$5 off $20 Kraft Purchases at Hannaford

Here’s an online only coupon from Hannaford. It’s for some Kraft products. $5 off $20. I generally buy generic, but with the holidays coming up, it might come in handy. If you’re like me and have a knack for calculating and getting close to the $20 requirement, you’re looking at a 25% off coupon.

I’ll admit, I’ve got a weakness for Nutter Butters. So peanuty! And Lorna Doones don’t sound half bad for a cheesecake base. I imagine they’d save me some time and money when baking cheesecake. I usually bake shortbread the day before, and trust me – I use plenty of butter.

Just looking at their online flyer, here are some items you can buy:

Maxwell House Coffee – $5.99, 31.5-34.5 oz

Triscuit and Wheat Thins – 2/$4, 7-10 oz

Nabisco Nilla Wafers – $2.99, 11-12 oz

Kraft Shredded Cheese – $2.69, 5-8 oz

Jell-O Pudding – 5/$5, 2.1 oz sugar-free, 4.6-5.9 oz regular

Stove Top Stuffing Mix – $0.89, 6 oz

Here are the products you can use the coupon on: (I just copied it off of the coupon. It’s a PDF in case you don’t feel like clicking on the link)

save $5 when you buy $20 in participating KRAFT products listed below

KRAFT Natural Cheese (Shredded, Crumbles or Stick, 7-16 oz.), Grated Parmesan Cheese (3-8 oz), Macaroni & Cheese Crackers (1.5-8 oz.), PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese (Brick or Tub, 3-16 oz.), CRACKER BARREL Cheese (Cuts or Sticks, 6.3-10 oz.), COOL WHIP Whipped Topping (Can or Tub, 6-12 oz.), JELL-O Desserts (gelatin, instant pudding & pie filling, cheesecake snacks and no bake desserts, .3-21.4 oz.), MAXWELL HOUSE Coffee (5.3-34.5 oz.), PLANTERS Nuts (6-32.5 oz.), STOVE TOP Stuffing Mix (6-12 oz.), BAKER’S Baking Products (4-8 oz.), EASY CHEESE Pasteurized Process Cheese Spread (8 oz.), OREO Cookies (Fun Stix, Fudgees and Cakesters, 1.25-52.5 oz.), NABISCO Snack Sak (5.5-8 oz.), 12-Packs (12 oz.), Mini Tray Packs (15 oz.), Toasted Chips (8.1 oz.), 100 CALORIE PACKS (4.25-9.72 oz. and 6-ct.), NABISCO Cookies (Famous Chocolate Wafers, 9 oz., Ginger Snaps, 16 oz., CHIPS AHOY! 10.2-16.7 oz., TEDDY GRAHAMS, 8-10 oz., FIG NEWTONS, 8-25.2 oz., NILLA Wafers, 11-12 oz., HONEY MAID, 14.4 oz., LORNA DOONE, 10 oz., MALLOMARS, 8 oz., PINWHEELS, 12 oz., NUTTER BUTTER, 10.5-22.8 oz., CAMEO, 16 oz., SNACKWELL’S, 6.75-20.4 oz.) and NABISCO Crackers (Arrow Root and Social Tea Biscuits, 12.3 oz., RITZ and SOCIABLES, 8-40 oz., TRISCUIT and WHEAT THINS, 5.5-16.3 oz., PREMIUM, 8-32 oz., WHEATSWORTH 11.5 oz., CHEESE NIPS, 11.7-12 oz., RITZ BITS Cracker Sandwiches, 2-15 oz., BETTER CHEDDARS, 7 oz., CHICKEN IN A BISKET, 8 oz.)

P.S. – Boiling onions are 10 cents a pound cheaper at the Co-Op. $1.39/lb versus Hannaford’s $1.49.

I also take issue with their butter comparison pricing in their flyer – They say their butter has been at a steady $1.99 per pound since August. Maybe that is overall, but where I’ve been shopping it’s been $2.19 per pound. I think it’s on sale for $1.75 now though.

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