Brooklyn Bound, Pulutan at Hand

Hola, Bitches! Tonight I’m off to Brooklyn with Artsy Designer Friend. He has a piece he’s showing this weekend and his model had to call off last minute, so he asked if I’d do it for him. I’ve walked a piece for him once before, and he’s a fun guy to work with in addition to being a good friend. He also becomes adorably spastic, as most designers do, when getting closer to the show. Plus, I can never get enough of the city!

Above is a mini metal Chinese takeout container Benny picked up for me the last time he was in the city. Kawaii! It’s got tiny candy red and white stars in it. They just taste like ‘red’ and ‘white’. He also picked up an awesome pair of glittery pink Hello Kitty chopsticks, but like the Hello Kitty utensil set Manhattan Maka gave me, I have failed to take a picture of them. I wonder what goodies I’ll find in Brooklyn?

I’m excited since I haven’t really explored Brooklyn. I’m not sure if I’ve ever even set foot in it. It’s usually Manattan, Queens, and occasionally Long Island when I head down. Tonight I’m going to be in Manhattan though, having girl time with Manhattan Maka!

The only down side is that I’m on a super strict budget, so I’ll have to stick to the whopping $6 in my wallet for the weekend. $4 of which is tagged for the subway. Le sigh. I’ll also be missing the Zombie Walk! I’m hoping someone will represent it up for those of us lameasses not showing up.

To help with my budget and to also be a decent car buddy, I decided to whip up… any guesses?

Yes, it’s my current snacky love – Garlic Peanut Pulutan! And yet again, I didn’t get any pictures besides the garlic and oil. But last night Albany John helped/mocked me by peeling half a head of garlic lightning quick. Pfff, whatever, like it’s my fault I am kitchen molasses. I let them sit in the oil for about half an hour before actually cooking them – I’m hoping they’ll be more garlicky. Maybe I’ll snap a few pics for you on the drive down.

Or maybe I’ll be a terrible spendthrift and withdraw even more money out of my ever dwindling savings account. You guys have my back, right? Got any good recs for food in Brooklyn, guys? I’ll be in the Bay Parkway area.

Ta ta for now my salty, garlicky, shooting stars! Here’s hoping I don’t fall on my face or mess up Artsy Designer Friend’s piece!

8 thoughts on “Brooklyn Bound, Pulutan at Hand”

  1. Sandor – there had better be brains aplenty, Mister! And ohidontknow maybe a blog post?

    phairhead – I just realized it's in Brooklyn Chinatown. But oh man, pizza is on the list, too! (My camera is charged and the memory card just has like 10 pictures on it – ALL SET!)

    Hello Kitty Sis! – RIGHT?! If I find another pair I've got your Xmas present!

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