Defazio’s Pizza

I love you.

I absolutely love DeFazio’s pizza.

After driving all around Rensselaer county, we settled on DeFazio’s for pizza. Actually, we initially stopped off at Jack’s Drive Inn in Wynantskill for burgers, fries and a shake. Jack’s didn’t cut it for dinner, so I drove over to DeFazio’s, which is always a winner.

DeFazio’s now has organic whole wheat crust. Omg, it is heavenly and still very light and fluffy.

We got the small smoked mozzarella pizza ($13.95) with the whole wheat dough and no red peppers. I’m not sure if it cost extra for the whole wheat dough. Our total was just under $18, but Albany John also got a Jones Soda, so it might not have cost extra. If it did, it wasn’t very much.

While we were waiting for our pizza to pop out of the oven, I went next door to De Fazio’s market/store. I found a tasty San Pellegrino orange spritzer type drink. Think Italian orangina. It was really refreshing and tasted like oranges. It cost $1.50.
I also had a nice talk with the man behind the counter. He said the smoked mozzarella is one of their most popular pizzas, and really touted the whole wheat dough. I’d mentioned to him about how I’d gone to Bacchus, and that it’d made me decide that if I wanted wood fired pizza, I’d be sticking with DeFazio’s. That seemed to make him happy. God, I love DeFazio’s. Everything from the crumb of their bread to the perfect char to the wonderfully heavy handed doling of cheese… oh it’s perfection.

And don’t forget – it’s cash only and you can only order whole pizzas; nothing by the slice.

And the take out – it didn’t really suffer, but I would still recommend getting your pizza served in the restaurant if it’s your first time. By the time we’d gotten home the crust was just a teensy bit soggy, but still had some crisp to it.
Actually, I have to confess. I was so hungry in the car that I made Albany John snap a picture while I was driving, and then we ate a slice at a red light.

Buy Me Things

Here’s a list of gift ideas for me. No, my celebrity status has not gone to my head (har har). Albany John is always asking me what I’d like for my birthday, our anniversary, and various other holidays in which giving me presents occurs. My usual answers are “I don’t know… anything Hello Kitty or… I don’t know, I’ll tell you later”. So he pinned me down, and now I figured I would post it here since I’m pretty sure it will go to his RSS feed.
But hey, you can feel free to buy me presents too. These could also make good ideas for the pseudo girly-girl in your life. But generally we girly-girls are pretty easy to handle – go to Sephora – buy something. Done.

Hair Sticks

Skirts – pencil length or A line in style. Black, brown or grey in color.

Dresses. Man I love me some pretty dresses. I could probably do with some light cotton ones for summer that aren’t all ’empire’ waist shaped and make me look all preggified.

Square neck tops

Stainless steel earrings. Just simple studs, so long as the posts are stainless steel based.

Underpants. Cause I’m sensible like that.

Unlocked cell phone. Preferably something flippy. I don’t need this toute de suite or anything, but eventually. Maybe.

Hello Kitty checkbook cover.

The recreation of this menu at Marche at State 74. It’s one I’m actually considering going to, but there’s a 50% chance I will have plans I cannot ditch (I would be a serious jack hole if I did) on 6/13, which is the only reason I haven’t already booked a reservation. Seriously, though… $85 for that duck-centric menu AND wines (wines that sound really good to a novice like me)? Sounds like a good deal. Hell, who am I kidding, it’s probably best I can’t/don’t go since I’m sure my spazzy ass would stick out like a sore, distracting thumb.
And after today’s publication i
n the Times Union, I’ll bet this sells out fairly quickly.
Hell, just the fourth and main courses – those are the dishes I’d really like to try. Mmmm, duckies. Albany John, you can get a-cheffing on those dishes!

Pearls Before Swine comic books.

Another makeup case… I think Albany John is going to kill me over this one, but I think need another makeup case… The last one he bought me is like this only without the dividers. I’m sure my continual belief that I need more eye shadow is not helping either.

Books by Anthony Bourdain.

Glass or metal perfume misters. I love, love, love the Demeter Fragrances (Golden Delicious Apple… very awesome, and coincidentally, I am running low on that too) and their $5 ½ ounce sample sizes are wonderful. Now I just need to put them into something so I’m not just dabbing it on my pulse points.

