Alumni Weekend

It was Alumni Weekend for Albany John’s fraternity, and yep – there were many references to the Kegs & Eggs fiasco. Thankfully none of his fraternity was involved with that mess. Any who, they’re all a good lot of dudes, and one of his fellow alumni joined us for lunch at Aashiana on Central Ave. Can’t go wrong with a $7.50 (tax included) lunch buffet and tons of nan.

Aashiana is one of my favorite cheapie hole-in-the-wall kind of places in Albany. You can walk in with $10, and walk out with a full meal and some change.

Yum, buffet! I had about three plates, but the other two were smaller than this one. Chicken dishes and vegetarian dishes – a very manageable buffet. Oh, and there’s chai tea on the buffet, too! If you’re a tea drinker like I am, that’s a nice free perk.

After that we had some time to kill, so we went to the NYS museum after taking a walk around Lark St.

It was some kind of child oriented day, so there were little kids running around screaming everywhere.

I think this thing depicts a first idea of Albany, or New York, or something like that. The subtext says “The Eagle attacks the Unicorn, while the Elk meets his mate and the Beaver threatens the hooved fox.”

I think it looks like a Moose chowing down on a lamb or sheep, fending off an angry Unicorn, and an angry beaver V. muskrat fight on the right. Eh. Yeah, that about sums us New Yorkers up.

I was starting to fade, so we headed over to Caffe Vero on Lark Street for some caffeine. Here is the menu board for Caffe Vero. Prices max out at $4.

I got a medium latte ($3.50) with cute design on it. The guy at the counter making it thought it was only so-so. Pa-shhh. That was pretty sweet to me. And it tasted creamy without being heavy ’cause they used milk instead of cream. Yum.

And then I went home while the guys did guy stuff. Man, I remember when I was hanging out with people in college or college alumnis and I was the youngin’ (underage). Now I’m the old lady. Although I’d still like to think fairly irresponsible.

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  1. Ah, I wonder if there is one self-conscious barrista at Cafe Vero. Every time I go in there the guy behind the counter sheepishly apologizes for his design, even though I think they're beautiful!

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