Blah, No Memory

For some reason I can’t get memory cards to read lately. Ah well. One was really chipped and bitten. I can’t figure out what’s up with the other one, though.

Any way, I’ve still had some tasty food. Like, I found out that the garlic parmesan wings at The Ruck are hot wings with parmesan on them. Cracktacularly good. And I ate half of my wings! Bwahahaha! Albany John and I went there for wing night recently (Mon & Weds, 7 pm – close) for their $0.40 wings and I have no idea how we got out of there for so cheap.
We got two orders of wings ($8) and had three pints of beer and our total was just under $18. Say what? Either the beers were, like, $3 each, or I think we got one for free. I was wearing something hoochielicious and boobtacular very classy like I ususally wear and doing the ordering, so I’m not sure if that scored us a freebie some how or what. Albany John is just hoping that Double Bags are now $3 a pint. Either way, I love that I can wear pretty much anything to the ruck (from fancy-dancy to hobo chic) and mow on wings.

I also found out that it’s really easy and cheap to make roasted peanuts at home in the oven. They’re like $1.39/lb at the Asian Supermarket on Central Ave, and they barely need any oil and toast up all tasty-like in under half an hour. Also, they are a good way to check the hot and colder spots in your oven if you don’t turn them. Whoops.

I got the thing I’m going to review, but damnit, I want to put up pictures. Also, it requires assembly, and Albany John and I haven’t put it together yet.

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  1. If you like garlic parm, you HAVE to go to the Towne Tavern in Avrill Park – they are smoked so they add even more flavor. It the one place that I want to lick the sauce at the bottom of the bowl.

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