Grilling It Up with R


Went on over to Miss R‘s place where her and M were breaking out the grill. The plate is full of miso marinated wings. Holy moly, those were good. Decimated those suckers really quickly! R, you need to do a post on that marinade. Like, immediately.


Big ole bowl of pasta salad! Mozzarella, tomatoes, yum!


Chap chae! Goodness, this was awesome. It was R’s first time making the noodles and they came out PERFECTLY bouncy and chewy. Albany John and I have hit-or-miss luck with sweet potato noodles. So R, now every time I want sweet potato noodles I’m gonna be hitting you up.


Mini weenies! I love snappy casings. How can you not have a hot dog with a snappy case?


Uh… I ate a lot of this. So good.


I also had a leftover pineapple hanging around and it was getting near the end of its viable life, so pineapple upside down cake it became! I used King Arthur AP flour, so I think the cake was a little tougher than I’d prefer. Next time I will probably use actual cake flour. But when half of the cake is soaked in sugar-butter, well, it’s easy to overlook.

Muddady Flats


Albany John is really starting to become Troyalty. He has really embraced our across-the-river neighbor city as his own. One of his favorite quick and cheap places for food is Muddady Flats on Fulton Street. They mainly make quesadillas, but they also make some awesome brookies ($0.75 – a dollop of cookie dough baked into a brownie bite) which make for a  fantastic appetizer to wolf down while waiting for your quesadilla to be made.

Albany John, R, & I went here for something to eat during the Troy Food Truck Festival in the afternoon (it turned into a line-waiting game by the afternoon), and they were quick to get orders out.


We went with a coconut shrimp quesadilla. Tasty stuff. Do you have foods that you normally don’t buy? Like, I always think “A quesadilla? I can make that at home, why am I gonna pay $9.00 for that?” but man, this was a good quesadilla, was priced well for what it was, and was a fairly filling snack for two people to split. Crispy exterior, melty & gooey interior, but not too messy. I think this was $7.25 because of the shrimp, but most of Muddaddy Flats’ Menu hovers in the $6.50 area.

North Country Day


One of my girlfriends and I took a day trip to Glens Falls. On our way north, we stopped at SPoT Coffee in Saratoga Springs. It’s fairly quiet on a weekday morning, and parking on the street was easy to find. She was raving about SPoT, because it was a highlight for her whenever she goes to Buffalo, so she was happy to see that there was one nearby.
Eh, coffee was fine in that it was coffee and didn’t have any sour notes. I got the scone, which was fairly forgettable and dry.


First stop, the Falls in Glens Falls!


Top of the falls. Then it was time for important schtuff. Like lunch. At the Chocolate Mill.


Ham & Cheese croissant was sufficiently flaky and crisp on the exterior.


And deliciously fluffy and tendered on the interior. Buttery goodness.


Dessert time! a layer cake on the left with (okay, but kind of gummy), and truffles on the right. PB&J, Key Lime, and I forget the last one we had, but they were all good. Especially the PB & J!

Then we wandered up to Oscar’s Smokehouse for some meat sticks (for her) and pickles (for me).  On our way back we hit up the Whistling Kettle in Ballston Spa. We were the youngest in there by decades.


There was a sniffing bar in the very front, which I somehow missed upon entry, but found on the way out. No rush from the staff. About $3.50 for a pot of tea. It was okay, but I thought prices were a bit on the high side for the location and goods, although let’s argue that it’s because there’s no rush, so you pay a bit more to linger as much as you want.

Non Food, But Awesome T-Shirt Plug

One of my artistic chums has a T-Shirt up for sale on My Main Man Pat. It’s one of those sites that pits 2 shirt designs against each other, and the one with the most purchases wins. Mi amiga Sheila Burnham has made this rocking shirt: Good Soul NujabesShe’s been a fan of the site and was tickled pink when a design she submitted was accepted!

She was inspired by the works of the late Japanese DJ and producer Nujabes.  A car accident in Tokyo claimed his life at the far-too-young age of 36, but he lives on through his musical creations.  As the artist  states “The water ripples mimic the sound waves of beats from a speaker, and water is the symbol of flowing, adaptation and change in Japanese culture.”

Shirts are available for purchase until May 26th.

My Bod Pod Experience


I’ve been exercising lately, and I was getting frustrated with not knowing what my approximate daily caloric expenditure was per day. How do I know how many calories I really need to eat or burn every day? I tend to exercise a decent amount, and I wanted to make sure I was eating enough (or not too much) to achieve my fitness goals.

