Bangkok Thai Restaurant

So I was nice on Albany John’s birthday and not only bought him a cake, but also took him out to dinner. (It’s really the better option, since there’s no way I’m cooking thai food any time soon)

The decor is nice, and it’s a lot more upscale inside than it looks from the outside. The outside is that dinky neon sign in the window at the beginning of Wolf Road. Inside Bangkok Thai is a nice greenish feel (from the carpet) and a general serene feeling. The tables are covered in linen with neat green napkins on top of the plates. The wood carvings on the wall are simple and gorgeous.

The first thing you really notice, though, is the water. It is AWFUL. It’s poured from this cute little dull, metal carafe, which I suspect is made of lead. Their water is the most foul thing I’ve ever tasted in a restaurant before. And it can’t be the tap, since I’ve had the water from Emperor’s a bajillion times. I swear the carafe is to blame, unless they’re adding some altering flavor to their water on purpose to up drink sales. Needless to say, I ordered a gingerale (and I loathe sodas) and prayed it was from a can or bottle. Thankfully it didn’t taste awful like the water.

We got some dumplings that weren’t awful as an appetizer, as well as some shrimp rolls. The dumplings weren’t bad, I’m just not a fan of dumplings. They just taste so generic! I haven’t really found any kind of dumpling (besides soup dumplings) that taste different. Maybe my palette just sucks. The shrimp rolls were good and pretty shrimpy, and the sauces served with them were tart and sweet. I love the little side sauces you get with thai food.

I ordered Pad Thai, which was under $20. I don’t really remember the prices since it’s been a bit since I went there. There were a good amount of shrimp, and it was pretty good. One of the best Pad Thai’s I’ve had. I think it’s mixing the sweet/sour/spicy that can be a bit over powering to me in some dishes. SENSORY OVER LOAD! But this one had a very nice balance of the three. I probably just haven’t had the right dishes. Any really good thai dishes I MUST try? Also, I can’t handle really spicy foods. It feels like it burns my tongue.

I believe Albany John got the green chili pork. He seemed to like it, but it was waaay to spicy for me. And if you know how spicy it is, you’ll know what a spicy wimp I am. He really liked it, and really likes all of the food at Bangkok Thai.

I’d like to go back and try some more of their foods, since I was really impressed with how thai food can taste. They do blend their seasonings/flavoring/spices well, and it shows.

Over all, dinner for two, with appetizers was about $55 before tip.

Slew of Birthdays

Since I’ve been writing so much about birthdays lately, I figured I might make it known that my own birthday is just around the corner. Tuesday, June 27th I plan on going out for dinner in true fooding fashion, and I’d like to extend a cordial invitation to all of you! Because I know I can taste a lot more different plates if more people come along (also, I’ll throw something in here about wanting to meet you too, but c’mon we all know it’s all about the food).

So come out with me June 27th! I’ll be eating at one of my favorite hotspots. Probably Emperor’s (it’d be cool to see what their non-yam cha foods are like), Saso’s or god knows where else anyone can convince me of.

Buca Di Beppo

I’m never the one for second chances with food. Ever. If there’s something I don’t like I won’t go back. Yea, I know, it’s a flaw, but that one incident will usually deter me from wanting to go back again.

Where is this going? To Buca Di Beppo, obviously. It was my Mom’s birthday. She wanted pasta (with just butter, so pretty much buttered noodles) from the Olive Garden. We (my mom, me, my sister, brother and his girlfriend) all piled into the car and drove out to the Olive Garden on Wolf Road. It was busy as heck. I’m not a huge fan of chain restaurants (except The Cheesecake Factory, but that’s another post), but it was her birthday, and one of my gifts is not to be snobby about her food choices.

The Olive Garden was PACKED! We got there at around 6:15 pm and there was a 30 minute wait… and my mom wasn’t going to wait for pasta with some butter on it. So we drove down Wolf Road, and then I remembered – Buca Di Beppo! She’d be able to get her pasta there for sure.