Demeter Fragrances. Oh, how I love Demeter. They nail just about every scent they touch. Their Golden Delicious smells so clean and happy, and I’d like to try more of them. $5 samples are a great way to get a variety of scents, plus they usually kick in a free full size sample after $25.

A slice of non-chocolated cheesecake from my beloved Cheesecake Machismo.

That’s all I can think of now, which is way more than I thought I could think of. Also, I don’t need all of these, or anything close to them, it’s just a good guideline of stuff I like.

School Lunches Got an A from Me

I was not raised a food snob.
I knew no cheese other than Velveeta until 3rd grade, when one of my close friends looked at me with a cocked head. This was after she decided to make omelets after a sleep over (which were another concept I needed explaining) and asked me what kind of cheese I wanted. The “kind” part threw me off, and she slowly, but exasperatingly explained that there are tons of cheeses out there, and they normally do not come in a 5-pound vacuum-sealed block. The cheddar on my egg whites that morning was good. It was also good to know, since I thought I didn’t like cheese. Velveeta will do that to you.

Clearly, there were foods I did not eat, or even hear uttered in my household as a kid.

When I was a kid, school lunches were a love ‘em or leave ‘em deal. Pizza? Yeck, I’d brown bag it. But there were days that were just wonderful, that I completely looked forward to since I never got them at home, or were just so good all in their own right.

Chicken a la king. I first got it because I’d forgotten my lunch, and was happily surprised I liked it.

Baked potato day. I have never, ever, even to this day seen potatoes as large and fluffy as the ones I got in high school.

Hot turkey sandwich day. One slice of white bread. Cover with two slices of processed turkey loaf meat, slather with powder-based gravy. Glob an ice cream scooper’s worth of instant mashed potatoes, and we’re all set. I also liked this one because the meat was never dry.

Enchiladas. You know they were now way authentic but cheese and tortilla are never wrong.

What were some of yours? Or maybe you didn’t like any of them, so what did you bring?

Did you hate some of them with a vengeance, or try to like them, but they were just awful?
I never much cared for the asian stir-fry they’d serve. Lots of bell peppers and other veggies, and I was never much of a vegetable person until a few years ago.
I always tried to like chef salads, or any kind of salad, really. The skinny kids always got them, and as I kid, I so desperately wanted to be one of them so every now and again I would order them. Again, the whole not liking veggies thing usually came back to bite me in the ass. I’d nibble on the square blocks of turkey, ham and processed cheese, but ultimately that would be about it, and then I’d toss it. After about 20 times, I just gave up on them.
Hot dogs – I have no idea what kind of meat was in there, but these always tasted… badly. I can’t describe the taste, other than ‘bad hot dog’ flavor.
So? Fess up – were you the kid who faithfully brown bagged it every day? The soda and candy bar eater? Or did you do something else entirely?

Bread and Beer

Brattleboro is not near King Arthur Flour’s Baker’s Store.

Normally I’m really good with directions, timing, etc. When I hear “meet at location X, and we’ll travel to location Y together” I tend to think that location Y is fairly close to location X, and is just tricky to get to.

So I had something stuck in my head that when Albany John’s parents wanted to meet up, and then travel to the King Arthur Flour Baker’s Shop, it would be kind of close. It wasn’t, but that was okay. I have no clue why, but I like to organize my day in my head, even if I have nothing going on except for one event. Like if I’m traveling to see family, I expect the drive to take a certain amount of time, I will arrive at a certain time, then there will be X hours to do other things with. I like my scheduling.
This drives Albany John absolutely nuts. He is the exact opposite. For him, he’ll leave when he feels like it, stay somewhere until he wants to leave, maybe linger over coffee, stop at a gas station and get more coffee, check out a cool shop along the side… it took a while for me to get used to.

Right. So. I was kind of shocked last minute when I looked up the location of King Arthur Flour in Vermont, trying to see if we should just meet up there. Basically, it meant 6 hours in the car. 6 hours is a bit much for me, but knowing ahead of time, I could handle it. So I grabbed some peanuts, Albany John filled up an old soda bottle of water, and off we went.

The Baker’s Store was chock full of baking goods. Flour, of course. We got there a bit late, though, and there was a burnt looking French bread loaf, and a few desserts. Albany John’s mom bought some of the remaining (and wildly expensive) desserts, as well as coffee for all of us. Um. Happy Mother’s Day?

An amaretti cookie that I passed on – I always think they’ll taste like licorice or fennel.