I went to Albany Medical Center for a Bod Pod test. A Bod Pod uses air displacement to check your resting metabolic rate, and an estimate of daily energy expenditure.

In order for the Bod Pod to get an accurate reading, you cannot eat or drink anything at least 2 hours before testing. I woke up early, had some whey protein, and then went about my day. I had scheduled my appointment for late morning, and had received an auto-confirm call a few days earlier from Albany Med with the time and date.

This is located in Albany Med’s Endocrinology/Metabolic/Diabetic department on 25 Hacket Blvd. When you first walk into the building, it just seems like you’re walking into a diabetes management clinic (in case you get worried that you’re in the wrong place, you’re not). There was a long line, and it took a while to get up there.
Once I made it to the desk a few minutes after my scheduled appointment time (yes, that’s how long the wait was), they informed me that no one scheduled the Bod Pod calendar with the technician’s calendar, so they were still waiting for the Bod Pod to warm up and calibrate, which takes about 45 minutes. I was fairly upset at this news, because I’d scheduled my morning around the Bod Pod test, and was REALLY freaking hungry by the time I’d gotten in. They didn’t call to let me know that they were running late even though they had my phone number, and the tech was fairly unapologetic about it at first “Well, you can reschedule and cancel it now or wait 20 or so minutes.”. The receptionist was rather apologetic and mentioned that it was unprofessional, yet seems to happen a lot. Don’t worry, they still charged me the $60 to get tested, though.

20 minutes turned into 40 (which seems like eons when all you’ve  was some whey protein and water four hours earlier), and then I was eventually called in to the Bod Pod room and to change. It’s just one small office room (pictured above). You put on your swimsuit and a swim cap (that they oh-so-generously provide) and step on the square scale on the left. Then you go in the Bod Pod, and it feels kind of like cabin pressure while the test is run. That’s about it. Nothing too fancy on the test subject’s end.

The technician was later a bit more apologetic after being fairly dismissive initially. She said she was upset by the scheduling error, and was telling her supervisors that it was a problem because this happens so often. The person who told me about her Bod Pod experience also said that she experienced a long delay/scheduling error, so it seems like this happens with some frequency.

My RMR was calculated at 1499. So if I just slept all day or laid in bed all day, then that is how many calories I would need to maintain my sexy physique.

So, I would recommend going to Albany Med’s Bod Pod if you would like to know exactly what your RMR is so you have a baseline idea. I was wondering if my metabolism was freakishly slow (it’s definitely not fast), so it was nice to have it checked so I have some inkling about how much I’m burning on a daily basis. HOWEVER, it turns out my measured $60 RMR was nearly identical to the one calculated by Calories Per Hour’s RMR calculator. For free. On the internet. In seconds. So if you aren’t as jazzed to know your own exact RMR, I’d save the $60 and time and just use the Calories Per Hour calculator.

At any rate, now that I have this info at hand, I have a better idea about how many calories per day I should eat.

Yeh Yeh’s Funeral (The Way He’d Want It – Lots of Food)

Don’t Worry – this post is only contains pictures of the food we ate and written things we did for Yeh-Yeh’s funeral service.


Albany John & I drove down for the service. My lovely sib-in-laws, Maka & CVS, were nice enough to let us stay with them. We drove down late on a Friday night, so that I could be at the airport to pick up my sister, who was flying in from Seattle.

Once I picked her up, we went to the YehYeh’s condo in Flushing. The parking god must have smiled on me for driving late at night and waking up early to pick up my sister from the airport, because I found (free!) street parking almost instantly. In Flushing. On a weekend. My poor sister was sick, and the flight didn’t help, so she napped in the condo while I went out to lunch at Jin Cheng with my dad and Aunties.

Jin Cheng is stupid close to the condo, and it has free parking, so it’s in my family’s roster of restaurants to go to. And guess what? They actually serve a good lunch. Unlike the rest of Flushing, Jin Cheng was pretty quiet, not even half full. The meal was miles better than when I’ve been for dinner or Chinese New Year. They really can’t handle a crowd.

Seafood Congee up top. Light & gingery. I didn’t mind a bowl.


I requested we get a plate of black bean squid. Good wok hei on the squid. Bleh to the peppers.


Beef and gai lan. Very tender beef, also with good wok hei.