I was hesitant, but it was her birthday… The last time I went there with Albany John was about a year ago, give or take, and we’d had the worst server. We split a plate of tortellini, and had water, no apps and dessert. Yes, I know, not the dream table for any waiter, but hell, it’s still – customers! Anywho, our waiter served us dirty plates (they had fudge sauce on the bottom of one and the top of others), and we had to flag down a busser to get us CLEAN plates. Our waiter came over once after, and asked how we were, and didn’t care about the dirty plates. He didn’t serve us our food or check up on us once, and we waited at the table a good 30 minutes after our plates were cleared, and he never came out with the bill. I walked up to the front, since maybe I didn’t know how the place worked. Oh, no, they had to find our server, who was incredibly annoyed I went up to the front to pay the bill. So after that, I figured I wouldn’t go back to eat. Their food was good, but I don’t want a surly waiter.

Back to my mom’s birthday. The waiter we had was pretty attentive, refilling drinks, and really turning around my thought on the servers there. We ordered Margherita and Spinachi pizzas, spaghetti with butter and meat sauce on the side, and fettucini alfredo. The food was really decent, and the meat sauce on the pasta was one of the top 3 I’ve ever eaten. The basil on the margherita pizza were DRY flakes on an otherwise good pizza. I think fresh basil is just standard, so they kind of shot the flavor in the foot on that one. The spinachi pizza was marginally different in that it had spinach, tomatoes and that’s about it on the pizza. The tomatoes were fresh tasting, but just a bit too… sweet? or not sweet enough. One of the two. There was just something a little off about it. The fettucini alfredo had this really delicate undertone in it. Almost floral, kind of like rose essence, which really shocked me since I was eating at Buca Di Beppo. I didn’t think it would be so complex.

So dinner went well, it took a while, but I figured with all the plates, it would take a while. Also, all the other people in our section were there when we got there and were still there when we left and weren’t leaving any time soon. Maybe it’s just the atmosphere…
We waited…. waited… waited… to see the waiter again (I’m kind of noticing a trend here) and had our leftovers boxed, and got the bill. Then he came over again, and we reminded him we wanted the bill. When we said we were in a bit of a rush to leave, he got a bit snooty and said ‘yea, I’ve already got it done, I’m just gonna go get it’ and then disappeared for another ten minutes. Once he came back, I thought to hand him the credit card while he was there so we didn’t wait for another short eternity for him to come back to get it and … you get the idea.

So I figured that it’s the restaurant’s atmosphere to be laid back, and I’m just impatient. Okay, no fault there. All their food is served family style, and maybe people want to linger and bond. I just HATE waiting around when I’m not doing anything. Ahhhh DOWN TIME!!!

However, I lucked out and got to take home ALL the leftovers home to share with Albany John, who couldn’t come out. Jack pot!
He loved em all, and on day 2 of leftover snacking, I cracked open the fettucini and saw there were EMPTY BUTTER WRAPPERS AT THE BOTTOM!!!! How disgusting is that? It’s not like they could have just slipped in, or were on the place. The fettucini was on its own separate dish, with NO butter wrappers on it when the server took it in the kitchen! Sooo that means someone stuck some of the empty butter wrappers in the bottom of the container before adding the fettucini. Eew, gross. Makes me wonder if they do anything else to the food…

I’m never eating there again.

Happy Birthday!

So it turns out the Hong Kong Bakery has really funny hours(they’re closed tuesdays? wierd), but hey, it all worked out because I got….

Yes, a really tasty cake for Albany John’s birthday. The layers were moist and cakey and the icing was really light, and not that fake slathering of imitation buttercream icing like most pre-made cakes. I really like asian bakery cakes/goods, as their icing isn’t so rich you’ll get a stomach ache from it. It just tastes light like cool whip, only not fakey like cool whip. And the bits of fruit on top and in between the layers enhance the light texture. Like it’s good for you… almost, but then you realize it’s cake. Oh, and the cake was only $14. Quite the steal for a freshly made cake with fruit all over and inside it.

On another note, sorry for the lack of posts, more shall come. I was in NYC for a week(well, just outside NYC for a week, but it’s close enough) and stuffed myself silly on dim sum and chinese food. I would have taken pictures, but… I didn’t.