The cheesecake was $4. Four. Dollars. It was okay, but rather eggy. Kind of like those Jell-o instant cheesecakes. I think it costs me about $6 to make a 9-12 inch cheesecake, so $4 for a cutesy little circle blob was really pushing it. Hell, I didn’t even pay for it, but I think for $4, it should have been spectacular for the teensy amount given.

A coconut-dried apricot-shortbread concoction, which was buttery and good. How could it not be good when butter is involved? However, prices were out of whack, which really lowered the enjoyment factor, and pushed them into “Good, but could have been tastier were they not $1-2 more expensive than these wee treats should have been” category.

I did like the round, circular inside, though.

King Arthur Flour reminds me kind of like Pampered Chef, if the Pampered Chef were a store. Prices are kind of high ($12 for two egg poachers?), and Albany John’s dad and I agreed we would take our not-so-perfectly square sandwich bread over the $40-50 sandwich bread tin with cover. Eesh.

But, they did bring their game when it came to baking goods, like powdered eggs (whole, whites, or yolks), sugars, powdered milk, malt, powdered bread enhancers (gluten, malts, things I’ve never heard of!), and of course, flour.

After lounging outside with our drinks and snacks Albany John’s mom had so kindly purchased, flipping through King Arthur’s product magazine had given us a craving for Irish Red flour, inspired by their description of ‘hearty Irish brown breads’.

Afterwards, we went traipsing around Vermont looking for some place to eat. We wandered upon The Seven Barrel Brewery. I’m not sure exactly where it was, nor do I really care to look it up. I thought it was in Vermont, but evidently it’s just across the border in New Hampshire. Damn, we did a lot of driving! It’s not worth going back, at least for someone like me who has finally learned to drink beer, but doesn’t really have a palate for it. I’m also like that with soda. Sure, Coke and Pepsi taste different, but I like them both just as much as RC Cola, or the store brand. Same goes for beer. Keystone Light, Dos Equis Lager, Smutty Nose IPA? They’re all about the same to me. STOP SHAKING YOUR HEAD LIKE THAT!

But, Albany John and his parents are beer-o-philes. They love the stuff. They ordered a 6 flight beer tasting, ranging from a cream ale to a very dark beer. They had me try a few of them, but I wasn’t crazy about any of them. I ordered a cider, but they were all out of them. Boo.

After a while, we ordered some food. The server said he was only there one day a week, as he normally teaches, and service was slower than we were all used to. The place had one other table when we went in, a large party. A few other people came in, but nothing crazy. He was nice and all, though.

We got some teriyaki ‘wings’ as an appetizer, and I got a salad with my meal. I did enjoy the salad dressing – honey chili vinaigrette, or something similar to that. It had a nice kick to it and didn’t taste very heavy at all – the dressing had a similar consistency to water.
Salad was fine, just generic bagged salad mix and some croutons. The ‘wings’ were boneless, which we weren’t expecting and wasn’t stated on the menu, and not very plentiful… about 5-6 salty strips of chicken. They were okay, but… kind of bland, but very salty. I would have preferred a dozen regular wings.

I got a 6 ounce steak, rare, with garlic mashed potatoes and a veggie on the side for $10.50. Not too shabby on the price. The steak was about medium, but it was a small steak, and this is why I always order rare. Rare would basically have been impossible since they grilled it too. The char was nice, and gave a smoky flavor. The potatoes tasted like they came out of a freezer bag. Not good. The broccoli was surprisingly fresh, though.

Albany John ordered a special on the menu for Mother’s Day – a Portobello mushroom stuffed with prosciutto and other… things. Stuffing. It came with fries, too, which were really good. The only thing is, the Portobello mushroom was uncooked. Raw. Which kind of made it hard to eat. Our teacher-waiter was nowhere to be found for a while. We had gotten about 1/3-1/2 way done with the rest of our meals before we saw him and flagged him down. Someone from the kitchen had dropped our food off, so we were kind of surprised he didn’t stop by sooner to check on us. He was very polite when he did come over, and whisked it away to the kitchen. In the mean while, I fed Albany John bits of my steak. Dude, I’m not that bad. If it were lobster, he would have been out of luck, but I’ll share anything else.

