Dry Aged Australian Ribeye


Adventure in Food had a rockin’ special in April for a full Australian grassfed ribeye roast for $5.99/lb. Yes. So yes. We grilled it up for Albany John’s birthday in May. It was an awesome and affordable way to go all out for any occasion.

Here’s what the full roast looked like unfrozen and out of the vac bag. Yep, that’s one whole ribeye roast alright. This was a hefty guy, something close to 15 lbs, if I recall.


Underside. I wanted to try dry aging this in our fridge. Salted the outside liberally, and tucked it in the fridge as pictured on cooling racks, turning every few days.

Mr. Beefers after a few days in the fridge shortly before go-time. It took up about half of a row in my fridge, and after a few days I started talking to it and calling it Mr. Beefers. “Good morning, Mr. Beefers,” and “My, you’re looking well today, Mr. Beefers!”

At this point I wasn’t sure how well the experiment would turn out. Would Mr. Beefers acquire an off flavor from the fridge? Would it make any difference?


A few hours over indirect heat on the grill (and covered on occasion). I didn’t carve anything off before slapping it on the grill. Once it hit rare, it came off the grill. And as you can see from the first image, I didn’t screw it up and cook it well done!

And then we play the waiting game.

It was an intensely beefy flavor, to be sure, although I’m not sure how much was from the dry aging or the grilling. However, I did slice off two large hunks so Mr. Beefers would fit on the grill, so I’ll give you a heads up if I notice something spiritual going on when it’s not kissed with smoky goodness. Overall, it was an awesome way to feed a crowd of 15+ people (with leftovers for seemingly EVER) for under $100. Definitely check out Adventure in Food’s specials page for deals like this when they come up.



Ribstravaganza has been a long time in the making. When Daniel B. heard that SexyBeast had made his own smoker, he tried instigating a BYOR (Bring Your Own Rib) party at Chez Phairhead & SexyBeast. This was delicious instigating at its finest.


Albany John and I had a rack of lamb ribs we’d gotten from CelinaBean. The lamb she gets is great – lamby without veering into gamey territory. We rubbed it with Penzey’s Galena St Rib Rub, some cumin, salt, & pepper a few days before Ribstravaganza.


Picked up the Fussman, then headed to Ribstravaganza. Here’s SexyBeast loading several racks of ribs on to the smoker. Be still my heart. There were many other grills in use for Ribstravaganza, too!


The Fussmeister with his sack of ribs. Also lamb, and also from CelinaBean. He did his all fennel pollen like.


The heart of the smoker (bottom barrel). And now for some brevity:


Smoked goat shoulder. This actually smoked up a bit tough for some reason.


Beef ribs! These were like Fred Flinstone ribs! My picture does not do them justice for how big they actually were! They were so tasty, but like a small loaf of bread for each rib! I ended up jacking Daniel’s rib because I wanted some of a rib, but not an entire one. And there were so many other ribs, he didn’t really even protest my rib stealing (too much).


See what I mean? This was the first round of ribs off of the smoker, getting sliced up (we later learned plastic knives do very little for cutting ribs).


Dr. Pepper ribs!


Even more ribs! The cumin & whatever is in the Galena rib rub was super tasty on the lamb ribs, and I didn’t even mind the fennel on Daniel’s ribs. The rest of the ribs were porcine goodness. So many ribs, so many beautiful rings of pink smoke everywhere.


Daniel B. was basically a mess of grease & rib leavings. Check out those fingers! I jokingly asked “Hey, can I lick your fingers?” and he responded “No! Those are my rib fingers and I get to lick all of the grease off of them!”


Oh, and then guess what? Someone broke out the deep fryer and made…


Can you guess? They look like doughnuts, but infact, they were CRONUTS. But we renamed them doughsants because it sounds cuter.


And candied bacon.


Doughsant dough.


Cronuts/doughsants complet.




And one family brought GALBI!


Zero was incredibly excited to be a part of Ribstravaganza and hoped to get a few bites and was very friendly with everyone who could hold a rib.


Oh, and there was BACON ICE CREAM. So good.


SexyBeast: “That dog’s got the pork sweats,”

T’was a grand day of gluttony and camaraderie. Let’s go for Ribstravaganza Part 2!

Giffy’s BBQ


Met up with Daniel B. & CelinaBean for lunch. I picked Giffy’s BBQ in Clifton Park because I hadn’t yet tried it. Okay, guys. I am sorry for this one. I’ve heard good things about Giffy’s, so maybe dinner is better than lunch. Or just avoid the lunch buffet ($6.99), which I decided to try.


