Chicken at Hannaford

Hey Ya’ll! I mentioned before how I was looking into the chicken at Hannaford. They are from the south, but that didn’t really help me. The nice people at Hannaford’s customer service helped me out, however, and gave me the sourcing info on their chicken:

The Natures Place Chicken comes from Fieldale Farms
The Hannaford Chicken comes from Mountaire Poultry

I haven’t come across any problems in the media with either kind of producers, however, if anyone has any info to the contrary, please speak up and let me know!

Boss Hog

The Rolling Stones have done an expose of sorts on Smithfield, the largest producer of pork and pig products. It seems they are severely polluting the environment and making all the people who live locally ill – very ill. Albany John has been mentioning something to me about this for a while now, and it was interesting to see it in The Rolling Stones.

Read the article and see how you feel.

I have to say, I’m not much of one to be an activist, or go “EVERYONE STOP EATING THIS NOW”. But I do think hearing about this has definitely changed the way I look at my purchases. I haven’t purchased Smithfield pork in a few months now. I’d rather spend a few more bucks and get something from the Troy Winter Farmers Market. I’m still not buying meat from the Co-Op since they charge an arm and a leg for it. But since I haven’t been getting out that much, I’ve been eating less meats; mainly more vegetarian fare and chicken at home. But I’m not a big fan of chicken, so I’ve been doing vegetarian food by proxy :p.


Gravlox is a Scandinavian delicacy made from cured, raw salmon. I figured I would try it since 1) I had never tried gravlox before, 2) smoked salmon is prohibitively expensive and 3) it’s kind of close to sashimi because there is no cooking involved.

I found a recipe on Cooking For Engineers and was relieved to see how easy it was to make at home with little fear of illness.

I picked up a nice fillet at Hannaford (thankfully they had some fresh looking pieces that week) and some dill at the Co-Op for $1.99 for a HUGE bunch that would have been great for about 3 pounds of salmon.

I kept the salmon in my fridge for a total of 4 days. I think I could have let it stay in only 2 days, as it was a bit too fishy for my tastes (and I really like the fishy!). I think I should have cut the salmon to an equal thickness. The smaller parts tasted great, but the thicker parts of the salmon weren’t so … good. Also – it’s really sweet! I think I probably would have just preferred a salt cured salmon.

Happy New Year!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted something Albany John and I have cooked up. I know, I know, you’ve been missing it all terribly.

Well! You are in for a treat!

This past New Years Eve our menu for three people included:

Boiled Shrimp

Deviled Eggs

Three Kinds of Sushi (shrimp and avocado, shrimp and fried scallop, and double shrimp)
Salt and Pepper Shrimp (heads on)and Scallops

I’d gotten the seafood in NYC on an earlier trip at an amazing price and froze them until I new year’s eve. I pretty much had to put a padded lock on the freezer for me not to eat them all.
The deviled eggs were the most time consuming thing to make, but they’re also incredibly easy, which is why I did it. I even tried my hand at piping the yolks in – not too shabby, eh?
I made the sushi myself, right down to the sushi rice. I went for the ‘all cooked’ option since I really don’t trust enough places in the area as far as freshness goes. But I’m getting my rolling technique down and the sushi is coming out really well!
Salt and Pepper shrimp and scallops are AMAZING! I had to enlist Albany John’s help in the frying department, since I tend to end up with hot oil all over myself. The batter I use is really simple. It’s a dry batter and based with cornstarch instead of flour. I’ve found that cornstarch really gives shrimp a good crisp bite. Simply mix cornstarch, salt and pepper together (more cornstarch than salt or pepper) and dip your seafood in and fry. I actually found myself leaning towards the scallops more, as they had the flavor of salty warm butter and were oh-so tender.

We ended the night with a bottle of Barefoot Bubbly extra dry. I just chanced upon it in the liquor store – who knew Barefoot made a champagne? It was extremely sweet for an extra dry, which I loved, since I love my champagne tasting like sugar.

Happy New Year!