Bombay Grill

Albany John came home after I did and said “Damnit, I was hoping you’d still be wearing clothes!”

He wanted to try one of the newer Indian restaurants in the area, and I’d just hopped in the shower.

After I got out of the shower, he showed me a menu for Bombay Grill in Latham, NY – and woah, they have a lot of coupons on the back of their flyer. Like 10% off all take out orders. W00t.

We put our orders in: Chicken Korma ($10.95) for me (because I am a spice-wuss), plus cheese nan ($2.95). Albany John got the appetizer sampler ($5.95) and the chicken tandoori mix ($13.95). We also got a free biryani because we’d ordered over $25. And then we got 10% off. Suh-weet.

Bombay Grill is in Latham where that sushi place used to be. It’s directly across from Firestone and Bella Napoli. It’s also right next to the Smoker’s Paradise and Night Moves. Don’t tell me that’s not enough description!

Once we got home, we opened up the food and tore in.

My Chicken Korma was very well spiced and the gravy part was a lot thicker and less greasy than many of the other Indian restaurants around here. It also came with multi-colored rice, which was also really good. A few bites in… and a lot of spice kicked in. SPICY KORMA!! AHHHH!

Don’t bother ordering the cheese nan. It was hard and tough in the center, almost like stale pita bread, and very hard to bite off. The outside was a too doughy, tough, and chewy. It was very… difficult to eat the nan. There was also greenery involved, which initially made me think I’d gotten the wrong nan. The cheese was there; I just couldn’t really taste it. I think one reason is that they used some really crappy flour. One thing I could really taste was FLOUR. Ugh, not very pleasant at all – overly chewy, floury nan.

The appetizer sampler contained a potato patty (maybe like an Indian lakte?), a samosa, 4 pakoras, one tamarind sauce and one neon-green sauce.
The potato patty was crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. The samosa – very good, but I think it could have used more curry. The pakoras were spiced like crazy!

The tandoori chicken sampler/mix was really disappointing. The menu listed a half chicken as $7.95 and a whole chicken as $12.95, so we figured for $13.95 we’d probably get a half tandoori chicken, plus the extra stuff. We got one small tandoori chicken thigh, 2 kebabs, and 3 chicken breast strip-things that were shaped like letter Vs.
The chicken breast strip-things (very accurate, I know) were spicy like crazy! They were tasty, but, holy crap, spicy. The kebabs – were also really spiced and hot. I couldn’t really taste much beyond heat in those things. The tandoori thigh – all the spice from the breast things rubbed off on it, so it really killed the tandoori flavor, for me at least.
There was also a ‘salad’ included in the tandoori chicken mix. I don’t understand why restaurants tout ‘salad’ as a feature to your item if it’s just a few slivers of iceberg lettuce, an onion, and maybe a slice of red cabbage. It was included in the same package as the chicken, so it was mostly soggy when we got home (hey, perils of take-out, I know). But at the same time, it looked more decorative than like an actual salad. Restaurants – please stop including a ‘salad’ if it’s not much more than iceberg lettuce. It’s not an incentive to me to buy the meal, and it just looks like a garnish with a misnomer.

The biryani was good, though. And huuuge. Also, spicy. It came with a side of raita, which I didn’t try because Albany John is going to eat the rest of the biryani for lunch today.

Overall… I wasn’t pleased enough to return. I thought the tandoori mix was overpriced for what you got. I mean, would it have killed them to toss in a drumstick or an extra thigh? Everything was spicy. Like, crazy hot spicy for me. But Albany John just insists that this further proves my spice-wussyness. I did enjoy the first few bites, as the flavors are very well balanced. Until the heat comes, and I’m chugging down all the liquids around me. I was planning on everything being moderately spicy, but not my korma. I figured cream sauce != spicy. You will probably enjoy it, instead of wussing out like me.The nan also killed it. I need good nan.

Location: 571 Watervliet-Shaker Rd, Latham NY

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  1. I hit these guys up for lunch once; they’re right on a line between where I live and where I work. The food was good; my one complaint was that the “spiciest” option I had for my food really wasn’t that spicy. Unfortunately I don’t remember what I ordered, and I don’t have a menu sitting here next to me.