When we were nearly finished with our meals, the Portobello comes back cooked, and the teacher-waiter explained that they had 2 mushrooms cooking at once, and they pulled one too early and gave him that one. Good to know it was a fluke. He also said it was taken off of the bill, which was nice, but unexpected. Albany John enjoyed his now cooked sandwich, and I snagged a bite – I liked the filling. I didn’t taste any prosciutto, but it didn’t taste floury and bready like a lot of stuffings can.

Overall, Albany John’s parents liked the beer part of it, but not really the food. I think that Brown’s Brewery in Troy, NY is way better. The food is better!

Then we got home and I decided I needed to make bread out of my Irish-Style wholemeal flour ($5.50). IRISH BREAD! MUST MAKE CARBY HAPPINESS NOW!
Once I read over the directions, I noticed… there’s no yeast. Hmm… Well, okay, I thought, Okay, I’ll try it. Plus I wouldn’t be up until 3 am rising and punching dough.

The dough was pretty wet, and long story short – it seemed like a biscuit dough, and came out exactly like Irish soda bread, only less sweet. It’s okay, but I am going to have to doctor this recipe up a bit into a heartier bread.

I also dropped it off of the baking stone when sliding it into the oven. Don’t ask. I am a klutz and just happy I didn’t burn my forearm again. The drop didn’t seem to hurt it (this is probably a good thing it wasn’t a yeast based bread, now), and it cooked up just fine.

Happy Birfday To Yew

Albany John had a birthday this year. I actually went ‘all out’ (for me) and planned a surprise party.

To those of you who know me, the fact that I was able to keep a party under wraps from the actual birthday boy (who I live with and see 24/7) was… shall we say, re-dizz-iculous.

Part one entailed having my awesome friend and neighbor stow away my crock pot and pork roast. Once she was on board, I went to Roma Prime Cuts & Produce in Latham, NY. (I keep calling them Roma Meats) They have all natural meats, similar to Cardona’s Market.
I was expecting higher prices. One of the last times I went there (about a year or two ago) I thought prices were pretty high, so I just went to Cardona’s Market on Delaware Ave in Albany, NY instead. But I was nicely surprised when I ordered a pork butt aka shoulder roast aka boston butt and the price was $2.99 per pound. I was expecting somewhere around $3.75-4.50 for their pork. Much cheaper than Cardona’s, but for some reason I still think I prefer Cardona’s. They didn’t have the roast when I walked in, but when I asked, they cut me a fresh one, and I walked out with 4.82 lbs of boneless pork roast.

With the pork roast safely stowed in Senorita Awesome’s fridge, I got the rest of my ingredients.

Oh, wait, hold up.

Parties need a theme, at least crazy, wonky, Albany Jane-ified surprise parties that happen once every 20 years.

The episode of South Park where they send the whale to the moon via the Mexican space program was our theme. If you have not seen that episode, go out and watch it – like most South Park episodes, it is hilarious.

One of Albany John’s friends told me that that was a theme with about 12 words more than he’s ever seen.

So in other words, it was Mexican themed, with some killer whales slapped up on the walls as well.
The day of his birthday, I picked up some Dos Equis beers, ice, and tequila. I told Albany John I’d forgotten the rest of the fixins for margaritas, so he had to go out and get them. It took forever and a day to get him actually out of the door, and our first guests arrived 5 minutes after he left.

Phew. I ran around a bit too much for that one, and I really neglected my hostess-ing of them, but they were awesome and understanding.
When Albany John walked in, he was really surprised and happy to see his friends (and half of Party City’s ‘fiesta’ aisle) in our place.

I made carnitas/pulled pork in the crock-pot. That was a lot of pork. With no measurements (because I made this in Senorita Awesome’s kitchen at hellabuttassearly in the morning so Albany John wouldn’t notice), here is a quick recipe:

1 pork shoulder roast, boneless
Adobo without pepper to rub all over roast
4-5 Japonais dried peppers
1 28 oz can of whole tomatoes
3 t tomato paste
1-2 t dried thyme
1 whole onion, diced
6 cloves garlic, minced

Directions: chuck in crock-pot on low, cook 10 hours.

Easy, peasy. It may not have been authentic carnitas, but Albany John would have known something was up if I brought home 3 different kinds of dried chili peppers.

On the whole, I think I should have used crushed tomatoes, but the whole ones were quite decorative. I also wished I had gotten the Adobo spice with cumin in it, to give it a little kick.
The roast gave off a TON of liquid. When I went to retrieve it after he left it had gone from 1 can of tomato liquid to being over half full. That’s a lot of rendering.

