Brooklyn Indie Market, Sushi from Yuka

Wow, what a crazy fun trip to NYC, you guys! Here’s one of the cool steam punk costumes. It’s a cloak/coat and is really pretty looking. So Artsy Designer Friend and I managed to get into Brooklyn, deep into Brooklyn a little after 9 pm on Friday night. Not too shabby!

Artsy Designer Friend was staying at the place of the person running the show the next day. Wow, was it busy and full of fabric. Kind of to be expected by a designer running the show the night before the show. Very energetic and cool to see.

However, I had an HOUR AND A HALF subway ride to the UES, so I quickly jetted off to the nearest station and… listened to my mp3 player forever.

But once I got to my stop, I was happy since I was only a few blocks away from an apartment full of tasty food and beverages. Yes, the abode of Manhattan Maka and my brother-in-law CVS. Hooray! Maka bought these cute little umeshu single serving drinks. They even had a teensy little pickled plum in the bottom. Yummy. And quite necessary after all of that traveling. Ahh, time to unwind.

Since it was around 11 pm when I got in, I was all “Heeeeyyy, are there any tasty CVS leftovers?” there was! Chicken soup! I’m not usually a soup person, but this was like chicken stew – SO good. I ate a gigantic tupperware container of it (this was just round 1). It was excellent – moist chicken thighs and tasty potatoes and veggies. Very satisfying.

CVS was a little under the weather, so he went to bed early. Or rather, Maka and I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning quaffing beverages and chit chatting.

The beverage part made functioning moderately difficult the next morning when I had to head over to the Brooklyn Indie Market to meet up with Artsy Designer Friend. Thankfully, I wake up easily, so I didn’t oversleep or anything. Rather, when I’m in NYC I hardly ever sleep and I’m just dandy.

I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I just thought that since this was a moderately big event and it was in NYC, it would be in a big space. I mean, isn’t Brooklyn the hipster captial of New York? The Indie Market is in a small tent, with a vendor or two outside. They had another make-shift tent set up adjoining the Brooklyn Indie Market, and the rain made us all hope nothing collapsed. I guess it last year, yipes!

It was a whole mess of people crammed in one wee tent! The rain was so chilly. And Artsy designer friend and I were set to go on hours before the show. Ooohhhh, all that waiting was so boring, and I didn’t even think to bring a book. I kept looking at the time, shuffling around to not be in anyone’s way (not that easy) and tried chatting with other people, but most other people were either insanely busy, or other models chatting with other model friends they already knew, or unchatty models. Lemme tell you, 3 hours of that is a long amount of time and I was a totally annoying whiney model by complaining to Artsy Designer Friend every few minutes. Bless him that he didn’t stab me, since he was still working on chainmail the entire time.

We took a break and got lunch at the neighborhood Rite Aid. Vitamin Water, Low Carb Rock Star Energy Drink, and two kinds of Orbit sugar-free gum. Arsty Designer Friend said he couldn’t eat because he’d get too sleepy or something, and I was all “Uuhhh, HUNGRY!” but I’d already reached whiney mode, so instead of choosing food I went with an energy drink to keep me awake and kill my appetite, and peppermint gum.
Jeeze, we really chose a model’s lunch hunh? Energy drinks and gum? Guys, don’t let me lose any food cred over this, okay?

Manhattan Maka trekked down to see me walk! That was really cool of her, especially considering the mess the F train was in. Despite all the rain the tent was still packed with people to see fashion. Dude, steam punk fashion is totally cool and now I want a corset.
The runway was a path in the center of the tent walking around the pole. The mass of people made it semi awkward to walk since people were sticking their cameras out as far as they could, and this one woman stood in the MIDDLE of the path back taking pictures and stayed there while I was trying to get back. I ended up almost bumping into her and walking around her, trying to avoid hitting anyone walking. Really annoying. How can you not know that you’re in the middle of the return walk and NOT FREAKING MOVE?!
After the show I tore myself out of my clothes and headed back to the UES with Manhattan Maka. Check out this bar I peeped. I know Albany John would have immediately made us go in, and if it weren’t raining during our walk, I really would have too. Zombie Bar!

Once we got to the UES we headed to The Food Emporium to get some food and drinks since CVS was feeling even worse. Poor guy.

This place was really nice looking – clean and wide aisles. But yipes, prices for food are really high. $4.99 per pound for white button mushrooms? Are you kidding me? And don’t even get me started on juice. Ay yi yi.

And then Manhattan Maka decided to order dinner in since cooking would take a while. OH MY GOSH I LOVE YOU. Since I didn’t have much dough on me, she bought my dinner from Yuka in Manhattan. I love free sushi! Well, she did say that she expected an insane spread of food at Thanksgiving when I was like “But, you know how much I can eat… and I haven’t eaten today…”, which I can totally promise! Girlie, I will stuff you to the gills with food!

I got a salmon don (fat salmon slices over rice) and a New York Roll, which was a giant maki filled with eel and shrimp tempura. Humungous. CVS also got some rolls, and Maka ordered chicken katsu. The katsu was very moist and not the least bit greasy. So good. Thank ya, thank ya, thank ya!

The next morning I got up super early to be in Brooklyn super early to head back with Artsy designer friend. Another hour and a half subway ride, but the Brooklyn train was pretty much empty for the entire ride.

Asian supermarkets abound in Bensonhurst! That was the area of Brooklyn I stayed in. I toured the red and yellow one next to McDonald’s. It was okay, but I didn’t find anything all that impressive. Boy, the new Asian Supermarket is really spoiling me up here.

There’s also a Russian deli called Gintaras that we checked out before heading home. They had some cool stuff inside, and I was tempted to try a savory pastry but didn’t. Artsy Designer Friend got a sour cherry juice that wasn’t all that sour.

I grabbed a pear soda thing. It looked cool and I couldn’t read anything on the label. Artsy designer friend bought it for me, thus continuing a joke that every ‘meal’ we have is now a soda or beverage of some kind, and not actual food.

I didn’t much care for the drink. I was expecting some tart-ness, but it was a little medicinal. The pear was there, but not that great.

We stopped for gas along the highway, and one of the rest stops had a Farmers Market. And jeeze louise was it ever expensive! I guess for folks coming from NYC it might be a deal, but good gravy! $4 for quart of apples!

5 thoughts on “Brooklyn Indie Market, Sushi from Yuka”

  1. OMG. I went through a period of total obsession with those single serving plum wines …and then the sake bar I used to get them at stopped carrying them. I haven't seen them anywhere since, except online. Tip: Eating the plum at the end gets you extra tipsy!

  2. JMP – I've never seen the little ones, just the big bottles. I just love those plums. They're so tart!

    p – eeew, cigarettes! But yea, maybe this was the hipster model diet?

    Grace – And in cursive, no less!

    lili – Oh woah! The market was off of 87. It's at the one rest stop where if you're going North you take the little bridge over to the south side b/c there's only one rest area. I think it's near Kingston, I wanna say.

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