Oop, sorry, this was chicken with hard chives cut long. Tasty stuff. I bought more chives to cook with at home shortly after this.

We hung around and just talked for a while. It’s just a whole other transition, a new step in life, to process with Yeh Yeh passing.


We went to San Soo Kap San for dinner with my uncle, aunt & her husband/my uncle, and one of my cousins.  That dish with the red strip in the right bottom corner on the big plate? Raw squid. It was soooo freaking good! They only gave 1 plate of it as ban chan, and probably for good reason (I could have eaten about 10 of these). The rest of the banchan spread was also pretty impressive – fresh tofu, konjac (I think…) kimchee, cucumbers, small fish, pickled parsnips (MY JAM!), turnips. So much tastiness.


One bubbling bowl of scrambled egg ban chan. Very delicate – like a savory custard.


They grill all of the meat for you. Kind of expensive – most dishes hover around $30! Yikes! You can see tongue above. Thin rounds. Tasty.


Pork Belly! Yeah!


Galbi! We got two orders. My other cousin’s girlfriend is Korean and she said you don’t normally get 2 orders of the same thing, traditionally. My cousin said his parents know and do it any way, lol. I can’t argue, that galbi was great. Meaty, juicy, had that nice galbi marinade.


I think we got some other kind of sliced beef, too.


I still felt like eating my feelings after dinner, so my dad and I went to Tous Les Jours for some dessert. I was up for anything, but my dad says after going to Korea for a few months last year, he prefers Korean bakeries over Chinese ones because they have better quality ingredients & products, and are more innovative in what they make.

I think they are kind of expensive, but they are also the only bakeries open after 6/7 PM in Flushing. All of the Chinese ones close by then. There’s also a Paris Bakery nearby in downtown Flushing (that you can see from Tous les Jours) and is also open late.

I went for a black sesame doughnut and a cream cheese filled danish.


My dad got a blueberry cheesecake.


All sliced up:
Black sesame doughnut – mochi dough was chewy and kind of odd at first, then an addictive texure. Not too sweet.
Blueberry cheesecake – Asian cheesecake. Fluffy and cake-like.
Cream cheese danish – rich, rich rich, and crispy pastry exterior. Indulgent, but really good.

And like that, I was down with the more expensive Korean bakeries. Good stuff, and different than what the Chinese bakeries sell in Flushing.

Saturday I went to Flushing not knowing when I was going to leave. I wound up spending the whole day there & taking the subway back to Forest Hills. I was really happy to have late night public transportation – I wouldn’t have been able to drive, I was so sleepy!

The next morning we got up and ready to go to the funeral home for the Chinese equivalent of a wake.

Mama & Papa John had come in and were staying near the funeral home. We went out there to grab an late dim sum at … some place in Manhattan Chinatown. My bad, I forget the name. I was trying not to spill anything on my clothes and get to the funeral home on time (Thanks for lunch, Mama & Papa John!).


Someone brought treats to the funeral home. Dan tats. Okay, I will have one. Still warm. Yum. Yeh Yeh. Sigh.

And we went in. It was a traditional Buddhist Chinese funeral, even though we’re not really religious. We folded lots of coins out of paper – that was pretty nice – having something to do with your hands at all times. These were burned as offerings. Although my cousins & I were smartasses and couldn’t help but jokingly bemoan how stereotypical it was to have origami at an Asian funeral, or how we were doing arts & crafts.
Showing emotion/sadness was discouraged, and certain curious circumstances before the funeral helped prepare me for this, although, really, I’d been fairly emotionally detached up until then, so I don’t think crying would have been all too much of an issue any way.

Two Buddhist Monks came in and read a chant. We thought it would just be for a few minutes, but it ended up being about 45 minutes. It wound up being very soothing. Albany John was sweet and took a video of it all for my brother, who couldn’t make it. I think he will really appreciate the monks’ chant.

The service was also bilingual, for us ABCs who don’t understand Cantonese. I’m thankful for that, so I could still participate and understand what was going on without feeling ashamed about my lack of Cantonese.

After the funeral, the sons (my dad & uncle) took all of the remaining guests out for dinner at a nearby restaurant on Mott Street. Eh, food was okay, but Manhattan Chinatown is mostly for tourists now.



This was “special” chicken, in that it tasted like they steamed it one day not quite all the way, and then served it the next day. :X


Salt & pepper pork – okay, this was good.