It’s a sparse salad bar with watery soup & pulled chicken & pulled pork. The pulled chicken was really dry, the pulled pork was really oily. Service was very friendly & polite. Definitely a kid friendly place you can linger over lunch.

Viva San Antonio!

Howdy y’all! I went for a quick trip to Texas recently to catch up with some friends. Bought a ticket for the mister, and told him to pack his shorts!

My buddy V picked us up at the airport and took us straight to Pico de Gallo for dinner. Sensory overload! Mariachis, and glitter, and lights everywhere!
Broken chips and salsa to start.
I made the mistake of getting a jumbo margarita. Y’know how some things are bigger in Texas? Well, the drinks are a LOT stronger too! I made my way through (maybe) half of this throughout dinner before throwing in the towel.
App for the table. Beef and onions with cheese. Tortillas on the side.
Chicken mole enchiladas. A little too sweet for me. Refried beans were nice, though. V and I ordered the same thing, and the dishes came out looking a little differently. I think they made one, then forgot about the second one and made it on the fly.
Albany John ordered some kind of a goat dish. Just tasted like pork to me. I think this was a stewed goat spine of some sort?
Then we made our way to the Flying Saucer for drinks. Waitresses in cute plaid skirts, and an impressive selection of beers to choose from.
They also had some nice spacing – some areas were more intimate, others brighter and chatty.
Hello Kitty enjoyed her beers – a raspberry lambic and golden wheat mixture. Nom!
Breakfast the next morning was chorizo and eggs! So good!
Then you put it in your mouth. Then we were off to try and find the one person I was really hoping to see:
SGM Pryor, one of my biggest mentors growing up. He passed away before I left Texas, and I got it in my head that I had to see him again before I left. V and I eventually found his plot, and shared a few moments with him.

I’ve never been happier to be in a graveyard before. SGM Pryor was a great man.

And then I was off to meet some other friends from high school at El Maracube. I’d been there once or twice when I was growing up, and was psyched to go back. Their chips were awesome – super thin, crisp, and fresh.

Albany John got a stuffed zucchini dish. Not bad.
I got shrimp enchiladas! SO GOOD! Lunch prices on a Saturday, yes please. I don’t think any of our dishes broke $7 or $8. We sat around catching up for a few hours, totally unrushed by staff. Actually, I think it was partially because once they drop the bill, you have to pay at a register up front, which I didn’t realize, lol.

Caught up on who’s doing what. Life, gossip, you know.
Snacks after!
Then V was ALL ABOUT taking us to the CIA bakery downtown.
How cute!
They had these knitted pieces around pipes. Very cute.
Well hello. I love you. I want to move back to San Antonio. Be still my heart.
So many breads! At great prices, too! Ooohhh, NY inflation.
Desserts! An entire case of them! We grabbed some snacks and sat down.
You can even peep in the kitchens.
Our model-esque desserts. Chocolate mousse bombe (gluten-free), banana white chocolate tart, and a chili pumpkin panna cotta.
The white chocolate banana tart was my favorite. Super rich and fatty. The banana factor was actually very minimal. Mostly white chocolate and tons of flaky, crisp pastry.

V and I digging in!
They had this cute pan-delier outside.
Hipster brew!
Anyone know what these things are? Red on the inside, with green stuff on the outside. Cute.
Then we walked around the new leg of the San Antonio Riverwalk. This is new to me – they hadn’t expanded when I left!
This was really nice – peaceful, quiet. Not the hot hubbub of tourism like the main part of the Riverwalk downtown.
Herons, even!
And art! ART!
V was really insistent that we go to Mi Tierra Cafe for dinner. He said it was even better than Pico de Gallo.
We grabbed a buzzer (the place was PACKED), and waited outside.
Busy bar, but the inside was great. So many murals, and rich colors on the walls. One room even looked like it was permanently Christmas.
Grabbed a canteloupe agua fresca. Something like $5 for this huuuuge cup. Soon enough, we were called in.
We went for some Texas beers. Which I forget what they were now, because I’m awesome like that. I went with a smaller baby-sized beer.
Tortilla soup! Nice broth. I could have had a larger bowl.
I got the appetizer platter for my meal. So much food to try! I ate about half of it, so full!
Albany John got pork ribs.
Hello Kitty was quite pleased with Mi Tierra and wants to go back again. Then we went downtown even more to meet up with one of my girlfriends (from lunch earlier at El Maracumbe) for the diwali festivities downtown.
Diwali party people!

