Aashiana with Friends

Yesterday I got to meet up with a bunch of my friends for Aashiana’s lunch buffet. Their buffet is quite the deal at $6.95 per person. There’s always a good selection of vegetarian and meat items on their buffet, and plenty of fresh naan delivered to each table by perennially positively predisposed owner Saleem (seriously – he’s always so upbeat, he puts me in an even better mood! If you’re having a bad day, definitely go to Aashiana!). Yum!

What started out as a facebook “Hey, does anyone wanna do lunch?” quickly evolved into my pals Celina, El Profussor, Renee, and Panda saying they were in. How lovely! I love it when things come together like that, all spur of the moment. We totally took up several tables and it was great!

So we all agreed to meet there, and we had a great time catching up over a relaxing, delicious lunch. My favorite buffet dish at Aashiana is the chicken meatballs. These were in a korma type sauce with breast pieces as well. So moist, tender, and fluffy. I’ve never had meatballs like this before, but man, they are so flavorful and good!

I also had the tandoori chicken – they put lots of onion slices with it – so good. Tasty palak paneer. And the hummus? Delightfully lemony and smooth as can be – it’s a treat to eat with the hot and fluffy naan. Don’t even ask how much naan I had because the answer is “several basketfuls”.

Oh Aashiana, you’re my favorite lunch buffet in the area. So good. So, so good. Lots of options, and everything tastes so fresh.

BTW, was it just me, or was the cake a semolina cake?

The Profussor’s kiddos were really well behaved and cute. I’ve never seen a baby fuss over getting more beans. I mean, cake, sure, but beans? Woah! Aashiana is totally kid-friendly, if not kid-loving.

(Aashiana is located at 31 Central Ave, Albany, NY 12210)

7 thoughts on “Aashiana with Friends”

  1. Agreed, Aashiana is a very friendly place with excellent food value even through the couple of price hikes they've had since opening. And the owner always remembers me, even if it's been a while. I believe his name is Saleem, though 🙂

  2. “perennially positively predisposed”…yep, that adequately and alliteratively sums him up!
    all the dishes you described sound like things i'd really enjoy–i had no idea there were such offerings. note to self–do the lunch buffet!!

  3. O – Doof! Thanks for catching that. I kept thinking and reading 'Saleem'. Don't know how I goofed that one up.

    JMP – Stinkin' work. Next time!

    Grace – aw man, I gotta connect with you IRL one of these days!

  4. I like the idea of meeting up IRL with Grace and the rest of the regulars.

    Maybe this is the next tour of food. Going around to the various Indian lunch buffets?

    Perhaps if the lunch itself is “work” we can get JMP to play hooky and eat. Minus the naan, natch.

  5. So happy to see this post and see the word about Aashiana and the wonderful Saleem spread. I try to make that buffet every week – it's a great value and totally delicious every time I go.

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