Gummy lobster. Didn’t even finish it. My dad tried it and agreed. His table’s was good, though.


I always forget how absurd banquet food seems to people who didn’t grow up with it.


After this, we all went our respective ways. Albany John had to get back to Albany that night, so he took a train back.

The next day was the burial. We woke up early to get to the funeral home. Some more traditions/rituals that I didn’t quite understand. Drive to the graveyard, where YehYeh was buried next to Grandma.

Once Yeh-Yeh was buried, we went to one of his favorite restaurants in Flushing – Mellie’s. Another traditional post-service meal.


Sticky Rice with lobster, sweet & sour pork, some soup.



Then I spent the day hanging out with my cousins & sister at my Aunt & Uncle’s place just outside of Flushing. That was great. I haven’t done that since I was a kid. Just spend a few hours hanging out, watching TV, chatting. My sister was all about mahjong. We got Caribbean food & pizza for dinner.

I went back to Forest Hills for one last night with CVS & Maka. Maka took me with her to work in the morning. It was kind of like the world of tomorrow. How did it take me so long to visit this place? There were also snacks everywhere, so I left well fed & caffeinated on my way to Flushing to hang out with my Dad & head back to Albany with my sister.

My Dad and I decided to go out and try a bunch of food from all of the places in Flushing. My sister tagged along for the com First up:


My Sweet Home Dumpling on Roosevelt for 10 tasty dumplings. Freshly made to order (including the dough rolled out!). So good, and under $5.00


Then we walked to the underground food mall on Main Street. You know, the one past Starbucks? Any way, we hit up NY Lan Zhou La Mian. The guy at the stall evidently was asking my dad if my sister & I were single, and my dad quickly responded in the affirmative, haha (my sister is single).


There’s one long folding table and some low stools near the menu board.


Dad went with oxtail noodle soup. He loves oxtails, and I can’t seem to get enough of them, either. The broth was very flavorful, and came with a few pieces of baby bok choy.


Hand pulled noodles were great! Springy chew, flavorful, and went well with the oxtails and broth. The bowl was enormous, and there were hot sauce condiments aplenty on the table. Dad let me spike the broth near the end when he was done with the soup. Yeah!


Then we walked off our gluttony a little more around the edge of downtown Flushing. My Dad saw Forest House, and “Hong Kong Milk Tea” on the sign and wanted to go in.


My Dad said he hadn’t had Hong Kong style Milk Tea in the US, and the difference between this and other Milk Teas you get is that they steep the tea for longer. He said in Hong Kong when he was growing up, the really legit places would strain the tea through a silk stocking.

It took a few minutes for this to come out, but boy was it good! Now I want Hong Kong Milk Tea ALL OF THE TIME – it makes other milk teas look weak and too creamy by comparison. There was a nice bitterness to contrast all of that dairy, and the bottom of the cup had some tea leaves (in Flushing Chinatown it’s usually a teabag in coffee + cream, and it’s not steeped for very long).

Our mini food tour was a nice segue into leaving (fat and fairly happy). There are plenty of things to think about when one of your loved ones passes. I’m lucky to have been able to connect with my Yeh-Yeh. I was still a kid when my other grandparents passed, and I didn’t get to know them as well.

Brunch at City Beer Hall



I think I could have renamed April “City Beer Hall Month”. I think I was there at least once a week, every week.

City Beer Hall‘s bloody Mary has made me a savory cocktail convert. This punches up some heat with a hearty does of horseradish. Albany John and I were part of a large brunch group to celebrate friend’s birthday. I originally ordered a bellini, but when I saw how good someone else’s Bloody Mary looked I asked Albany John to order one with his brunch (he likes Bloody Marys), and after I took a sip I was in love!



So their brunches come with coffee & juice/boozy cocktail. I went with a Last Rights for $15. Most of their other brunch plates are $13, but hey, $3 for meaty, meat, meat? I’ll go for that. It was a lot smaller of a portion of meat than I thought it would be – smaller than my palm. The home fries/potatoes were deep fried, light, & crunchy on the outside. Eggs were okay, but I forgot to ask for how I wanted them, so they were brought out scrambled. Salad was a little sad – limp and brown romaine.

Our server was incredibly nice, but probably could have corralled the table a bit better in terms of how to pace the meal and get everyone out quicker (why did I bother getting here on time if we’re going to wait until the last person gets here an hour and fifteen minutes late?). I think I must be the only person that doesn’t want to linger over brunch, or make it some lengthy affair. But man do I love how often they refill the coffee at City Beer Hall.