Ended up going over to her place and hanging out for a few hours just talking and stuff. Awesome time – I love it when things like that happen. So unexpected, and so great!
The next day we went to the Oriental Sunken Gardens. It’s free, and so, so, so pretty! I never even knew it was nearby when I lived here. I’d have gone here all of the time.
We also went for a walk around the area. It looks like they feed stray cats/build them homes. And this area used to be an exit ramp for a highway. Albany John’s snapping some aerial photos here while V chills out.
Then we went to SAMA – the San Antonio Museum of Art. Ever in need of food, we stopped off at Cafe Des Artistes for some sustenance.
V was talking up the coffee. He said it was so good it didn’t need anything in it. He was right! It was tasty black!
This is a great spot to grab some light fare along the Riverwalk.
V got a quiche and salad.
Albany John got gorgonzola and beet soup (very cheesy!).
And I got a grapefruit tart. SO. Freaking. GOOD. Buttery and rich. Win!

That night we decided that we should a)knock it off with the Tex-Mex, and b)try some BBQ. I put my foot down on having Bill Miller’s BBQ. It’s just so-so chain BBQ and nothing outstanding. Enter Rudy’s. We went to the original location WAAAAY north of San Antonio. It’s worth the drive, though.
Such a good sign. This is the best ‘que I’ve had in San Antonio.
We ordered about $45 of meat and sides. The smoked turkey was AMAZING. If I lived down there, I’d order my thanksgiving turkey from Rudy’s.
We also got brisket, chopped (a mix of chopped beef, pork, and chicken), 2 sausage links, and a TON of sides:
Witness, the yellow-hued sides.The creamed corn was actually really good. Potato salad was so-so, and the cole slaw had a good crunch and freshness to it.
V got me a Lone Star beer to try and wash down the remaining food. The peach cobbler was quite tasty! Fresh peaches!
In the end, we finished it all save for this wee bit o’sausage. I mourned our inability to fit an extra 2″ of sausage in our bellies. Next time we will. Next time we will also try the ribs.

Showed Albany John a HEB (grocery store chain). They had so many kinds of wine in their grocery store!
My beloved box o’ wine was under $9!!!!!! Are you freaking kidding me?!
And then I saw the Krispy Kreme sign was lit and hot, so I squealed at V to pull the F over.
Donut win!
The next morning we barely made our flight, so I grabbed a McBiscuit for breakfast when we got to our connecting airport. Love these little shameful breakfasts. I wasn’t even hungover, but man, they hit the spot.

Pot Belly sandwiches for lunch.
I got a chicken salad for the plane. It was okay. Some kind of greenery, you know?
Albany John got this phyllo dough pocket with ham and cheese. Tasty and greasy. And then we were back in New York. Le sigh.

Texas, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but boy howdy do I miss ya.

BBQ and Such by Big HaHoona BBQ

Got word of this event. Check if if you’re free:

Classé Catering is introducing a new line of mouthwatering barbeque cuisine, Big KaHoona Barbeque.

Award-winning Chef Jeremy Kane has created a menu that combines the best of classic American barbeque tradition and will sample:

· 24-hour Smoked Pulled Pork

· Smoked Beef Brisket

· Skillet Cornbread

· Big KaHoona Burgers (grilled onion, pineapple, jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, remoulade )

· Hous-made Chili

· Zesty Jumbo Chicken Wings

· Chef’s Mac N’ Cheese

· BBQ Baked Beans

· Creamy Cole Slaw

· Sliced Watermelon

· Assorted Soft Drinks – Iced-Tea, Lemonade, Soda

· Beer, Wine

This launch party will feature live music by Robanic with the Caribbean Sound , a special fire show by The Incredible Larry, BBQ/beer pairings, entertainment and giveaways.

WHEN: Thursday, June 16

4 to 7 p.m.

WHERE: Pruyn House

207 Old Niskayuna Road, Latham

Proceeds from the suggested $5 donation will benefit The Food Pantries and Friends of Pruyn House.


Event Producers | Classé Catering is an innovative Capital Region-based corporate and social event firm that is renowned for distinctive cuisine, memorable guest experience, exquisite presentation and inspired design. For 18 years, Classé Catering’s elite event team of more than 100 professionals has delivered flawless results as the exclusive and/or preferred caterer at more than 60 unique and historic sites across Tech Valley .

