Albany Jane loves Albany and the food in and around Albany. AlbanyEats! tries to showcase all of the tasty things that wind up in her mouth.

Photos – all rights reserved. Email any request for use of images to albanyjane @ yahoo.com (i.e. – please don’t gank photos without asking, even if you link back)

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Very nice site. I just came across it today from a link on the TU Table Hopping site. One thing, though…the photos are deplorable. But that is fixable. I’m guessing you are just transferring them from the camera. Digital photos need some post-processing you can do quickly either by uploading to your PC, tablet or laptop and quickly applying the auto-fix to each photo. That will usually clear up and brighten those low-light food shots. Some cameras have the ability to fix photos within the camera, which will save the step of doing on your computer.

    I know this site is a lot of work, and thanks for doing this. I’ll be back regularly.

    1. Hahaha, thanks Woodrow. Yeah, some posts have better pictures than others, but post-production has never been my forte, even with auto-fix which can “fix” it but sometimes may the pictures look weirder. Have any software you prefer for quick post-production? I’m open to suggestion.

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