Cheesecake Machismo

This is a long overdue review of Cheesecake Machismo. Cheesecake Machismo is located in downtown Albany, NY on Hamilton Street. It’s kind of a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it for those of you who don’t pay attention to your surroundings like me.

There’s the Cheesecake pin-up girl in red. She’s just a picture, but I bet if they had a girl outside going “CHEESECAKE” dressed like the cartoon lady, they’d sell a lot of cheesecake to the state workers. Inside is a small and cozy vibe that smells of baking and deliciousness. There are lots of nice warm decorations, stuff to read, pictures of different kinds of cheesecakes in a book, and some space to sit if you choose to eat your cheesecake there.
Also on the wall is a chalkboard listing the daily cheesecakes. You can build your own cake, or you can get a piece for $5, PLUS a coffee, tea, seltzer or hot cocoa! For FIVE DOLLARS!!! If I were a state worker, I would be eating here EVERY single day, and that’s no joke. $5 for lunch is a steal!

Ok, I’m not healthy. I knooowwww.

On my most recent visit, I had a Kahlua Caramel slice. Oh. So. Good. It’s buttery, dense and rich, but it won’t make you sick to your stomach. It is real honest to goodness cheesecake. The Kahlua flavor was also very light, adding just a nice flavor of rich coffee to the cheesecake. Often times too many people think that since there’s liquor, people want a whole ton of it in there, and then you get that sharp, bitter taste of alcohol that’s out of place in a dish. Not here. Oh, no, baby. These are some perfect cakes.

Also, the people that are there are always really, wonderfully nice.

This is also a great place since everything is made there. So for those of you home bakers strapped for time, or like me, don’t feel like wolfing down an entire cheesecake every time you want a slice go here. Or, if you can’t bake worth a damn, but told that cute guy/gal, boss, the ladies in your bridge club, or anyone else you’re trying to fool that you can really make one mean cheesecake, come here!

I’d also like to note that Cheesecake Machismo’s hours have changed. They are now open Tuesday,Wednesday, Friday, Saturday from 12-8pm, and Th from 12-6pm. So, every day but Thursday, and they’re closed Sunday and Monday.

Now go get some cheesecake!