San Diego


After Albany John and I went to San Francisco , I cut off to San Diego for a little solo trip while he came back for some previous commitments. I like that we can take separate vacations from each other and aren’t joined at the hip all of the time. My camera also ate it while I was in SF, so all of my pictures from here on out are on my phone. So, not great, but they’re something.

Any way, shortly after I got off the commuter plane to SD, I met up with Albany John’s Uncle and his new fam for dinner. (Side note: we kind of forgot that they lived in San Diego (because we are evidently really bad relatives) until after we made plans, so only I met up with them and they really missed him. yeah. really bad relatives). But they are really good and nice relatives, and my new auntie took us all out for dinner at a place in Old Town that makes fresh tortillas. 


See? Ladies making tortillas. 


Queso fundido app. 


Tortillas were okay, but kind of meh and heavy. 


I got some pork, beans, and guac. Hearty stuff, lol. It was great to spend time with more family. Maybe this is weird of me, I don’t know, but I like being around people when I’m bad at expressing my feelings. Yeh-Yeh was not doing well at this point, and I’m not one to say it to family I haven’t seen in a while. I just don’t want to be “that guy” being mopey or having people think I’m trying to get attention because of my sick grandpa. Or just making things awkward with sad subjects. Besides, he wouldn’t want a big deal about that any way. But when times are tough it’s nice just to be around people you like, you know? Reconnecting/connecting and all. I spent several hours with them at their house, too. They have an orange and lemon tree right in their backyard! They smelled so good!


Left to wander San Diego on my own (I was staying downtown), I ended up making foods I can’t get here in Albany a priority. Hello, Pho Express! My gosh, this place was awesome and I’d give a kidney for something like it in Albany. This was a small pho Tai, which is supposed to be rare beef. It was piping hot and basically cooked all the way through by the time I got it, but oh my gosh, still so freaking good. It was $6.25 and came with the side of Thai basil, lime, jalapenos, and bean sprouts that I tossed in the soup. There’s a condiment bar on each table, too. Great flavorful broth alone. And the noodles were vermicelli & flat rice noodles. Cool texture. 

I got the shrimp rolls, too. They were the shrimp pounded with a bit of sugar and then grilled. 


I think regular shrimp might have been better than this, but just marginally. Can I please have fresh rice rolls like this? So refreshing. The peanut dipping sauce on the side was also the bomb. I was so full after eating all of this. Because no way was I leaving any of it behind. Although to be honest, it would have been enough to split with another person. So much!


This new donut bar just opened.


Vanilla bean glazed twist doughnut. Eh, just okay. On par with Bella Napoli in Troy. 



All of that pho = afternoon walkies. Cool effect to walk on a sidewalk between water.



Walked down to North Embarcadero park. 


Sadly I did not get to try any of my delicious neighbors.


Looking at South Embarcadero.


Walking into the tourist section. There were a lot of chain restaurants here. Old Spaghetti Factory, Chili’s. They all had hosts outside kind of hawking for people to come in. Interesting. 


And then I walked to a Grocery Outlet. Oh man do I love grocery store tourism. Forget a magnet, I wanna see what’s on your shelves. 


BOXED WINE FOR $5.99. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I cannot even fathom these prices. And they had Unjunked candy bars for $3 for 12. I may have bought a box. And ate a lot of them.


After a good afternoon & evening of walkies, I wound up by J. Wok for some Asian tapas fusion. 


I got a few small plates: Shrimp with lemongrass salad, papaya salad, and kalbi. Dinner was like, $13 with tax! I thought I would want to eat more, but these were good portions of food and I left feeling quite sated. 

The shrimp w/lemongrass salad had a hearty dose of sprouts and a light hand on the dressing. Papaya salad = refreshing and YUM! Galbi – how can you not like galbi, especially when it’s got a bit of char on it. 


I walked on down to Crunch Time because I heard they make their own ice cream.


Peanut butter ice cream with some caramel sauce. Caramel sauce was pre-made and too saccharine. Albany John’s caramel is way better. The ice cream was okay but melted really quickly (it wasn’t really hot) and I think we have better homemade ice cream in the Cap Region. This was also crazy expensive. Like, over $5 for a small ice cream. 


The next day I woke up ready for more walking. I never did make it out of downtown, but there’s so much to do and see down there. Like the Chinese benevolence center, which was mainly a bunch of grandparents playing mah jong. 