Mustang BBQ

Barbeque places are really starting to pop up around here. We’ve gt Pig Pit, Capital Q, Dinosaur BBQ, and Chico’s BBQ to name a few (okay, and the sorely missed Mo’s BBQ). One of the newest ‘que joints is Mustang BBQ up in the Lansingburgh area of North Troy (478 5th Ave, Troy, NY 12182).

Just look at that sign! It looks like a horse running through fire, ready to take you to BBQ and fried chicken land! Hell yeah, horsey. I’ll get on that ride!

Here is a more detailed view of the exterior. It’s located on a corner and used to be an old bank, I think. They took their time converting it into a restaurant over the summer, and it seems like Troy was waiting in anticipation. It was packed opening week. Albany John went in (without me, ahem) one day and they had run out of printed menus. Although he came back with a picture on his iThing two things to say.

1) “It is delicious. So good. See? There are the bones.” and:

“IT HAS A DRIVE THROUGH! A BBQ PLACE WITH A DRIVE THROUGH.” Albany John was beyond thrilled at the idea of not having to leave his car for BBQ. I’ve only encountered it in chain-ish BBQ restaurants in Texas, so I can see why this was exciting for him. Meanwhile, I am excited for wintery weather that has my husbear out and bringing me home BBQ. Please put the BBQ in my mouth, thanks!

When he went again and included me in his ordering I wanted some fried chicken. Just to try it. These wings are $0.89 each. Tasty fry-job, too. Like what you’d get at a Pizza-N-Fried-Chicken joint, except here you get BBQ-N-Fried-Chicken. Lightly coated batter on the skin with lots of herbs and spices.

Golden wings of fried deliciousness. They also have that crackalicious Yip Chinese-y hot sauce in packets that all non-Asian fried chicken places seem to have.

Oh, and then we got ribs. Their prices are really cheap for ribs. And their ribs are really good. $10.99 for a half rack and $18.99 for a whole rack of ribs, either beef or pork. We were going to get a half of beef and pork, but they’d run out of beef by the time Albany John ordered. So we had to “settle” for a full rack of pork ribs. Poor babies, I know.

LOOK AT THAT LAQUER OF DELICIOUSNESS. There was SO much delicious smoke in those ribs. The interior was very pink. I was trying to figure out what kind of wood they smoked with. Apple with hickory perhaps? Hell, I don’t care if they smoke them with meth, old tires, or something they found under the floor, because I am all sorts of into them.

Okay, I will share a bit of personal info with you. I feel like 2011 might be a year of sharing things with you guys. Any way:

I have an old cat. He is a huge carnivore and this meat-love has not mellowed with age. It’s not exactly prison-style eating during meal times that involve meat, but I’ve learned not to leave a plate of shrimp out unattended. He was all over Albany John and me when we had these BBQ ribs out, and there weren’t enough swats or nudges in the world to keep him from jumping on our laps. Or next to us. Or sitting nearby and edging closer… closer… closer… justlookoverthereand OH, HI MY MOUTH IS ALMOST ON YOUR RIB!

I can’t say I blame him, though. These ribs are totally worth human-stalking for. So meaty. So smoky. So rib-y and good.

Chico’s BBQ

Went out to Chico’s BBQ (2490 Western Ave, Albany, NY) with some friends who told me that Chico’s had some awesome wings.

They are some pretty awesome wings. Smoked, and then either fried or served “Chico Style”. I got Chico style wings, which are smoked, tossed with hot sauce, and finished on the grill. Oh yas pls!

They skins had a very nice char to the outsides, and a pink coating of smoky proof on the meat inside. These were delicious. Oddly enough, they only do hot sauce though, so if you want Chico style wings, you’ll have to be okay with hot sauce. But the hot wasn’t really that hot. I got through them okay, and you guys know what a spice wuss I am.

The meat was very tender and moist – almost like breast meat, but in a really good way. The skins picked up a little crisping from the grill, and also had a nice chewiness from being smoked.

Either way, quite nice. The wings were quite sizeable as well, and I got a bunch of the wing portions in my order. I like the wing part with two bones over the drumette. I think it might be because there’s more skin, or maybe it’s just a tad moister. Either way, I was happy to see a large population of them. Orders of 10 are $7.99, quite fair for these smoky bad boys. I think they will be included in my “favorite wings in Albany” mental categorization from here on out.