But the rendering was worth it – the pork was moist, flavorful, and not terribly fatty. Senorita Awesome and I slathered each other in porky goodness when she came up later. Cause we had a mountain of pork. Mountain of Pork!

I also liked Albany John’s cake, which I picked up from Bella Napoli for $7.95 (including tax!). It was a 2 layer vanilla cake with vanilla icing and rainbow sprinkles. Very good moist crumb, and the icing was nice and light. I didn’t pre-order it; I just walked in and bought the smallest cake I saw that didn’t have chocolate on it. Neither of us cares very much for chocolate. The good folks at Bella Napoli also wrote Happy Birthday on it, easy peasy.

We had quite a bit of leftover pork (and Dos Equis. And tequila.) which made wonderful quesadillas. I just used cheddar, pork and a little adobo. Yum.

Of Tulips and Sushi

I swear, I have had enough meat to last me a lifetime.

Tulip fest, why?

In sum:
$5 crappy ‘lemonade’ (sugar, plus 2 pieces of lemon. Ick. But better doctored with some spirits)
$5 bratwurst with onions and sauerkraut – good buy, nice bite to the casing.
$7 bag of Adirondack Kettle Corn that was over half of my height: always good, especially when fresh out of the popper. I may have eaten melted plastic coated popcorn kernels, but it’s all good.

I am very glad I ran into someone who helped Albany John and myself out with said enormous baggie of kettle corn. Dear god, I still ate half of it.

Black and White Years were an awesome band, and the Spin Doctors sounded great too. We chatted with the cutest couple during the Spin Doctors – it was nice to be around other people who were happy and just enjoying themselves.

My sombrero provided my pasty butt much needed shade; otherwise I’d probably be a lobster right about now, despite slathering myself in sunscreen.

Now that, maybe, was a lot to eat, but after drinking a gigantic spiked lemonade (hello, that’s half of the fun of fest-ing), more food sounded better. Albany John managed to wrangle me into… dun dun dun – SUSHI HOUSE.

Sushi House?! I have had issues with Sushi House’s quality, fish-wise. I have had orders of sushi come out two different colors (and we weren’t talking Rainbow roll, either). But after an afternoon of spiked lemonade, well, I am pretty malleable. I ordered ika massago($5.50), basically, battered and fried squid with massago on top – a bit greasy, but good. I also got the soft shell crab($6.50), which was also battered and fried. There were about 3 leg pieces and random vegetables. I was expecting, oh, a whole soft shell crab, but these leg pieces were very large and succulent. Basically, soft shell crab tempura with other tempura veggies. The veggies were a bit greasy, but the soft shell crab was very good.

And then since I am a glutton, I also got a sake (salmon) sushi roll for $3.25. Thank god, it came out one color, and a good one at that!

Albany John ordered the Lava Roll, which is tempura-ed sweet potato. It’s so big, though. I swear they keep making it bigger every time. He also got an Alaska roll, which was salmon, avocado, and cucumber.

I was also expecting a large post-Tulip Fest crowd. I went there a few years ago with my father after Tulip Fest, and it was a bit busy, but this year there really wasn’t a large crowd. There were 2-3 tables leaving when we got there, one large table, and 2 people at the sushi bar.

The sushi chef had a Bluetooth piece in his ear, which seemed really odd. I thought the flashing of the Bluetooth earpiece didn’t really go with the serene teahouse vibe going on at Sushi House. The service was also incredibly slow. We got one drink each, no refills, even though they were empty and sitting on the edge about halfway through our meal. It took about 15-20 minutes for our drinks, and then our server came over later on to take our orders. It honestly felt like we were there for hours the way she paced (or did not pace) things. She would just disappear or seemingly zone out. More of the disappearing than anything. Our appetizers came out and were sitting next to the sushi bar for about 15 minutes before the server brought them over. For fried things, this is not so good – fresher is better. Perhaps that is why they tasted a bit heavy. Our sushi was also done shortly after the apps, and those were brought out later. Maybe she was pacing us American-style, with apps first, but I’d really rather have sushi not sit on the side forever. In sum: slow, hard to find when needed.

