kind of like “Why bother with mozzarella sticks for $7, when a sandwich costs about as much?”

Close up of my house burger. 8 oz (half pound) of ground beef for $10 isn’t too bad. But they only cook them medium-rare. No rare. My burger came out a hodgepodge of doneness, though. Medium well in the center, with patches of rare and medium rare on the edges. I have no idea how they pulled that one off. I was at the very least pleased that it wasn’t a patty. It was actual ground beef and not some pre-formed frozen patty. Decent grind on it, but it sure needed some salt, even with cubed up bits of bacon on there. It was fine, but nothing to pull me back.

Once we got the bill, I was kind of like “Hunh. Oh, well, I guess we did spend that much.” Not like it was crazy-expensive or anything, but just that it was a little more than it was worth, to me at least.

So here’s my deal with Junior’s. It’s not bad. Not great. Somewhere in the middle. It was a good place for four folks to go out and grab some food and drinks and catch up. The food and drinks were fine. It served our needs. I liked the service, but overall I think I need a place that’s more than just “fine”, you know? Like, nothing on Junior’s, but I bet they could change a few things up and be really good. Right now, it’s just a place that I automatically go “Eh, it’s okay. Yeah, sure, I guess.” when one of my friends suggests it because his 21 year old girlfriend likes the cocktails they make there.

The Ruck – Burger Night

Tuesday nights are Burger Nights at The Ruck (104 3rd St, Troy, NY 12180). All burgers are $1 off after 7 pm.

Green Peccadilloes mentioned her love of the Wing Burger, and well, I had to give it a try.

But first, drinks. Albany John got the Brew Master’s Choice from Brooklyn Brewery ($5 – Although he says it’s really called something different. I have no idea). I got my usual stoli raz and club ($6). Albany John had already had a sip of his beer – they know how to pour a beer the right way at The Ruck. None of this 1 – 1.5″ foamy head business. 1/2″ of head max.

And true to form, we couldn’t just get the burgers. We also needed wings. Wing night are Monday and Wednesday nights, and one of these days I’m going to make it there, but until then it will be $7 per dozen for this gal.

I got mild wings, and they were good. Really good. They weren’t bland and orange like so many mild wings are. They had just a kick of heat, as if to suggest there was more where that came from. I’m not sure if I’ll try the medium wings, these were so pleasant to eat.

I want to work/observe at The Ruck to see their wing frying protocol. They turn out perfect every time. So crispy, yet meaty, and perfectly sauced. My ideal chicken wing.

Albany John got a cheeseburger, and I got a wing burger. We both ordered them somewhere in the medium/medium-rare area, but they both came out well done. Normally I’d bitch and complain, but these burgers are the kind that taste best when cooked rare.
The burgers themselves reminded me of the ones from Sutter’s. Pre-formed, likely frozen at some point, and shaped like ovals. Unlike the burger at Sutter’s, I enjoyed these.
I’m not really sure why they asked if they were only going to cook them well, but it seems kind of moot. This kind of burger should really only be cooked well.

The burgers came on grilled Bella Napoli rolls (poppy seed. So when you fail your pee test, you can blame the burgers you had at The Ruck the night before). Normally I don’t like non-traditional rolls, especially when they are so oversized in comparison to the burger itself, but these didn’t bother me that much since they were grilled, and I find Bella Napoli’s buns to be fairly light, airy, and unobtrusive to begin with.

Albany John said his cheeseburger was fine. My wing burger came slathered in wing sauce, and with a side of their house made blue cheese sauce. The blue cheese sauce can be a little mayo-heavy for me at times, but then again I’m a mayo-hater. But I just love all of those chunks of blue cheese in the sauce. It helped combat the heat in the wing burger. I can see why Green Peccadilloes recommended this burger. The Wing Burger was quite tasty overall. Not sure I’d drive across town for it (unlike those wings, man I would drive across the state for them!), but I’d give it an order when at or near The Ruck.


So you know how sometimes you have, like, six too many drinks the night before and the next morning you are really super hungover not at your best?

Well, I found myself in one of those moments and there are a few foods I crave when I am hungover. Namely: greasy, salty, meaty, carby (If I were Snow White, those would be 4 of my 7 dwarves. The others would be sweet, fruity, and crunchy. And maybe boozey for an 8th).

Fuddruckers is one of those places that I think is a fabulous idea when I’m hungover. So I convinced Albany John to go over to Wolf Road and get a bite with me.

He got a 1# burger combo meal to test out the waters and see if the 2# challenege would be a viable contest for him. After adding some cheese, the combo was a little over $11.

You get some fried potato wedges and a drink (domestic beer or soda) with the combo, plus a free cookie.

That burger was massive. Albany John could only eat half of it, but he said he’d rather have ordered the 1# burger and only eaten half than eaten a 1/2 pound burger.

They have some specialty burgers like buffalo, elk, and boar. I got the boar burger, which was ringing up at $0.00, so they rang me in for an elk burger at $8.99. Eh, kind of high, but it is a non-beef patty and I thought it would be neat to try. Plus I was hungover, and you know how well decision making works when all you are thinking is “Need… food…” If you can’t tell, I really like that toppings bar, and the sauces section. This was also a large patty, but was dwarfed by the size of Albany John’s gigantic burger.

One of the interesting things is that they’ll cook your burger to order at Fuddruckers. I went with medium rare, which resulted in a juicy and fine burger. Overall, I thought it didn’t taste like beef, the meat kind of mushed together on one side (see the left part of the above pic) for a weird meatloaf texture, but other than that the boar flavor wasn’t crazy and overwhelming. Just porky-ish.

I managed to finish my burger and nab some of Albany John’s fries, too. I was way better, but wayyyyy stuffed after that one. I saved the cookie for later.

Overall, I think Fuddruckers is a fun novelty with serviceable food. It’s nothing that’ll blow your socks off, but it’ll do.