The blue cheese sauce was fine, but paled in comparison to the glory of the smoky chicken wings. It had chunks of blue cheese, but really – we’re talking two competing flavors, so I tended to skip blue cheese dip and just savored the smoked chicken wings.

Now I need to give the fried variety a try, because there was audible crackling coming from those chicken wings with each bite. That’s definitely a good sound.

In true chicken wing lemming form, I ate 5 wings before asking for a to-go box. Hey, it was half of an order, okay? And I’m recovering from a stomach bug. Le sigh. I don’t get why I have such trouble eating wings when I order them out, but at least Albany John will get to sample some of their tastiness.

Dino BBQ

Went to Dinosaur Bar-B-Que in Troy after picking up the Bro-in-law from the bus station from the city. He and Albany John still had to check the place out. Service was great – really friendly, no rush.

The three of us split the 2 person appetizer sampler ($9.99). 2 deviled eggs, 2 grilled/smoked chicken wings (the drumettes), some spicy boiled shrimp, and 2 fried green tomatoes.

Shrimp were good. Spice powder was on the outside, so it didn’t carry very much after peeling them. They were served coldy, cold, cold and had just the right snap to ’em. I’d actually get them again.

Albany John lurved him some deviled eggs, and he and his bro really liked the wings. I wasn’t much a fan, but that’s more because I like my wings to have some kind of crispy or taught skin to them. They kind of melted off on these wings. But whatever, cause Albany John thought I was crazy for not loving them.

Really liked those fried green tomatoes, and whatever buttermilk kind of dip they had for them. I want, like, 800 more of them. They weren’t the least bit greasy, and were plenty crunchy. Yum. Yes, please.

And then I stopped taking decent pictures. But CVS my Bro-in-law got a platter. The cornbread was definitely old, but we were there at the end of the night, so I guess it’s kind of expected to get the rock hard old ones. I still can’t shake the feeling that I wish they’d give you just a touch more food, but my bro(in law) CVS made a good point about a meal he and his fiance/my buddy Maka had at 5 Guys.

Long story kind of short, she didn’t know that regular orders were double burgers, so she ended up ordering them both double burgers and they couldn’t come close to finishing the fries. It was so much food for the money, he thought that the portions at Dino BBQ were … responsible (in comparison to the 5 Guys experience). I guess I can see that. But part of me just equates BBQ to generous portions.

Albany John & I went for sandwiches. He got a brisket sandwich with blue cheese and carmelized onions. I thought about this one, but the combo seemed like it could be either REALLY good or REALLY bad.

I tried a nibble of brisket, but eh. It was okay. Not really smokey, even though it had the pink ring and everything. Not really beefy either. I like Captial Q’s brisket better.

The combo of blue cheese & caramelized onions? I, uh, did not less-than-three it. This was just a personal preference. Albany John really liked it. Just a little too many potent flavors. Those caramelized onions were caramelized into a sweet brown pile. I have neurotic issues with the combination of sweet and savory, so yeah. My bad.

None of the sides seemed to call me, so I just got a sandwich. Hot link for this lady, thanks! I think it was about two links of sausage with onions and pimento cheese. I liked the grind of it, and the snappy casings on the sausage. Can you see the grind on it? Nice and thick. They cut the sausages in halves to make an easier-to-eat sandwich. A few lightly sauteed onions. And their pickles on the side.

When I first got the sandwich, all I thought was “Man, that is a lot smaller than I thought it would be.” Props on the bread – I think it’s a bun from Bella Napoli (right down the road from them). Lightly sweet and super squishy. I like this bread. Just maybe a little overwhelming with the sausage, and I love my bread. It was just a bit too bready of a sandwich overall. Maybe more sausage or less bread? Thinner buns?

I thought the pickles on the side were great, too. Definitely an apple cider vinegar brine. I just would have liked more than two little coin-sized slices of pickle.

Pimento cheese was not bad, but Albany John really didn’t like it. I kinda dug it though.

Overall, I’d say the only thing that I really, really like at Dinosaur BBQ are their ribs. I’ll definitely keep coming back for them, but I wish they’d sell them without sides. Does anyone know if they’ll just sell you a rack of ribs, or ribs without sides?

Dinosaur BBQ Opening Night

This was the only picture I nabbed before my camera died. Blogging fail. But I met up with phairhead and SexyBeast to check out opening night at Dinosaur BBQ in Troy after missing an earlier meeting with the AoA crew. It’s been an highly anticipated arrival to the Cap Region, so I figured I’d see what all the fuss was about.