  2. Kathleen – yea, good nan is wonderful, but bad naan is killer.Bill – sure thingShawn – I’m not sure. I think it might be a separate entity, but that’s just because they were the only location listed on their menu when I picked one up.

  3. i still say shalimar on central near henry johnson is the place to go for good indian/pakistani cuisine. i work nearby and eat there at least every couple weeks for their wonderful lunch buffet–the pakora, cheese naan, and masala are loaded with flavor.

  4. I am a Pakistani by origin but born and raised in the U.S.First of all, Shalimar is the WORST restaurant I’ve been to. If I make better food than their “professional chefs” that says something about them.I’ve tried all of the Indian/Pakistani restaurants in the area, and Bombay Grill (both places) is the best. For those that can’t handle spicy food, tell them when you place the order. And for the cheese naan… don’t get it. Try the plain naan, that’s what we normally eat with our food. And they make it really good. To try a different variety of food and not have to pay an arm and a leg for it, I recommend going to thier buffet. This way you can try several items and pay only one price.Hope this hels.

  5. This restaurant is probably one of the better Pakistani/Indian restaurants I have had. I am also Pakistani so when I go out to have Pakistani/Indian food my philosophy is that it needs to be better than my Mom would make it at home. Bombay Grill definitely is spicier, but you just have to tell them to tone it down. Overall they do a great job and the food is filling and worth the price!Also, a huge naan fanatic I also suggest getting the plain naan which is freshly made and just perfect.

  6. Let me first say that I have been cooking for about 31 years. I learned from French and Italian parents and some of the best chefs around. I am not a chef for a living nor do I want to be. I love great food and I love cooking and sharing great food. It is a passion of mine that I take very seriously and I practice at great length. My specialties are Indian and Thai. And I cook various Indian dishes from various regions every week. Last night I was too tired cook so my friend Maria (who has eaten my indian dishes before) and I decided to try Bombay Grill in Latham. I read some decent press about it and though that I would give it a chance. I shouldn’t have. The food was terrible. I hasten to even call it food. I ordered Lamb Vindaloo, Lamb Curry, Raita and Naan. Let me start with the Naan. It was obviously not cooked on a stone as it should be. The bottom was “burned” with what looked and tasted like old carbonzide food that you would find on a flat top grill that has not been cleaned in months. The dough was obviously way over worked as it was terribly tough. It was like burnt food, flour tasting chewing gum mixed with bits of cardboard. The Raita……….is a traditional condiment made with yogurt flavored with coriander, cumin, cayenne pepper, cucumber and cilantro. There are many variations of Raita and this variation was flavorless. I had to add yogurt to it just to bring out any acidity that good yogurt should have. It was so full of badly wilted cilantro that that is all you tasted. Bad liquidy yogurt and cilantro. A very very very poor representation. Its a crying shame that milk was wasted in making this. The rice……. It was multicolored jasmine rice. The flavor was not too too bad. But it was grossly undercooked and unseasoned. Its sad to say but it was the best part of the meal The Lamb Curry and Vindaloo. What can I say. Words escape me. The lamb was poorly prepared. It was very tough and stringy and almost flavorless. The sauces that the lamb resided in…. well…. the diarrhea that this meal gave me had a more pleasant personality, spice and aroma than these sauces did. The sauces were just shit brown with A LOT of grease floating on top. With the exception of a touch of cumin they had no flavor to them at all. And both sauces were identical with no variation between them. The service.When I walked in there was gentleman texting on his BlackBerry. No customers in site and NO hostess to be found. I waited for a good while with no acknowledgment and I finally asked this gentleman if the restaurant was closed (in hindsight I wished it was closed). He walked into the kitchen and grabbed someone for me. He obviously was one of the owners or a manager, but was too busy to serve his customers. Maybe he knew what shit the kitchen was putting out. What ever happened to serving your customers???????????How dare Bombay Grill tout itself as and Indian restaurant, how dare it tout itself as a restaurant. Its insulting and appalling that they are allowed to serve food….. If you want to call what they serve food. Its a real shame that they are just trying to get by with the cheapest ingredients and the lowest level of cooking possible. Feel free to send any questions or comments to

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