It was right next to the cultural museum that I peeked into, but then kept on walking. Maybe next time. It was pretty small. 


More walkies into the south Embarcadero! I liked these things. Reminded me of the moving art sculpture at RPI. 


IMG_20130403_131950 IMG_20130403_133057 IMG_20130403_133102


The south embarcadero featured more homeless people and a fishing pier. No homeless folks ever hassled me in all of my walking, though.



I liked this! How cute!


This is the bridge for crossing the main road to the South Embarcadero. 


And the view of the city. The other side is the more industrial port.


I walked a little more to Rolando’s Taco Shop.



Shrimp burrito & a fish taco! The fish taco was piled high with cabbage. I really liked the fish taco! It was only $1.50



The burrito was like $7.50 and CHOCK FULL OF SHRIMP. And cheese. And it worked. I ate half of it easily, but the 2nd half I wound up picking the shrimp out and eating the burrito skin. So good, but SO. MUCH. FOOD. My stomach just cannot.




My uncle & auntie wanted to hang more, so we drove around to the beach. Nice beach. Next time I will bring swim wear. Or find a beach where I don’t have to worry about forgetting a suit, lol. 



Dinner time was, you guessed it, more walking to Gaijin Noodle. Is it weird that I was all about these Asian fusion restaurants in San Diego? We just don’t have anything like it up in Albany, so I kind of wanted to get my fill of any and everything I can’t get normally. 


The bartender greeted me as soon as I walked in and invited me to sit at the bar so he could keep me company. Aw, sweet gesture even though I’m very comfortable by myself.
I ordered one of their shaved ice cocktails ($9), which was cherry syrup, chocolate pocky, and a side shot of sake to pour over. They put the cone in a cup with a wee spoon, so it makes for hands free drinking/consuming. I am super uncoordinated, so I wound up pouring about half of the sake on the counter. Whoops. Still tasty, though. It helped offset my meal, which wound up being EVERYTHING SPICY on them small dish menu. Even better, the bartender comped my drink at the end for whatever reason (I would hope my general awesomeness, but probably the pity comp for a single lady dining alone)

Yellowtail poke with purple potato cups on the bottom (with spicy togarashi dashed across!), a freebie salad on the left, and blistered shisito peppers sprinkles with more togarashi on the left. Oh man, I am all about shisito peppers now. They pack a punch, but nothing I can’t handle. Really enjoyable heat. 


Fire chicken wings. Slathered in a spicy sauce with peanuts, the skin was cooked non-crispy style, so it was okay, but I think it would have put them on another level if they crisped the skin just a bit.


I walked back to Pho Express for lunch on my last day. Papaya salad with shrimp. Oh man, I fell in love with papaya salad while I was in San Diego. I tried recreating it at home with absolutely no success. But this. Oh, this was great.


Crunchy green papaya in a tangy-tart sauce (it didn’t reek of fish sauce), and a whole bunch of crunchy crushed peanuts and sliced shrimp. How can anyone not love this? One of my favorite things about San Diego was that I got to eat seafood every day I was there. Albany Jane, depleting the oceans one bite at a time.


I grabbed a banh mi for a snack at the airport. It was like $4. Very reasonably priced. About 1.5 Albany Jane hands long. 


The bread was so great! Crispy on the outside & pillowy-soft on the inside. Beat the pants off of any $5 foot-long or any other airport snack option. 

IMG_20130404_132846Chock full of pickled carrots + daikon, cilantro, cucumber, porky pate, and a schmear of inoffensive mayo. 

Oh San Diego. I can’t wait to go back to you. With Albany John the next time. You weren’t as friendly as San Francisco, but holy cow were you full of so many tasty and dirt cheap eats. 


Eat Tasty Foods & Exercise

So, I used to hate exercise. The past couple of years I’ve been more and more enthusiastic about exercise, and I think it’s neat how my diet has changed along with my exercise habits.

The more I exercise, the more I tend to crave foods that are… well, pretty good for the body. More meats and veggies, less fruit and processed crap. Overall, I think probably eat a fairly paleo diet lately (maybe 70%). Don’t get me wrong, I still freaking love cookies and pizza, but my bread lust has gone down significantly.

At any rate, consider this a heads up to expect some fitness-related posts and healthier menus here on Albany Eats! After almost 10 years, it’s time to start shaking things up a bit.

Albany Jane