We waited about an hour before we were seated. Our waitress was really friendly, despite the crush of people there, and who had already been there all day. Sweet gal. It was a bit of a comedy of errors with my ordering. Piggy that I am, I ordered a link combo with brisket and ribs. But they were out of the hot links. Then they were out of brisket. In the end, I got some ribs and pulled pork combo for $15.50.

The ribs were great. Nicely smokey, and with a bit of a laquer that reminded me of chinese-style ribs. They had a good chew to them. Not falling-off-the-bone soft (which I don’t really care for. The texture is a little too mushy), but not too tough that you were getting pieces stuck in your teeth. Good texture They were meaty, smokey and the ribs were the baby back rib variety.

The pulled pork was okay. Really tender and moist. Nothing mind blowing, but satisfying. For the price, I kind of thought there would be a little more pork. As it was, there was a 1/4 rack of ribs (3 ribs) and about a half cup of pulled pork with cornbread and two sides. That doesn’t really scream $15.50 for me.

I also got fries and beans as my two side dishes. The fries stayed crispy for the whole meal, an impressive feat. The beans were really good. Creamy, soft, with a few bits of jalapeno throughout. Not bad at all.

The cornbread was fine – sweet. Like a combo of yankee and southern (lots of cornmeal), and very tender.

I still want to go back and try the hot link sausage, and possibly the brisket. I might try sandwiches, since they were piled high with meat. And the ribs. The ribs were really good.

I wouldn’t compare Dinosaur to either Capital Q or Pig Pit. It’s different. The ribs at Capital Q are different (sparerib maybe? and much larger), and the pulled pork at Pig Pit is significantly smokier and flavorful. But overall, Dinosaur is a nice spot for some dine-in Que. Service was really good all night, and everyone was friendly and willing to help us when they had a moment.

Oh, and I managed to save a wee bit of food for Albany John to try. He wasn’t wowed by the pulled pork, but thought the rib was pretty good. I saved him a rib, and then ate half of it. ‘Cause that’s what good wives do. What? I let him have some of it.

2nd Anniversary

I’m a woman who firmly believes in saying important things with meat. Things like “Sorry I ran over your cat,” “Officer, I swear, I’ve only had one drink,” and “It was like that when I got here”.

Happy second wedding anniversary is also a pretty okay way to say it with meat.

Albany John and I had the main dishes for our wedding catered by Capital Q, namely some pulled pork and brisket. Nothing crazy, since we thought we’d have around 80 people showing up, but I think we had about half that. If I’d known that, I would have sprung for ribs for the group, but hey, on the plus side, we didn’t have to cook for about two weeks after our wedding, and that was after all of our guests had gone.

So we headed over on our anniversary this year and picked up some take out.

Jalapeno mac and cheese. $2 for the small. This isn’t mac and cheese from a box. There is a ton of cheese on here, and I was surprised by the texture differences in the mac and cheese, considering it sits on the side dish steam table. I loved the craggy hunks of cheese that were on the edges of some of it, and the crunchy bread crumbs. The jalapenos added juuust the right amount of kick.

And I should have ordered a medium or large because I had just gone into the kitchen when Albany John goes … “Um, I ate about half of the macaroni and cheese. It’s REALLY good.” Evidently leaving a little less than 1/3 is “about half” in Albany John land.

We also got some cheese and jalapeno grit fries that we wolfed down in the car on the way home. Not at all greasy, plenty crisp, and well worth the $2 as well.

Here is a half rack of chipotle lime ribs ($13.50). So good.They’re lightly sauced, and at first I wasn’t quite sure there was much flavor, but the chipotle sneaks up on you, and the lime is more of a perk to the sauce than an obvious flavor.

So good. So good.

But these babies are my favorite. A half rack of memphis ribs ($13.50). Did I mention these ribs are huge and not of the babyback variety? Man, $13.50 will get you a lot of ribs. When someone from the south says “Y’all are hungry, hunh?” Maybe that should be a sign of how many ribs you’re ordering.

They have a wonderful smoky flavor imparted in each rib, with the ends (lefty parts in the pic above) becoming almost jerky-like on the outside, giving way to melt-in-your-mouth moist meat underneath.

Albany John also tossed in a half wet chicken ($8). I didn’t really touch this one because of the call of the ribs. It’s a very powerful call.

I think in total, it was something like $38.50 for everything above. Not too shabby, eh?

Yeah, we had leftovers for the next day, too. BBQ leftovers are probably some of the best leftovers ever.