Nicole, Phairhead & SexyBeast were kind enough to join up with Albany John and me for lunch at Aashiana this weekend.

It was gorgeous outside, which meant that there was noooo parking available! Boo! So I was late to my own thing I arranged. I’m such a bad Asian. I used to be early to things, I really did.

Aashiana’s lunch buffet’s are a steal at $6.95 per person. That’s $15.01 with tax for two people. Yum! It’s packed to the gills with tasty, tasty food! I was ever the demure lady eating a gut-busting three plates. I didn’t eat the rest of the day. Woah mama, next time I’m only doing two!

I just love meeting up with peeps like this – just large enough of a group to be fun and not too many! And you know we’re a fun loving group. Next time I’ll actually take picures of my food mates, but we had such a good time, well, uh, I didn’t.

Thanks for comin out, guys!!

6 thoughts on “Aashiana”

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  2. Nic – sa-weet!

    Anon – thank ye!

    R – sooo freaking good. Next time youre in town, maybe?

    Sebastien – dude, that looks AWESOME. I really need to go there next time I'm on that block. Aashiana just pulls me in!

    p – oooh, that's deadly!

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