However, slow-as-molasses service aside, I enjoyed my food. Sure, the rice on the sushi seemed a bit too smushy, but it was still okay. Better than before, to be sure. The massago was crunchy and popping against the fried squid, and I really enjoyed the taste and texture of the soft shell crab. Best of all, the salmon roll was simple and fresh. Prices, as before, are incredibly affordable. Perhaps I will go back to Sushi House. Perhaps.

And what did I do after we got home? Oh, I ate more of Albany John’s left over birthday cake (post on that… eventually) and birthday pork. And cheese. (Quesadillas).

The next day, Albany John and I met up with his parents and went to the King Arthur Flour Baker’s Store in Norwich, VT. If you are meeting people in Brattleboro, VT to ride together to the King Arthur Flour Baker’s Store, just FYI – it is not close to Brattleboro. It is an hour north. Holy crap, it is freaking far! Do not assume that meeting up will mean that it is close by, because that is a grave misconception, my friend.

Tulip Fest Begins

The grand opening ceremony to kick off festival season in Albany is starting tonight – TULIP FEST! Yes, it’s got some kind of history as a nod to Albany’s Dutch past, but what I know is that Washington Park gets lined up with food vendors (some of which are actually very good), and there’s live musicians. This year it’s the Spin Doctors! Score. I missed them when they were last in the area a few years ago, and I am excited to get to see them play. Tulip Fest doesn’t seem like their thing – you know, daylight. I always pictured them as an evening type band.

So I will most likely be at Washington Park tomorrow in all of my glory, stumbling through the grass with a sombrero on my head. The sombrero is a long story, but to cut it short – I bought the sombrero as a decoration and decided it would be perfect for a long day outside – it’s ventilated and has a wide brim perfect for keeping the sun off of my face.

Last year I went on Sunday, Mother’s Day and it was far too packed. I did not enjoy it at all – the crowd was so large that you could barely move at all and it was easy to get lost. At any rate, I suggest getting there early to find parking, because parking on a festival day is about as easy to find as a unicorn.
I also plan on heading over to Cheesecake Machismo for a slice of their heavenly cheesecake at some point – yum!


So just quickly – I went to Appletini’s Café for lunch one day when I was out running errands with Albany John.

It’s really bright and looks kind of chain-y, but I don’t think it is.

It was also really empty, which was a plus since we were running errands. Our waitress was really quick and friendly, if a bit flighty. Everyone seemed pretty laid back since the restaurant was not at all busy. There were maybe two or so other tables there.

Also, since we were running errands, I didn’t bring my camera. These pictures are what the leftovers look like after they’d been sitting in our fridge for a few hours. But I figured some pictures are better than no pictures. Also, it explains why all the cheese looks congealed.

I got a French dip sub for $6.99, and changed my side from chips to onion petals for $1.00. You know, because I’ve been on a health kick lately.
I was expecting Sysco quality, Applebee’s-like food here. Maybe it’s because the names sound so similar. The French dip was nothing spectacular, but I liked that about it. The jus that it came to dip with, however, was excellent. I think that “OK sub” plus “Amazingly great jus” equals very good.

Albany John ordered a white garlic pizza for $5.59. He got a white garlic pizza with broccoli for $6.99 instead. It wasn’t a biggie. He figured it was a sign from somewhere that he should at least pretend to be healthy.
It was pretty simple, and heavy on the cheese. It was basic cheapo Sysco-like cheese that was kind of chewy/rubbery and stretchy, but somehow, it worked in that I’m-eating-crappy-unhealthy-food kind of way. The broccoli wasn’t cooked to a mush, and had a nice bite to it.

I didn’t think I’d be blown away by the food from Appletini’s, so I think it was good I went in there not expecting a lot, but not expecting it to suck either (‘cause why would I go somewhere I was expecting to suck?). I think Appletini’s as a whole is greater than it’s parts. Food’s ok with some stand outs, but decent atmosphere, affordable prices… it just works. I also like the selection – there’s a lot of choices on the menu, but not too much. If there’s too many choices on the menu, then I get completely lost and need to spend forever and a day deciding from one choice or another.

Maybe I will come back here one night, since it seems like the nightlife is a-poppin’. The thing is though, that I don’t find myself in uptown Albany late at night. Maybe I’ll just stick with random lunches. I think Appletini’s will become my “Oh, yea, that place isn’t bad, but I never seem to go back there” kind of place. Just wait, I say this, and then I’ll be going there twice a week.